6 Hurdles For Going Public Through A Reverse Merger

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With the current strong economy, as an active startup mentor, I’m seeing a new surge of entrepreneurs and startups, with the commensurate scramble for funding. Thus I’m getting more questions on new mechanisms, like crowd funding, or going public through the side door as a reverse merger.

Is A Reverse Merger The Way To Fund Your Startup?

Startup Professionals Musings

With the uptick in the economy, as an active startup mentor, I’m seeing a new surge of entrepreneurs and startups, with the commensurate scramble for funding. Reverse mergers may not get your startup on the Nasdaq. The reverse merger process itself doesn’t raise any capital.

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Takeaways from the Merger of oDesk & Elance

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Ever since oDesk and Elance announced their merger, enclaves of the freelance industry have been all a-gossip. Some freelancers are excited, some are panicked, and some are pretty sure the merger won’t affect them much at all. Why the Merger Happened.

6 Challenges In Going Public Through The Backdoor

Startup Professionals Musings

With the uptick in the economy, as an active startup mentor, I’m seeing a new surge of entrepreneurs and startups, with the commensurate scramble for funding. Thus I’m getting more questions on new mechanisms, like crowd funding, or going public through the backdoor as a reverse merger.

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Higher Listing Standards for Reverse Merger Companies

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In response to a number of allegedly fraudulent filings by companies that went public through the reverse merger process, the New York Stock Exchange, NYSE Amex and the NASDAQ Stock Market will increase their listing standards for reverse merger companies

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18 Ways to Make Your Financial Model Stand Out to Investors

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One of the marks of an amateur model-builder is using three tabs (the default in a new Excel file), only one of which actually has data. Analytics and Data Business Models Contributed Articles Economics ff Venture Capital Financial Analysis Fundraising Management Mergers & Acquisitions

A Summary of Current Trends in Canadian Mergers and Acquisitions - 2011

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Attractive government incentive programs have prompted developers to undertake new renewable energy projects that are now ripe for consolidation. The Canadian government adopted a SIR, or second request, process for merger reviews and appointed a new Commissioner of Competition in 2009, and since that time, 10 SIRs have been issued. cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Canada cross-border merger and acquisition transactions.

April 4-Innovation in Private Company Liquidity-Online Merger Markets, Social Media, Secondary Markets, Non-US Markets, Private Equity, and the Disappearing IPO

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Daniel Confino, Founder, MergerID Is a qualified lawyer who has 30 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions with a strong international element. Mr. Weild is a member of The Economic Club of New York and a member and former Treasurer of The Bond Club of New York.

Delaware Court Refuses To Dismiss Breach Of Contract And Fraud Claims By Jilted Merger Partner

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1] demonstrates the unintended consequences that can befall a merger partner who uses superior bargaining power to achieve unusual contractual rights. Pursuant to their Merger Agreement, Narrowstep agreed to yield operational control of its business to Onstream,? Despite negotiating multiple delays and purchase price reductions, Onstream chose to terminate the Merger Agreement rather than close the transaction. even before the merger closed."

Super Angels Are A Boon To Startups Needing Funding

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A major chunk of this activity is provided by the new class of Super Angels, who may look more like micro-VCs, except that they are investing their own money. Of course, every new direction has some challenges, so the Super Angel model isn’t perfect.

Zhongguancun in Beijing – China’s Silicon Valley (Part 4 of 5)

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This was a modern city in a hurry to make a first impression – think of what Rome looked like in the time of the empire or New York in the 1920’s – now it’s Beijing announcing that China has arrived. copying a known model is less risky than trying something new and untested.

3 Ways To Make In-House Filing Less Taxing


For instance, if your startup is in the Bay Area but you hire a New York engineer, that engineer may fall under New York’s filing requirements. by Anjum Tunuli, c hief tax officer at Early Growth Financial Services.

"The trend is that for more and more jobs, average is over. Thanks to the merger of, and advances in,"

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Thanks to the merger of, and advances in, globalization and the information technology revolution, every boss now has cheaper, easier access to more above-average software, automation, robotics, cheap labor and cheap genius than ever before. So just doing a job in an average way will not return an average lifestyle any longer.” - “ Average Is Over, Part II ” by The New York Times. “The trend is that for more and more jobs, average is over.

Zillow Buys StreetEasy for $50 Million

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Zillow, the nation''s largest real estate listings website, paid $50 million in cash Monday to acquire StreetEasy, another listings site based in New York City. Talks of a merger began three years ago, but nothing came of it until Monday.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 3: Frank Rimalovski and Frank Sculli

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The other thing that we try to make everything that we do in and of (New York). We try to bring the entrepreneurs, the investors, the venture capitalists (the entire New York startup ecosystem) into everything we do. Out of college, he briefly worked as an investment banker in New York, but before long heard the siren song from Silicon Valley. You have to teach entrepreneurs how to fish rather than serving dinner for them.

5 Groovy Enterpreneurship Lessons From Mad Men

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More recently, Sterling used a fling with an airline stewardess (that''s what they were called then), who tipped him off on midwestern executives flying to New York to interview advertising agencies. It''s not just cocktails and hookups.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 24: Drew Silverstein and Craig Kanarick

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Joining me in SiriusXM’s studio in New York were: Drew Silverstein , co-founder and CEO of the music technology venture Amper Music. After the merger people were asking, “Why am I working for these people now? “This is the West, sir.

VC Investment Reaches Highs Not Seen Since Dot-Com Bubble

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There were also 174 venture-backed mergers or acquisitions in the quarter. In New York, Internet deals attracted 63 percent of all venture money invested. As companies take longer to go public, late-stage rounds get big. No, make that huge.

M&A/IPO = Broken ROI Model for VCs?

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By Steve Poland • November 23, 2009 Last week I was at the WNY Venture Association seminar on “Angel Investing in Western New York.&# He recommended the idea of ‘forced distributions’ as the new investing model — saying that there’s no reason why these companies can’t be funded and provide consistent returns, rather than waiting 5-10 years with your money tied up illiquid and then hoping for a return via merger/acquisition/IPO.

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Is Peter Thiel Misguiding Young Entrepreneurs?

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In The New York Times Harvard Business School professor Paul A. went public, filed to go public, were acquired, or went through a merger). The venture capitalist wants kids to skip college and companies to stop listing degrees as a job requirement. But will it work?

Is the IPO Party Over?

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The continuing turmoil in Europe and slower growth in emerging markets make investors less likely to add risky young companies to their portfolios, says Sam Hamadeh, CEO of PrivCo, a New York-based research firm that specializes in private companies.

Return Path Launches Email Intelligence

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Today, Return Path launched three new products and reframed its business as “email intelligence.” ” Matt Blumberg, Return Path’s CEO has an excellent post up titled Email Intelligence and the new Return Path. We cut a deal in 10 minutes – I offered up a 50/50 merger and Fred suggested he wanted a little more since Return Path had raised 3x the money Veripost had. It has created and leads an entirely new category we call Email Intelligence.

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Whoa: Why Facebook Dropped $19 Billion on an App Startup

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When I spoke recently with Serkan Piantino , Facebook''s engineering head in New York, he said when looking to the future of the social network, look for more portals to it on your phone.

Venture Capitalists, Super Angels and the State of Startup Funding


That’s no longer true, thanks to a new class of investors known as the super angels. The competition between super angels and venture capitalists may be leading to a new golden age for entrepreneurship. 38 New Social Media Resources You May.

Meet America's Fastest Growing Private Company

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Born in the Soviet Union, Oleg Firer arrived in Brooklyn, New York, at 12 and grew up in the borough's Brighton Beach neighborhood. I learned a lot about mergers and acquisitions. How a poor immigrant kid from Brooklyn wound up running Unified Payments, No. 1 on the 2012 Inc.

VCs Want to Give You Wads of Cash. Why You Shouldn't Take It

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An inflated stock market, a strong merger and acquisition scene, and flush private equity firms on the prowl for higher returns are spurring more late-stage investments in promising companies, which might previously have gone public before.

Should You Really be a Startup Entrepreneur?

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Loving this new direction. Great new product release. I remember having a merger called off at the last minute and having a planning meeting at a pub to figure out how to run a bankruptcy process (luckily, we never had to do it). This post originally appeared on TechCrunch.

Delaware Court Declines to Rule that Term Sheet did not Create Binding Obligations

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Because PharmAthene's representatives "wanted to be sure that PharmAthene 'ended up with the product either through the license or through the merger,'" they pressed for an executed license agreement. SIGA's Chairman, objecting that this approach would result in "spending money on 'a bunch of lawyers to sit around to work on a License Agreement that will never be used,'" insisted instead that attaching the LATS to a letter of intent for a merger would be sufficient.

A Fast Fashion Revolution -- via Facebook

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He first heard it at a retail conference in Germany, from an analyst who herself heard it from a venture capitalist in New York. Fisher, a New Yorker, had become known for her knack as a deal hunter when she ran mergers and acquisitions for Barry Diller''s IAC.

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Revolution co-founder talks Living Social, ZipCar, Steve Case & GroupOn Super Bowl Ads

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The venture capital industry is so heavily skewed to Northern California, which the remains spilled over Boston, New York & Southern California. You had a very interesting perspective on the AOL/Time Warner merger.

Announcing our summer intern class

David Teten

After Frictionless Commerce, David worked for Deloitte Consulting, where he was a member of the strategy practice, with a specific focus on Mergers, Divestiture, and Restructuring engagements. Having never lived in New York, he very much looks forward to working and playing in the city.

3 Ways For Startups To Cut Their Legal Fees in Half

Scott Edward Walker

I saw all this first-hand as an associate for nearly eight years at two major law firms in New York City. Big firms are great for huge, complicated corporate projects – like an initial public offering, a tender offer or a public company merger.

It Might Be Time to Break Up With Your Bank

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Small businesses will come to a factoring institution because factors [unlike banks] are more focused on the collateral not the actual balance sheet," says Mike Stanley managing director Rosenthal & Rosenthal, of New York, which factors for 500 businesses, many in the small and mid-market.

Meet the Money Makers: Top 10 Largest Inc. 5000 Companies

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Ranked #1 in overall deal volume for mergers and acquisitions in 2012, DLA Piper handled 350 M&A transactions last year valued at approximately $55 billion--including major deals by Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. Don''t get the impression that the Inc.

Leading Life Sciences IP Team Joins Cooley in Seattle

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she represented emerging growth technology companies and venture capital firms in various transactions including mergers and. major business and technology centers across the United States: Palo Alto, CA, New York, NY, San biotechnology patent matters, with particular focus on U.S. and international patent procurement, strategic patent portfolio.

Venture Capitalists, Super Angels and the State of Startup Funding


That’s no longer true, thanks to a new class of investors known as the super angels. The competition between super angels and venture capitalists may be leading to a new golden age for entrepreneurship. More and more VCs have deals in their portfolios that have long outlasted their investment value, and more and more VCs are seeking to unload these deals, at a loss, as reverse merger vehicles. 38 New Social Media Resources You May.

What Makes an Entrepreneur (4/11) – Resiliency

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This is part of my new series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. We had been working on a merger between BuildOnline and a competitor called iScraper. At BuildOnline we had brought one new investor to the deal – a Swiss/New York investor called ETF Group.

Eli Broad: A Most Unreasonable Man

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In 1969, we became the first homebuilder to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. I had been in the homebuilding business for more than 25 years, and I found this new industry--retirement savings--to be a great challenge.

The Yo-Yo Life of a Tech Entrepreneur – A Cautionary Tale

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So I hustled around and convinced a new investor to put in $18 million. We were now set to close at $46 million in new capital. The only problem was that the pesky stock market kept declining and that new investor pulled out.

How Investors Are Increasing Their Returns Through Collaboration and Technology

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This is another joint event between HBS Angels of NY and the HBS Club of New York. Mr. Lindzon’s new media and internet business investments also include: Limos.com, Blogtalkradio.com, Buddy Media, Ticketfly, Assistly, Bit.ly