The Year of the Vertical

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It is a rapidly changing industry with omni-channel options, mobile pays and. Industry Commentary Vertical Markets (Banking, Retail etc I woke up this morning to press releases from NetSuite and Infor from the annual National Retail Federation show in New York, announcing new retail customers and investments.

Why The Next Generation of Online Video Companies Will be Vertical

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This is the cycle of synergies that lead to strong vertical franchises in media. So when we sold Maker Studios to Disney and I wanted to figure out where to invest next in online video I knew that I had to find a strong vertical in which to invest.

Why there won’t be an Uber in every vertical

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Uber is part of a broad category of on-demand mobile services. While these ingredients certainly aren’t unique to hiring a ride, they do not cut across all industries and verticals. By removing choice and customization from the process, it’s more realistic for customers to arrange a complex service on a mobile app. Many of the services that fall into the on-demand mobile services category aren’t actually “on-demand.”

Go Vertical

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Yet, in my own work with various incubators, I am often struck by the lack of vertical focus. Companies like Open English , SimpleTuition and Skillshare are all gaining significant traction in this vertical and taking novel approaches that get around traditional gate-keepers.

41% of UK ecommerce now on mobile

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I took this chart from Criteo’s recently published Mobile Commerce Report. It’s amazing to see how fast mobile is taking share from desktop and great to see the UK leading other western markets, as we do in just about all areas of ecommerce. Mobile

What is vertically integrated ecommerce and when is it appropriate?

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Andy Dunn, the founder of Bonobos and one of the most thoughtful writers I know on ecommerce, penned a good piece yesterday entitled Digitally Native Vertical Brands. He was talking about what most of us describe as vertically integrated ecommerce, and gave the following definition: The primary means of interacting, transacting, and story-telling to consumers is via the web. It’s a brand, and that brand is vertical.

Mobile is eating the web

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Now it looks like mobile is eating the web. Back in 2010, Mary Meeker and Morgan Stanley predicted that within the next five years, “more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.” The shift from desktop to mobile, whether smartphone or tablet, is happening across a variety of activities. Like any platform shift, this mobile wave obviously has major implications for any business. The Mobile Moment (

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Re-imagining the mobile use case

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Google recently released the results of a new study on mobile search and conversions. Along with Nielsen , Google analyzed over 6,000 mobile searches and the actions that came after the search.

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Optimizing Mobile Forms for More Conversions—and a Competitive Advantage


Done right, optimized mobile forms can deliver more than an increased conversion rate: They can become a competitive advantage—a reason users choose to fill out a form on your site. For Hotel Tonight, the solution to mobile-form optimization was to “ruthlessly edit.

The future of mobile ecommerce

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We’ve been doing a good deal of thinking about the future of ecommerce as the world goes mobile. On the web these retailers found their customers via search, but that doesn’t work as well on mobile. So how will discovery work on mobile?

Scaling Techstars Horizontally

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There are two common ways to scale a system – horizontally or vertically. Scale Vertically (or “scale up”): Add resources to a single node in a system, typically involving the addition of CPUs or memory to a single computer. Think of vertical scaling as building a bigger monolithic machine and horizontal scaling as add more machines to the system. You can scale vertically and horizontally at the same time. Techstars Mobility (Detroit).

Ecommerce UX Battle: Benchmarking 4 Beauty & Cosmetics Mobile Websites


This post details our process, the results, and the takeaways for businesses in this and similar verticals. Tests are remote and unmoderated; participants perform tasks on their own mobile device. Which popular beauty and cosmetics website has the best user experience?

Mobile has 60% of retail browsing and 15% of purchases

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60 percent of retail browsing happens on mobile devices, those devices only account for 15 percent of dollars spent. Mobile first has been here for years now. I swore out loud earlier today when I read this statistic.

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How To Make Mobile Convert: The Most Common Mobile Store Mistakes


This is the first of a two-part series on mobile conversion and how to improve it. It’s based on thousands of user tests conducted by UserTesting , the leading usability testing service for mobile apps and websites. Why Doesn’t Mobile Convert? Adobe Mobile Consumer Survey, 2013.

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How to Make Mobile eCommerce Convert: What???s Effective In Mobile Design Right Now


This is the second of a two-part series on mobile conversion. In the first part , we described the most common usability mistakes made in mobile commerce sites and apps, and how to fix them. Ideally, the top features on a mobile shopping site or app should adapt to the users intent.

The Future of Mobile Search Marketing

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The Future of Mobile Search Marketing written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. 1 in 4 worldwide mobile phone users will have a smartphone this year, and each of them are using this device to find products and services, many of them locally.

How Responsive Design Boosts Mobile Conversions


Mashable named 2013 “The Year of Responsive Design” But is responsive web design actually the answer to boosting mobile conversions? mobile subscribers own smartphones and 2 out of 3 Americans opt for a smartphone instead of a feature phone when purchasing a new mobile.

How to Handle Mobile “Moneyball Syndrome” & Cross-Device Attribution


billion, and by 2017, nearly half of global mobile users are likely to own a smartphone. Band-aiding a mobile experience is no longer a possible solution, as 70% of mobile searches lead to action on a website within 1 hour of searching. Revamp Mobile Metrics to Combat Moneyball.

The Conversion Rate that Actually Matters in Mobile Apps


Conversion optimization for mobile apps is getting more sophisticated. Each app in each vertical is a world of its own. In fact, half do not measure mobile engagement or ROI at all! The good news is this is changing as more marketers adopt a mobile-first, data-centric approach.

Announcing our latest investment: Clio

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At version one, we are big believers in the vertical SaaS opportunity. A mobile-first approach, combined with a laser-like focus on a specific vertical, can create the right toolset to help SMBs achieve huge productivity gains ( I wrote about this nearly a year ago for TechCrunch). Clio now joins fellow vertical SaaS companies in the V1 portfolio, including Front Desk (scheduling/client management) and Jobber (field service).

Preparing Websites For The Unexpected | Smashing Mobile

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile Design’s Wake-Up Call Preparing Websites For The Unexpected. Mobile devices shake old habits in two ways. Mobile Is Also A Content Problem. Your organization (or more likely you and your Web-savvy coworkers) adopts a mobile-first strategy.

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GigaOM Mobilize 2012: Square and Starbucks

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I was going through some of my draft postings and ran into this one about Square from GigaOM Mobilize 2012 conference. Square is “building a vertically integrated a payment system” that can scale for every person and treat every person as a VIP.

GigaOM Mobilize 2012: Square and Starbucks

Sophia Perl of Wisdom

I was going through some of my draft postings and ran into this one about Square from GigaOM Mobilize 2012 conference. Square is “building a vertically integrated a payment system” that can scale for every person and treat every person as a VIP.

5 Mobile Web Usability Rules You Can’t Afford To Ignore

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5 Mobile Web Usability Rules You Can’t Afford To Ignore written by Guest Post read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing. This article tells you how to give your mobile web users a smooth experience. Mobile Web design Web Marketing

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Building a mobile app startup is about solving problems, not chasing ideas

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Rahul Varshneya is the co-founder of Arkenea , a company committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses build, market and monetize their mobile apps. Building a mobile app startup is the “I want to build an Internet startup” of the late 1990s.

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Updated Israeli startup landscape maps – 2018

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Startup landscape maps remain, in my opinion, one of the best ways to quickly scan an industry vertical and understand how it breaks down into sub sectors. Artificial Intelligence Israeli startup landscapes Greensoil Israeli agritech Israeli AR/VR Israeli blockchain Israeli ecosystem Israeli mobility Israeli retail tech Israeli self-driving Israeli startup landscape Israeli startups ITTS SNC Startup Maps Startup Nation Central TLV partners

Why Mobile Works for Ebay

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One of the strongest factors credited for Ebay’s return to form is continued strong growth in mobile commerce. ” First, mobile commerce is often thought of as driving in-store purchases. After all, that’s the benefit of mobility – you can react to coupons or offers that are presented in the right context. But as I’ve said before, the power of mobile has very little to do with mobility. Enter mobile.

5 Ways To Make An Email Newsletter Your Best Sales Tool

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One tip: Turn it off for mobile browsers, as there’s no way to make it a pleasant experience on a mobile.). Vertical Response. Marketing Strategy Social Media aweber Constant Contact Infusionsoft Mail Chimp Pippity Vertical Response

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Why is node JS the best framework to launch a Multivendor Ecommerce marketplace Store?

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Node JS is also capable in taking care of dynamic and acute database triggered Mobile and Web Applications. over Ruby on Rails with the end goal being improving their mobile traffic. Java javascript LinkedIn Mobile Open source Paypal restify.js

Save and Print These LumaScapes to Get a Grasp on Digital Media [Infographics]

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LumaPartners , a US-based consulting firm, has created a series of infographics that chart the various vertical of the digital media industry including display advertising, mobile, commerce, search, social, and video. Mobile Lumascape. Save and print this one folks.

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Unwired Nation Continues Growth Into New Markets

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Mobile platform provider Unwired Nation today announced the addition of ethosIQ to its roster of certified mobile solutions providers. ethosIQ, a Houston-based software solutions provider, plans to leverage Unwired Nation’s Kinita platform and services to address huge opportunities for mobile applications in a number of enterprise verticals, including field service organizations, financial service companies and utilities.

East meets West: Why Chinese app developers are targeting US smartphone owners

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For mobile app developers, the impressive figures are enticing. After all, it’s all about reach for mobile apps. And that is why a Chinese company naturally looked to the US when thinking of leveraging and monetizing a mobile app.

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According to a recent Cisco report, last year’s mobile data traffic was nearly 12x the size of the ENTIRE global Internet in 2000. Machine to human interactions are also increasing as evident by the fact that there are almost now more mobile phones in the world than people.

Why large companies acquire small companies

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Facebook asserted publicly that their future was in mobile. Facebook mobile usage was already clearly eclipsing desktop, and the dominance of mobile in developing countries makes this trend permanent. Yet mobile advertising revenues were paltry.

No End to Marketplace Opportunities

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3) Niche Managed Marketplaces – Within many verticals, there are opportunities to significantly improve customer experience. Ebay has been around forever, and GOAT comes along out of nowhere and destroys Ebay’s sneaker vertical – a surprisingly large segment of GMV.

Twitter Link Roundup #265 – Exemplary Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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In Newark, a Vertical Indoor Farm Helps Anchor an Area’s Revival…. Everything You Need To Know About Google’s New Stance On Mobile

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[Asia] Tech In Asia Buys GameSaku In Acquisition Blitz


Founded just last year in 2012, GameSaku quickly became Indonesia’s top mobile gaming blog – went from nothing to generating over 800,000 monthly pageviews within 16 months and with just two full­-time staff.

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Introducing NextView III and Our Focus on the Everyday Economy

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Others take bets on certain verticals or business models, such as marketplaces, SaaS, or enterprise technology. Innovation in search, social, broadband, and mobile & cloud hasn’t come to an end. What will the future hold?

Twitter Link Roundup #269 – Impeccable Resources for Small Business, Startups, and Design!

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Why there won’t be an Uber in every vertical – Maarten Baas Goes ‘Pop’ at Salone del Mobile – Design Milk

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Key investment themes

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Vertically integrated commerce (investments: Julep , Frank & Oak ): Last September, I wrote an article for TechCrunch outlining why vertically integrated retailers represent the next wave in e-commerce. Vertical SaaS (investments: Frontdesk , Jobber ): In the new era of enterprise software, the winners will be purpose-built, vertically sliced tools.

Why A Small Business Needs A Responsive Website

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That isn’t surprising when statistics state that 51% of time spent online in the United States took place from a mobile device, rather than a personal computer. Your website should be mobile-friendly and responsive any time a user visits.

Home Is Where the Innovation Is

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Mobile computing means that he has the world’s information and entertainment at his literal fingertips. If a man from 1987 stepped into a time machine and emerged in 2017, he would find the modern world fantastically different in many ways.

2016 VC Half-Thoughts: The Industry Has Shifted Back to Investing in Technology, Not Business Models

Hunter Walker

Observing a handful of companies, such as Uber, Airbnb, Warby Parker, founders were taking those models and trying to apply them to other verticals. Sure there were underlying technology changes driving the success of these companies (mobile app penetration for example), but many of the successor startups relied upon applying a business model innovation to a seemingly new vertical. A ton of private label vertical commerce.