The Moldova connection

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And that Vasilii was born during the cold war in the old USSR in a provence called Moldova. Moldova is now an independent country] While the relationship with Vasilii started as a commercial one, it is much more than that now.

Global Innovation 2011

Gregg Fraley, Author of Jack's Notebook

Creativity and Self-Expression Innovation Politics & Government Trends, Futurism, and Research Alcatel-Lucent Booz and Company Chile China Confederation of Indian Industry Creativity Demark economics Finland Global Innovation Index Greece Gregg Fraley INSEAD Lithuania Moldova Sweden Switzerland UK United Nations USA World Intellectual Property Organization

This year the internet arrives in Australia

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Some of the countries with faster internet include Kenya, Lithuania, Slovenia, Moldova and many developing economies. We don’t really have the internet in Australia. I mean, sure we are connected to it, but we aren’t even in the top 50 countries for internet speeds.

Better questions

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This was my response: Based overseas… Moldova to be precise. I recently met someone at a conference I was speaking at. Afterwards we exchanged some emails on a new project he was working on. He needed a developer, but was nervous about sharing his idea with anyone. After I assured him that there is rarely currency in ideas, and having them stolen was a low risk, I offered to connect him with my development team. Which from my talk, he would’ve known they were overseas.

Why Founders are Wrong, Even When They're Right

This is going to be BIG.

Oh, and make someone from your 25 person Moldova tech team your co-founder. Investors turn down deals for some pretty dumb reasons. They lack logic, consistency, and sometimes even a grasp of what their own job is. You know. taking actual risk. We're not interested for this round, but come back to us when Sequoia is leading at a $1.5 pre-money, you have seven enterprise customers and you're cashflow positive.

AppCampus To Host The Second Batch Of AppCademy Starting The 4th Of March


For this batch, there will be a total of 20 teams from 15 different countries: US, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Singapore, Finland, Estonia, France, Polan, Moldova, Germany, Denmark and UK. The second batch of AppCademy is kicking off in just one week.

Meet America's Fastest Growing Private Company

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A few years ago, my wife, who is a refugee from Moldova, our two daughters, and I moved to Miami. How a poor immigrant kid from Brooklyn wound up running Unified Payments, No. 1 on the 2012 Inc. 500, with a three-year growth rate of 23,646.3 percent. Poster boy for the American dream?

Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone on Winning Silicon Valley's Battles

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Stone discusses idealism, the power of technology for good or evil, and why his Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey isn''t the "bad guy" he was made out to be.

Startupbootcamp Mobile Demoday


Avo Founders – Alexandru Cebotari, Sergey Basmanov & Vladimir Oboroc Country – Moldova and Russia Does – VoIP service for frequent travelers.

Soundbites from the future

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They’re happy to facilitate revolution in Moldova, Iran, Egypt and Libya. A few soundbites from the future: Leadership: It’s no longer about being king of the mountain, it’s about being center of the circle. Prof Joseph Nye author of Soft Power. Woman will lead the 21 st century, or at least a feminine social and business ethic. The 20 th century was very male centric. This has flipped with the rise of social facilitation.