Not Just Another Vacation: Cruising to Myanmar

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The company is pushing river cruises as an unexpected, culturally richer alternative to typical oceanliners, adding destinations such as Myanmar and Africa, and themes such as wine and tulips. How one entrepreneur built a business around tourists'' love of offbeat experiences.

Entrepnurship is REALLY Everywhere – A Story From the Country With no Coins

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General Insperation Burma Cooking entrepreneurship Myanmar travel Note from Shlomo: I heard my friend Kevin Dewalt speaking a couple of times about why other startup hubs should not be looking up to Silicon Valley. The reason for that is because Silicon valley has Silicon valley’s problems , not other places problems. So, each place is special and can create it’s own unique eco system for specific problems they handle with. This post will show you how […].

Optimism In The Face Of Current Reality

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Global tensions over nuclear arms, crisis in Myanmar, bloody civil wars in Syria and Yemen. Let’s start with an awesome dog taking himself sledding.

AP Exclusive: Jailed Chinese pastor's US family seeks mercy

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John Sanqiang Cao and fellow Chinese Christian teachers would cross the river on a bamboo raft into Myanmar, carrying with them notebooks, pencils and Bibles. BEIJING (AP) — For years, Rev. Japan seizes nuclear-related materials.


According to media reports, the ship was on its way to Myanmar when it arrived in Tokyo via the Chinese port of Dalian. Myanmar was suspected of pursuing military and nuclear cooperation with North Korea during long years of junta rule which ended in 2011 in the Southeast Asian state.

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Sasha Lubomirsky Has Held Design Leadership Roles at YouTube, Android, Airbnb and Medium. Damn! Here’s Five Questions With Her.

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Traveling is big for both of us—we just got back from Myanmar which was quite an adventure, and basically a break from the internet since it’s not that easily accessible there yet. I met Sasha Lubomirsky during our YouTube days where she led User Research for the Design team.

Financial Literacy Across Asia Declining: Mastercard


Financial services provider MasterCard has announced the results of its MasterCard Financial Literacy Index, which revealed that progress towards improving basic finance knowledge and skills across Asia Pacific has stalled as 12 of 16 countries record lower scores in financial literacy.

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11 Social Entrepreneurs. A Ship. 13 Countries. 100 Days

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They hold focus groups in India, visit villages in Ghana, test products in Myanmar, and meet with distributors in Vietnam. Serial entrepreneur and mentor Jeff Hoffman writes about his experience aboard the floating accelerator Unreasonable at Sea.

Time to Go

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Fall 2013 – Nepal / Myanmar / Northern India. Late in May, my wife and I will be leaving home with nothing but 2 carry-on bags to travel the world for an indefinite period of time.

Putting an Adventure in Every Cup

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From the violence-ridden mountains of Haiti to the opium-dotted landscapes of northern Thailand and Myanmar, Carmichael risks his neck to pursue high-end beans that other roasters have either avoided or overlooked.

[Singapore] What You Googled This Year: Top Google Searches Of 2012


8 Myanmar.

[Singapore] Exploit Technologies To Collaborate With Asia News Network On Media Solutions


[Review] The Rise Of The New East


Beneficiaries include ASEAN mainland cities like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Are China and India still the “factory” and “outsourced service provider” of the world? How big is the market for Muslim-friendly products and services?

Time to Go

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Fall 2013 – Nepal / Myanmar / Northern India. Late in May, my wife and I will be leaving home with nothing but 2 carry-on bags to travel the world for an indefinite period of time. Below I’ll talk through a few of the reasons for “jumping ship” and talk through a few of the frequently asked questions, including what the heck I’ll be doing professionally. Why long term travel? The obvious reason to do this is because it will be amazing.

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The Secret Sauce of a Successful Smart City

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Myanmar, which has an exceptionally high rate of infant mortality, is providing pregnant women with a free app from Council member Ooredoo that provides health alerts with care information and locations of medical services. Cartoon of a Smart City Project’s “Secret Sauce” for Success!