[Interview] PSB Academy: Up-Skilling In A New Learning Economy


Intermediation and re-intermediation of tourism channel partners such as Airbnb can happen too. This creates a sustainable competitive advantage for the business, and ensures a more secured future for stakeholders such as investors, employees, suppliers, and tourism partners.

[Review] The Rise Of The New East


To tap this burgeoning market, companies should consider working with local partners who possess a more intimate knowledge of each market. This led American entertainment giants like Disney and Viacom to partner Indian companies like UTV and TV18. Beneficiaries include ASEAN mainland cities like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Are China and India still the “factory” and “outsourced service provider” of the world?


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[Singapore] Exploit Technologies To Collaborate With Asia News Network On Media Solutions


Knorex developed iSnap, an augmented reality application that has been implemented across eight major regional newspapers: Thailand’s The Nation , Malaysia’s The Star , the Philippine Daily Inquirer , Indonesia’s Jakarta Post and Kompas , Myanmar’s Eleven , Singapore’s The Edge and Hong Kong’s China Daily.

The Secret Sauce of a Successful Smart City

Austin Startup

Myanmar, which has an exceptionally high rate of infant mortality, is providing pregnant women with a free app from Council member Ooredoo that provides health alerts with care information and locations of medical services. To move cities forward, city leaders and staff need to partner with stakeholders —engage in diverse civil partnerships with citizens, diverse equity groups, the business community, academia, nonprofits, other public agencies, etc. —