Are You Hiding Behind Your Business Name?


Even if you aren’t a corporation or an LLC, your state government may have rules about what business name you can use. If your name is John Smith and you run a business called Smith House Painters , then you’re using a business alias (also known as a “trade name”).

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Austin Startup

MASSCHALLENGE TEXAS NAMES TOP 14 FINALIST STARTUPS FROM AUSTIN-BASED ACCELERATOR International accelerator to award up to $500,000 in equity-free cash prizes to select top startups from the region’s third startup accelerator program at Oct.

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ATI Names Bioscience Director

Austin Startup

as the new director of the ATI-Bioscience Incubator. a life-sciences tools company focused on RNA applications, to start up Ambion Diagnostics, a new strategic business unit to focus on clinical applications. Before joining Ambion, she headed new assay development as part of the founding team of Cenetron Diagnostics, Ltd., The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) announced today that Cindy R. WalkerPeach, Ph.D

To Infinity and Beyond: How Entrepreneurism is Making Space Tourism Viable


Several hundred years later, Phoenician entrepreneurs did so on the open seas, leveraging their superior nautical skill to establish profitable new trade relationships with previously unknown parts of the world – including West Africa and England. Named after Alan B.

4 Things To Know About Buying A Company Car


Even if you have poor credit, there are options for getting a car loan, so it can be a tempting move for a new business owner. It separates your name and assets from your company in case the operation should go under.

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Your No Fear Career


I made a name for myself at Turner Networks as a Media Marketing Specialist on the team that launched TNT and turned CNN into “The World’s News Leader.” by Robin Fisher Roffer, author of “ Your No Fear Career “ The office can be a scary place.

Balloon Wars

Steve Blank

They were huge, 400 feet high, made possible because the then new material called polyethylene. They placed aerial reconnaissance cameras on the balloons and ran a series of test programs (code names of GOPHER, MOBY DICK, GRANDSON and GRAYBACK) launching 640 balloons from New Mexico, Montana, the West Coast, Missouri and Georgia. With the tests completed, the program name changed to GENETRIX and was given the designation of Weapons System 119L.

SXSW Startups: UbiGro

Austin Startup

I truly believe this is the year where quantum dots make a name for themselves in agriculture, and so its about marketing, sales, manufacturing, and generally about traction in the market. Credit: UbiQD, Inc.

Smells Like Money: The Business of Waste Management

Up and Running

His new customers were ready for the change. Plastic packaging on new electronics. percent every year since the new millennium. When asked to name a time when his business struggled the most, Keith Ferguson quickly points to the economic recession.

The Venture Capital Secret: 3 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail

Loading… New York. New York. NAME AOL. NAME Comcast. NAME Verizon Communications. NAME Yahoo. NAME Shikhar Ghosh. NAME Toby Stuart. NAME Daniel Dreymann. NAME Charles Holloway. NAME David Cowan. Find New $LINKTEXTFIND$ » smaller. The 20-year venture capitalist is an "angel" investor in Mr. Dreymanns new start-up, Mowingo Inc., Opinion: Noonan: The Romney Campaign Needs a New CEO.

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

Erin Hoskins, Senior Marketing Director, New Media, Meredit h. T ool: Curalate URL: What it does: Monitors and measures traffic from “visual-based platforms”—namely (for now, at least) Pinterest. Erin Hoskins, Senior Marketing Director, New Media, Meredit h. The breakdown: “This is a new vendor for us. Erin Hoskins, Senior Marketing Director, New Media, Meredit h. New Tech Automatically Optimizes Virtual Events for Any Device. First Name.

Transcript of How Meditation Can Change Your Life (and the World)

Duct Tape Marketing

He’s on the road right now touring with the film on his way to Taos, New Mexico as we record this. Why is that the name? Then we go to New York, which starts on the 15th through for a week I think.

Startup Lessons for the Proto-Founder

Again, if you’re a no-name nobody like me, you’ve gotta build a name for yourself from scratch. That said, the hardest part by far has been connecting with people that are willing to talk to the “no-name&# start-up without the big exit track record, or even the big university degrees. And remember, big names won’t care that you’re a no name when you’ve actually done something cool that people want.