21 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


What exactly is going to be the name of your business? Whatever the inspiration or relation may be, the naming of your business is one of the most important parts of becoming a CEO. The first step for me was deciding what genre of name I wanted. I had found my name!

How to Create Content That Stands Out and Gets Results

Duct Tape Marketing

He is the CEO and co-founder of CoSchedule , the web’s most popular marketing calendar and the fastest growing startup in North Dakota. In 2016, CoSchedule was named one of the top five startups in Tech. In 2016, CoSchedule was named one of the top five startups in Tech.

Startup PR: A Journalist’s Advice for Seed-Stage Companies Seeking Press Coverage

View from Seed

Each outlet has a different audience and approaches news with a unique tone, meaning entrepreneurs need to determine what they want to get out of the piece, whether it be name recognition, signups, etc.,

What is an L3C?

Up and Running

Currently, you can form an L3C in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming, and in the federal jurisdictions of the Crow Indian Nation of Montana, and the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Why ‘Leading Women’ Are Better for Congress


Of course, the progress they’ve made together wouldn’t have been possible if they were also engaged in back-stabbing or name-calling. In the Time.com article, North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp suggests that women in the Senate are simply good at listening to one another.

Investing Outside The Bay Area


Of the 23 funds listed here, 13 are in the Bay Area, 3 in NYC, 3 in Boston, 2 in LA, and one each in Detroit, Seattle, Toronto, Waterloo, Indianapolis, and Fargo, North Dakota. I cannot name the company, but heard from a friend that a very large SF-based startup that’s looking to build a new location outside the Bay Area offered relocation packages for folks to move and it filled up to 100 requests in a day.

Exporting American Universities to India

Campus Entrepreneurship

From Northwestern to North Dakota State, hundreds of foreign schools have found partners. More often, the American college, for a fee, lends its name, curriculum and degree to its Indian counterpart. As much as people continue to question the future of higher education in the U.S., American institutions are being exported to India in a major way.

India 32

Blitzscaling Beyond Startups

Reid Hoffman

Priceline, for example, best known for “name your price” airfares, executed this strategy to perfection when it acquired Booking.com, allowing it to achieve a lasting advantage in the hotel booking market.