Zanzibar Investment – Is It Worth It?

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Just like Thailand or the Philippines, it consists of numerous small islands as well as two of the largest ones, namely: Pemba Island and Unguja (which is also referred to as Zanzibar at times).

Three Megatrends That Will Affect Everybody’s Business


Over the next five years, some African economies (Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania, just to name a few) are likely to grow as fast as, or faster, than some of the recent Asian champions. Turpin was named president of IMD in July 2010. by Professor Dominique V. Turpin, president of IMD. The future is hard to predict and a lot of “experts” regularly get it wrong.


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10 Amazing Microfinance Success Stories


Reuben Mpunda, Tanzania. Lopez and his family were living in a plastic tent in Barrio Nelson Mandela, Colombia, with $300 to his name. The benefits of microfinance have been debated since the ’70s when the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh began making tiny loans to impoverished small business owners. In 2006, Muhammad Yunus, the bank’s founder and “the father of microfinance,” won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Traveling the world, meeting startups: What We learned

The Next Web

The Next Web’s Startup World – the global competition to promote entrepreneurship and startup culture globally- traveled to Mexico City, Peru, Chile, Buenos Aires, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania August and September this year – we met over 1500 entrepreneurs, investors and hackers from tech ecosystems around the world.

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How to Bring the Holiday Spirit of Giving into Work

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When I was in high school, my friends and I set up a giving tree outside the school library, as a fundraiser for the Harambee Centre, an organization which provides, among other things, ambulatory services; and which builds schools for children in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. If you’re not familiar with the idea, start by having employees draw names from a pool of everyone in the office, and then purchase a gift for the person whose name they have drawn.

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The 5 Types of Employees You’ll Find on Your Startup Journey (and How to Manage Them)

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He was joking, of course—your employees aren’t a bunch of animals struggling for survival at a watering hole in Tanzania—but they sure will act like it sometimes. I worked closely with several gazelles for years and I’m still hard-pressed to remember their names when I’m asked about them. Several years ago, when I was just starting out as an entrepreneur, a friend introduced me to a concept he called “Serengeti Management.”

Small Business Spotlight of the Week: TripBucket

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While living my personal Dream to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania we took the website live, literally as I was hiking up the mountain. We are also focused on gaining additional exposure of the TripBucket name through social media. Did you know that January is the considered by pseudoscience to be the most depressing month ?

Out of the Crisis #21: Tomas Pueyo on the hammer and the dance, political polarization, and how the pandemic will affect the way we live and work

Startup Lessons Learned

His name is Tomas Pueyo. In mid-March, as the coronavirus was sweeping through Asia and Europe, Tomas Pueyo published a piece on Medium titled "The Hammer and the Dance: What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like if Leaders Buy Us Time." One of a series he wrote after starting to analyze pandemic data in mid-February, the piece was shared by millions in multiple languages.