SXSW Startups: UbiGro

Austin Startup

The state of New Mexico has many supportive programs from tax credits, to capex funding, and technical assistance from the national labs. One worked at a different quantum dot startup based in the UK that’s now publicly traded, another built a vertically integrated cannabis company in Oregon. Credit: UbiQD, Inc.

2012 Valuation Survey of Angel Groups


New York Angels. New Mexico Angels. Others were able to provide additional data for one or more business verticals. In 2011, we noted that the pre-money valuation of pre-revenue deals funded by angel groups in Silicon Valley, Boston and New York was higher than most other regions of the country. In 2012 seven of the eight groups from California, Boston and New York were above the median of all groups.


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2011 Valuation Survey of North American Angel Groups


During the summer of 2010, I developed a workshop, A New ACEF Valuation Workshop for Angels and Entrepreneurs. New Mexico Angels. Speaking with many angel leaders , I believe we have identified several possible explanations for group-to-group variations: 1) Clearly, startup ventures in some business verticals command high pre-money valuations that others. b) New York (2 groups) – $2.9

Who are the Major Revenue-Based Investing VCs?

David Teten

A new wave of Revenue-Based Investors (“RBI”) are emerging. I’ve been a traditional equity VC for 8 years, and I’m now researching new business models in venture capital. For background, see Revenue-Based Investing: A New Option for Founders who Care About Control. His description: “We announced a new $500 million fund in Q1 of 2019, in our 10th year. The SEA includes provisions for our investment to convert to equity alongside the new investors or acquirers.”.