Incredible Week In New York

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As I was catching up on email from last week (not quite done yet) I was reflecting on the awesome week I had in New York. I had a couple of board meetings, spent a bunch of time at TechStars , gave some talks, had a pair of really fun late night dinners, had two strong runs (including one amazing one) along the east river, and stayed up until 1am drinking scotch with my partner Seth one night who was also in New York for a few days this week.

Introduction to the New York Fintech Community

David Teten

FinTech New York Accelerator. Rise New York (good mailing list) – includes the Barclays Accelerator , in partnership with Techstars , and a coworking space for fintech startups. Startupbootcamp Fintech New York. Most significant VCs in New York , including ff Venture Capital , are active investors in fintech. Aquiline Capital Partners. Motive Partners. NYCA Partners. Pivot Investment Partners.

Two Days of Entrepreneurial Community Building In Upstate New York

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On Wednesday and Thursday I spent two awesome days with my long time friend Martin Babinec (the founder of Trinet), his partner at Upstate Venture Connect – Nasir Ali – and about 1000 members of the Upstate New York entrepreneurial community. Since Upstate New York had gotten so much snow so far this year, everyone was freaked out and all of the events on Wednesday were turned into conference calls that I was going to do from Martin’s house.

David S. Rose – Father of Angel Investing in New York

Startup Professionals Musings

Rose, who has been described as "the Father of Angel Investing in New York" by Crain's New York Business, and a "world conquering entrepreneur" by BusinessWeek. I recently had the privilege of interviewing David S.

California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado

VC Adventure

California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado. That’s the order of states with the greatest dollar value of seed and early stage investment according to a PWC MoneyTree study that my partner Jason blogged about today. 290M invested in 41 companies based in Colorado in 2011. Compare that with 2006 when Colorado ranked 12th on the list with just under $ 90M invested in 32 companies.

Chance for UK startups to pitch to New York investors

The Equity Kicker

Brian Frumberg, My friend and venture partner at our sister fund DFJ Gotham is organising a pitch event for UK startups to meet New York investors. Where: New York, NY.

Flashpoint New York Demo Day, Friday, June 14

David Teten

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), ff Venture Capital, and The Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York are once again co-sponsoring Flashpoint’s upcoming New York Demo Day, on Friday, June 14, 2013, 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. The event will be held at SUNY Global Center, 116 East 55th Street, New York, NY. Atlanta ff Venture Capital Harvard Business School New York Presentations and Conferences

Israeli Startups Look to New York, and increasingly Shanghai

VC Cafe

A lan Patricof, a veteran venture capital investor and partner in NY based Greycroft Partners, said that “an Israeli company has to come to New York to access advertisers and content&# , during the BootCamp Ventures Innovation Marathon in his recent visit to Israel.

Join me at Terrapinn Trading Show New York, October 6, NYC

David Teten

I’m honored to chair the quant and big data stream of the upcoming Terrapinn Trading Show, New York, October 6, NYC. Karl Sprules, Partner & CTO, AllianceBernstein. Katina Stefanova, Founding Partner & CIO, Marto Capital. The post Join me at Terrapinn Trading Show New York, October 6, NYC appeared first on David Teten. New York

John Lilly On The Role of Simplicity and Messaging

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However, I wasn’t precise, as the one thing I read each week is the New York Times Sunday paper. I generally spend most of my time in The New York Times Book Review, Sunday Business, Sunday Review, and The New York Times Magazine.

California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado

VC Adventure

California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado. That’s the order of states with the greatest dollar value of seed and early stage investment according to a PWC MoneyTree study that my partner Jason blogged about today. 290M invested in 41 companies based in Colorado in 2011. Compare that with 2006 when Colorado ranked 12th on the list with just under $90M invested in 32 companies.

Hyphen-tech – a trend that bodes well for London and New York

The Equity Kicker

I think this is the big opportunity right now that much of the pure play internet opportunities are behind and explains why many of Forward Partners’ investments are pushing the internet out into the four corners of the commerce. London and New York are good places to build these businesses because we combine strong startup ecosystems with world leading financial services, fashion, media and so on.

Launch of Harvard Business School Angels of New York

David Teten

Back in December, Richard Kane, President, Harvard Business School Club of New York , asked me if I’d like to chair the newly-formed Harvard Business School Angels of New York. Burstein, Managing Partner , Millennium Technology Value Partners.

Top 3 Startup Winner: Happenstance

The Startup Magazine

In the summer of 2015, our co-founder/managing editor, Stephanie Choporis, was a graduate student at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and tasked with the following assignment: develop an idea for a new media product.

The Impact Of Rising Inflation On Small Businesses


It’s a fine line of raising prices, and swapping out material people are looking for and bringing in new product at price points they find favorable. Recently, however, I started using EpiFruit – a platform that connects businesses with delivery partners in the area.

Announcing Upfront Ventures’ Newest Partner — Kobie Fuller

Both Sides of the Table

Kobie Fuller, Partner at Upfront Ventures We set out to build a venture capital firm that would not only be a beacon for the rapidly growing LA tech ecosystem but also one that would compete and collaborate nationally with the best firms in the country.

Entrepreneurship in New York: The Mismatch between Venture Capital and Academic R&D


I received this report yesterday: Entrepreneurship in New York ebook. Hello Friends and Colleagues, We are pleased to pass along to you our recent paper “Entrepreneurship in New York: The Mismatch between Venture Capital and Academic R&D”. This study, which updates reports published by Excell Partners in 2009, confirmed that New York State continues to be exceptionally strong in academic R&D and innovation.

Why This New York Venture Capital Firm is Investing in Canada

David Teten

We’re a New York based early-stage venture capital firm. The question some of our limited partners ask us is, “Why?”. Reflecting Canada’s multilingual heritage, they have acquired three companies to date, in Toronto, New York and France.

Bolstering the Partner Ranks at GRP

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It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce that we have added Greg Bettinelli as a partner at GRP Partners. This is exactly the brand that GRP Partners wants to embody. We knew he had to be an investment partner. He is an investment partner exactly like I am.

Future Business Growth Drives A New Partner Paradigm

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The new paradigm, driven by disruptive technologies, cloud-served supercomputing, and the new generation of young adults with global empathy, is partnering and giving something now for a competitive advantage in the future. Find partners who can do what you cannot do alone.

I have joined HOF Capital as a Managing Partner

David Teten

I am excited to announce that I have joined HOF Capital as a Managing Partner. For a firm that typically invests at the Seed and Series A rounds, HOF has an exceptionally broad portfolio acceleration platform comprising 8 full-time staff; offices in NY (headquarters), London, and Cairo; as well as Venture Partners in San Francisco, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, and Taipei. My agreement with ffVC is to be in the Venture Partner role for one year.

Colleges Become Startup Factories | Crain’s New York Business

Campus Entrepreneurship

Phil Auerswald ( The Coming Prosperity ) shared a great piece by Steve Garmhausen of Crain’s New York on the city/region’s universities and colleges. From Garmhausen: “One of the greatest gifts you can give an entrepreneur is time,” said Mr. Parthasarathi, co-founder of CourseHorse, an online catalog of classes available in New York City, from dance and acting to computer programming. via Colleges become startup factories | Crain’s New York Business.

How to bootstrap your way into becoming a VC

Version One Ventures

You start working at a firm as an associate, with the assumption that your hard work will pay off and you’ll become a principal, and then make partner. In addition, the concept of a single general partner (GP) has become pretty widely accepted among investors now. News First round capital Fred Wilson New York San Francisco Toronto Venture capital Version One VenturesOne of the most common questions I get is “How can I become a Venture Capitalist?”

Women 2.0 Partners Google, Extends Founder Friday Events


has announced that it is partnering search giant Google to support the startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United States and around the world. Media and event company Women 2.0

Resigning my Mayorship of the Ace Hotel New York (cc: @theacehotel)

This is going to be BIG.

I just resigned my Foursquare mayorship of the Ace Hotel New York. We never had an official office on our own in New York, despite having over a dozen investments here. What’s really important for me now is to import that same kind of vibe into First Round’s new New York City office in Union Square. I’ll be actively working with our Governor, Howard, (if EIRs are mayors, then Partners would undoubtedly have to be something more!),

Upcoming NYC family office conferences: Real estate and Blockchain

David Teten

The New York Family Office Real Estate Investment Conference , October 23rd, at Shearman & Sterling LLP, NYC. Keynote speakers: Mr. David Helfand , Co-President of Sam Zell’s Equity Group Investments; Mr. Jack Rosen , CEO, Rosen Partners, President of the American Jewish Congress and Chairman of the American Council for World Jewry; Mr. Ofer Yardeni , Chairman & Founder, Stonehenge; Mr. Tal Kerret , President of Silverstein Properties and Dr. (Er.) New York

Funding goes global: location is no longer your financing destiny

Version One Ventures

What does this new dynamic mean for today’s start-up seeking funding? In short, you’re going to want to look for the best funding partner (or collection of partners) possible, rather than just focusing locally. At the end of the day, you’ll want to find the best partner(s) that meets your specific needs and situation. If we look back ten years, the venture world was quite different. Investors weren’t too keen on investing out of town.

HealthDataInsights Sells for $400 Million. Big Win for GRP Partners.

Both Sides of the Table

That’s why I’m proud to announce today that HealthDataInsights (founded by Victor Chaltiel), where GRP Partners was a 30% owner, has been acquired for $400 million. At GRP Partners our focus has always been on having a small number of investments in the industries we know well.

Venture Capital Access Program launches to aid women and diverse entrepreneurs

David Teten

I am very happy to announce today a new program I’ve been working on designed to support women and diverse entrepreneurs, particularly those in the technology sector. Women-owned businesses, according to the Forte Foundation represent about 775,000 new startups per year.

INSEAD Panel Event: Angel Investing 101, NY

David Teten

Panelists are: - Alain Bankier, active member of New York Angels and former CEO of Manichewitz. David Teten, Partner, ff Venture Capital, and Founder and Chair of the Harvard Business Angels of Greater New York. The event will take place in the offices of Morrison Cohen LLP, 909 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022. New York Presentations and Conferences INSEAD is holding an angel investing panel on November 4, 2013.

Flashpoint NYC Demo Day 2016, May 3

David Teten

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), ff Venture Capital , the HBS Alumni Angels of New York , and Alpha Venture Partners , are co-sponsoring their 6th New York City Demo Day, next Tuesday, May 3, 2016, from 10 to 12 AM.

First Annual MENA Tech Summit Launches in NY, for Investors and Entrepreneurs

David Teten

In my research on how private equity and VC funds source investments , one of our conclusions was that VCs get better returns when they invest outside of the traditional geographic hotspots of New York, Boston, and the Bay Area. I hope to see you on April 25 in New York!

This Week in VC with Dana Settle of Greycroft Partners

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Our guest this week on #TWiVC was Dana Settle , partner at Greycroft Partners , a venture capital firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Their first fund was a $75 million fund raised in 2006 and they very recently announced a brand new $130 million fund.

Going Down? Q3 VC Investments in US Tech Drop 14%

VC Cafe

There are Many Angel Bubbles , New York Time’s A Silicon Bubble Shows Signs of Re inflating and Fred Wilson’s Invest in the mess ). T he latest VentureDeal quarterly report is out (see pdf) and it suggests that VC activity in tech has slowed down in the third quarter.

How to Get World Class Experts to Support Your Company

David Teten

This is particularly true in New York, where their traditional financial services industry client base has sustained significant damage since the 2008 financial crisis. It’s definitely true that industry leaders, established professionals, want to be a part of new, innovative companies.

This Friday at NYU-Annual Stern Private Equity Conference

David Teten

In addition, there will be 8 thematic panels: Leveraged Buyout, Real Estate, Energy, Distressed, Venture Capital & Growth, Media & Entertainment, Emerging Markets, and Limited Partners & Secondaries. New York Presentations and Conferences Private Equity Venture Capital

Sloppy Reporting from The New York Times on Carried Interest Debate

Seeing Both Sides

But I cheated and peeked at my email late Saturday afternoon and discovered an email from a friend saying, "I'm surprised to see you take such a public stance on the capital gains tax rates," with a link to a New York Times article on the topic. I guess this is just another example of sloppy reporting, but I expect better from the New York Times. Anyway, that's what I would have said if I had actually been interviewed by the New York Times.

Nov. 8, NYC: Conference on Family Office Investments in Tech

David Teten

Stephanie Choo , Partner, Portag3 Ventures, Mr. Benjamin Elbaz , Managing Partner, BlackRock, Mr. Oliver Mitchell , Founding Partner, Autonomy Ventures, Mr. Andrew Tang , Partner, Draper Associates, Dr. Long Phan , CEO & CTO, Top Flight Technologies, Mr. Thomas A. New York Presentations and Conferences

LLC 60

Times Square Strategy Session – Web Startups and Customer Development

Steve Blank

I was in New York last week with my class at Columbia University and several events made me realize that the Customer Development model needs to better describe its fit with web-based businesses. Bill and his partner Fred Wilson have invested in ~30 or so companies with 27 still active.

April 5 NYC: Family Office Investment Conference on Tech/Life Sciences Companies

David Teten

Speakers include: Mr. Richard Diamond , Head of Technology, JP Morgan, Mr. David Rosenblatt , Founder, 1stdibs and Ex CEO of DoubleClick, Mr. Caspar von Winterfeldt , Managing Partner at Baron VR, Mr. Anthony Russo and Mr. Joseph V. Angel investing New York Presentations and Conferences

Miami 85

Nov. 9: Capital on Stage VC Showcase in NY

David Teten

We’ll meet at Goodwin Procter on the top floor of the New York Times building. They’re now turning their attention to New York, where RTP Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Flybridge Capital, Safeguard, Amadeus Capital, Bain Capital, and Brooklyn Bridge Ventures are confirmed so far.

Nov. 14-15: NY Business Expo 2012

David Teten

Both my Partner John Frankel and I are presenting at the first NY Business Expo , November 14-15. Here’s a preview of my talk on “Identifying your next entrepreneurial opportunity”: Events New York NextNY

Charity Auction: Pitch Your Business to NY Angels and Golden Seeds

David Teten

Would you like to have a private lunch with Brian Cohen, Chairman of New York Angels, and Deborah Jackson, Managing Director of Golden Seeds (and me)? Andersen Partners will host the winning bidder for lunch followed by two pitch meetings with the three of us. Angel investing ff Venture Capital HBS Alumni Angels New York NextNY