The Importance Of Cultural Understanding In Business


You would expect a company like Nike to follow suit in regards to cultural sensitivity, but the footwear and clothing manufacturer got it badly wrong when introducing a new line of patterned leggings in New Zealand.

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When Does a Private-to-Private Merger Make Sense?

Both Sides of the Table

Most products out there suck so mom gets stuck with angst of wanting to have decorations, activities and chatzkies for other kids to take home. Our product name is P.S. XO and we launched our eCommerce experience through this website as “party in a box” as well as individual sku’s that are super high quality and well executed. She created the company in New Zealand and without raising any institutional capital had grown a global business.

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5 ways to deal with a social media crisis

The Next Web

It can be hard to remember the digital world before real-time; the speed at which conversations and stories race through the Internet and their momentum add a new dimension to reputation management.