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How Not to Get Lost in the Content Creation Wasteland

Duct Tape Marketing

When Jessica Oman (the Renegade Planner) isn’t busy helping her clients start and grow businesses that earn them a 6-figure income, she’s road-tripping in the USA with her hubby and pooch, or developing her appreciation for a good West Coast IPA.

More global innovation

deal architect

Innovations from various parts of the world we don’t usually expect innovation from Arab Lady Technologists - Oman, Qatar Unique ID - India Kinect and Sign Language – China Amazon’s Fashion Studio – Brooklyn Airport Advertising - various US airports.

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Middle East Oil Producers Pre-Selling Oil


Export finance deals and trade finance arrangements are being made with Oman and other sovereigns in the Middle East. In the face of long term low prices for oil, Middle East producers are pre-selling their oil and future produced reserves.

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Highlights From the 1st Web Design Hackathon in the Baltics


14 established mentors from Estonia and Oman collaborated to create the hands-on learning experience, including Maido Parv (Skype), Cesar Zeppini (Pipedrive), Veli-Johan Veromann (Weekdone), Stefan Hiienurm (Thorgate), Sara Fida Al-Abdullah from Oman and many more.

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How To Advertise With $100 Or Less

Mike Michalowicz

Thanks to Jessica Oman of Write Ahead. If You Build It, They Will Come (And Other B t You’ve Been Told). So you finally did it. You formed a business and opened the doors. But no one showed. Not even your mom. Welcome to the life of an entrepreneur.

Surprising Surge In Attack Traffic From Indonesia This Year: Akamai


in Oman to 122% in Iraq. Akamai just released its State Of The Internet report for the first quarter of this year, and Indonesia has gotten itself into the report for mostly the wrong reasons.

How To Get Refocused On Work

Mike Michalowicz

Thanks to Jessica Oman , Write Ahead. It happens to us all. We are working away, and then that email chime goes off. Two hours later we finally realize that we drifted off from the work we needed to do.

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The Most Effective Way To Win A Negotiation

Mike Michalowicz

Thanks to Jessica Oman of Write Ahead. Win Every Negotiation. Even that title “Win Any Negotiation” is a bit at odds, since negotiation is about comprise. Negotiation is about both sides winning. And ultimately the most effective way to win a negotiation is for your both to win.

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The ArcticStartup guide to: Estonia


The team has organised more than 40 events since 2011 in places as diverse as Estonia, Russia, South Africa, Palestine, Georgia, Ghana, Ukraine, Oman and more. We’ve brought you guides to Riga and Lithuania before, and we know quite a few were looking forward to Estonia.

The ArcticStartup Guide to: RIGA


Garage48 has also happened in Russia, Africa, Palestine and is coming to Oman in September. With the booming Batic startup scene being mentioned more and more frequently, some of you may want to actually put the boots on the ground and come for a visit.

Meet the Start-up Sending Newtown Messages of Hope

Inc Startups

Visitors from Nigeria, the Netherlands, Oman, and Romania came to the site Tuesday morning. Evergram specializes in creating lasting albums of multimedia messages--usually for weddings or birthdays. Then tragedy hit Sandy Hook Elementary. Here's how the company jumped in to help.

How Much Should You Pay For a Great Domain Name?

Startup Professionals Musings

co), Oman (.om), I’m sure you have all been frustrated at least once at not being able to get the Internet domain name you want for your company. Who owns all of these names, and should you ever buy one for a premium?