Why There Will Never Be Another Red Hat: The Economics of Open Source

Peter Levine

Open source software powers the world’s technology. In the past decade, there has been an inexorable adoption of open source in most aspects of computing. Without open source, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and nearly every other modern technology company would not exist.

Lessons Learned: Great open source scalability tools from Danga

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Friday, September 5, 2008 Great open source scalability tools from Danga If you are trying to build a scalable LAMP service, its always best to start with the original and still quite relevant presentation, from Brad Fitzpatrick when he was at LiveJournal. Youll learn how they pioneered the use of a lot of open source tools at new levels of scale, and even created quite a few more, that are essential scaling aids.

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Lessons Learned: Product development leverage

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Sunday, April 26, 2009 Product development leverage Leverage has once again become a dirty word in the world of finance, and rightly so. But I want to talk about a different kind of leverage, the kind that you can get in product development. Its a force that allows startups to build products at parity with much larger companies - cheaper and much faster. In the end, I believe they co-created our product with us.

The open API secret

Start Up Blog

The biggest flip the technology age has done on the industrial era is the open API. For the uninitiated, an open API (Application Program Interface) is a word used to describe sets of technologies that enable websites to interact with each other. It is also a system where web companies ‘open up’ their platform for external non affiliated software developers to create applications on. Existing web companies get their new product development for free.

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Disrupting Proctor & Gamble

Scott Weiss

Proctor & Gamble, the $185 billion market-cap consumer products juggernaut, has a tried and true method for developing new products: extensive consumer research, including surveys and focus groups, product testing, name testing, ad/slogan/copy testing, iterate product design, line up manufacturing capacity and then, finally, concluding with in-store merchandising, final branding and ad buys for launch. So why do thousands of people help Quirky make products?

8 Ways The Maker Movement Turns Ideas Into Businesses

Startup Professionals Musings

In case you haven’t noticed it, the rapid evolution of do-it-yourself (DIY) facilities for developers, including 3-D printers, SketchUp and makerspaces such as TechShop , have scaled down the cost of prototypes and hardware design by an order of magnitude.

Innovation, Change and the Rest of Your Life

Steve Blank

And to today, when its major product is simply innovation. Defense and Intelligence organizations drove the pace of innovation in Silicon Valley by providing research and development dollars to universities, and defense companies built weapons systems that used the Valley’s first microwave devices and semiconductor components. When the product and channel are bits, adoption by 10’s and 100’s of millions and even billions of users can happen in years versus decades.

The unfortunate math behind consulting companies

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

And let’s suppose you want to allocate just a little time for career development. Build a product. Most consulting companies I know have a few internal projects which they hope to someday turn into money-making products.

The LeanLaunch Pad at Stanford – Class 2: Business Model Hypotheses

Steve Blank

what’s the product? Joe Bingold (MBA, Jun 2011) Head of Product Development for Naval Nuclear Propulsion Plant Control Systems, US Navy, MSME (Naval PGS), BSEE (MIT), P.E. The goal was to figure out whether this product could become a company.

Democratizing IoT Hardware Innovation For Startups – A Radical Approach To A Practical Problem


Yet, entrepreneurs in the US – who are drivers of this change – are subjected to exorbitant cost models of production, creating a lag in innovation. By 2017, more than 50 percent of all IoT products will come from startups that are less than three years old ( Gartner ).

Lessons Learned: The lean startup

Startup Lessons Learned

But by taking advantage of open source, agile software, and iterative development, lean startups can operate with much less waste. I am heavily indebted to earlier theorists, and highly recommend the books Lean Thinking and Lean Software Development. One that is powered by three drivers, each of which is a part of a major trend: The use of platforms enabled by open source and free software. Labels: customer development , lean startup 8comments: Amy said.

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VC Cafe highlights everything you need to know from hosting your code in hackathons to open source legal docs. Lean Methodology Sources. Steve Blank on Lean Customer Development. High Quality, and open sourced! s easier to use/develop with.

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A New Enterprise Software Franchise: Optimizely

Scott Weiss

Out of these efforts, a number of projects like MapReduce Cassandra, BigTable, and Borg have been commercialized into products, companies, or open-source projects like Hadoop. The founders—Dan Siroker and Pete Koomen—met as product managers at Google, where testing and optimization (such as A/B testing) are deeply ingrained in the product development process. At the tip of the innovation spear, behemoths like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo!

Why Launching a Startup Is More Expensive Than You Think


After all, high-quality open source software is free, the cloud makes computer power far less expensive, and anyone with an Internet connection can learn Ruby and CSS. Check) Stage 2: Develop App. (in It’s quite an eye opener.

Lessons Learned: What does a startup CTO actually do?

Startup Lessons Learned

When Ive asked mentors of mine who have worked in big companies about the role of the CTO, they usually talk about the importance of being the external face of the companys technology platform; an evangelist to developers, customers, and employees.

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The Complete Startup Reading List


Malcolm Gladwell’s book offers an exploration on how ideas, trends, and products reach a tipping point to find success. Be sure to check out this book for insight into how you can successfully sell your product or idea. Startups Open Sourced.

What Does the Future Hold for Conversion Optimization?


Image Source. With agile development cycles and uncertain monetization models, they live and die by data and experimentation. More and more, people are using experimentation as a way to optimise not just sales – but also pricing, functionality, and product. Image Source.

Too Many Leaders Still Rely on Their ‘Golden Gut’

Startup Professionals Musings

There is so much positive feedback on the value of involving customers in product development, and the use of social media for crowd feedback, at a very low cost, that’s it hard to argue that one person could have more insight alone, and be right more often.

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interactions, widgets, effects Django – high-level Python framework Cappuccino – open source framework for app development Kodingen – cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform.

Measure twice, cut once

Google Ventures

Yet as the product manager, at each team meeting I’d hear from our engineers about the growing burden FTP represented. In my current role at Google Ventures, I’m fortunate to talk with a number of entrepreneurs in our portfolio about product strategy. They ask how to build a product roadmap , and how to respond to customer demands for additional options. if the feature does not support the overall product goals, it has to go. product, engineering, design, support?—?agreed

All Talks From Business of Software Conferences in One Place

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Des Traynor: Lessons Learned in Growing a Product Business. Bill Janeway: Productive Bubbles. Jack Lang: Changing the Way we do Software with Open Source Hardware. Des Traynor: Product Strategy is About Saying “No” Revisited. Michael Skok: Building Products into Valuable Sustainable Businesses. Jeff Szczepanski: The Developer’s Guide to Running Sales Teams. Laura James: The Open Sesame. Bob Dorf: Customer development.

Real Unfair Advantages

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

About twenty people on Answers OnStartups have asked this question in one form or another: When I meet an angel investor, he may ask: "What if a big company copies your idea and develops the same website as yours after your website goes public?".

How to Crowdsource Anything

Inc Startups

According to Wikipedia --itself one of the best examples of the technique--" Crowdsourcing is a distributed problem-solving and production model. problems are broadcast to an unknown group of solvers ["the crowd"] in the form of an open call for solutions."

When It’s Darkest Men See the Stars

Steve Blank

Wave after wave of hardware, software, biotech and cleantech products have emerged from what has become “ground zero” of entrepreneurial and startup culture. Compressing the Product Development Cycle. Today startups have begun to build products differently.

Startup anti-pattern: platform risk

High Contrast

Betting on a platform focuses product development both because of technology/API choices and because of the automatic reduction in the customer/user pool. Thousands of small game & other types of content developers in the Web & Flash ecosystem were affected and had to either abandon iOS development or find new costly talent. As the platform company’s own product roadmap matures, it designs its partners out starts directly competing with them.

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Twitter Link Roundup #235 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

crowdSPRING Blog

Legal Contracts for Software Developers Who Hate Contracts (w/free contract template to use today) – [link]. Six Things Physical Product Development Taught Me About Experience Design | UX Magazine – crowdspring.co/X7NCjD.

Embrace technical debt

Startup Lessons Learned

Like a financial debt, the technical debt incurs interest payments, which come in the form of the extra effort that we have to do in future development because of the quick and dirty design choice. Startups especially can benefit by using technical debt to experiment, invest in process, and increase their product development leverage. The biggest source of waste in new product development is building something that nobody wants.

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Lean Startup at Scale

Startup Lessons Learned

We work in prototypically four-week iterations, with quality engineers and software developers working in close collaboration. Palantir is a deep technical play and we had a lot of code to write just to fill out the product vision that we had already validated with potential customers; it took us two straight years of development to go from early prototypes to software that could be used in production. Week 1 - New Feature 2 - Development and testing continue together.

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Jonas Weigert on A/B Testing Beyond the Landing Page (Q&A)


LawnStarter is one such company, so we sat down with their CTO, Jonas Weigert , to learn about how they experiment across their product and communication and how they deal with optimization as a company. They also experiment frequently with their own product’s functionality.

Lessons Learned: The three drivers of growth for your business.

Startup Lessons Learned

You get increasing growth by optimizing the viral loop , and you get revenue as a side-effect, assuming you have even the most anemic monetization scheme baked into your product. Examples of this are well-known, and (in my definition) include any product that causes new customers to sign up as a necessary side-effect of existing customers normal usage: Facebook, Myspace, AIM/ICQ, Hotmail, Paypal. For Neopets, its simply a side-effect of their game-like product design.

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Entrepreneurs Who Rule By Gut Instinct Usually Lose

Startup Professionals Musings

There is so much positive feedback on the value of involving customers in product development, and the use of social media for crowd feedback, at a very low cost, that’s it hard to argue that one person could have more insight alone, and be right more often.

Plans are nothing, but planning is indispensable

Chris Dixon

InfiniTrust intends to create a new type of desktop security product that we call a “web reputation service.” The product will benefit users who value both unrestricted web access and security — primarily consumers and small and medium businesses.

How HTML5 Is Aiding in Cross-Platform Development


Billion View Comments How HTML5 Is Aiding in Cross-Platform Development February 22, 2011 by Christina Warren View Comments email share email share The Mobile App Trends Series is sponsored by Sourcebits , a leading product developer for mobile platforms.


Lessons Learned: A new version of the Joel Test (draft)

Startup Lessons Learned

I am convinced one of Joel Spolskys lasting contributions to the field of managing software teams will turn out to be the Joel Test , a checklist of 12 essential practices that you could use to rate the effectiveness of a software product development team. Lets start with the original list: Do you use source control ? There was a time when "web content" was considered "not code" and therefore not routinely source controlled.

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How To Survive a Ground-Up Rewrite Without Losing Your Sanity


In which he urgently recommends that, no matter what, please god listen to me, don''t rewrite your product from scratch? Even when you try to discount for the usual developer optimism. Except for customers who bought the Express product, then we should treat it as 2".

Why PHP Is Fun and Easy But Python Is Marriage Material


The decision came down to one strong, dominant factor: I was more productive in C# than I was in anything else, and that mattered — a lot. During my 2+ years of PHP development, I launched a bunch of web applications. I think a lot about choices and decisions at startups.

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Native App vs. Web App: Which Is Better for Mobile Commerce?


May 23, 2011 by Christina Warren 20 Share on Tumblr email share Share on Tumblr email share The Mobile App Trends Series is supported by Sourcebits , a leading product developer for mobile platforms. Sourcebits offers design and development services for iPhone , Android and more.

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Launching Tech Ventures: Part I, Course Overview

Platforms and Networks

This is the first of four posts about Launching Technology Ventures (LTV), a new MBA elective course I'm developing at Harvard Business School to explore lean startup management practices. Most startups fail — usually due to lack of customer demand, not product development problems. These new ventures burn through their capital, wasting money on engineering and marketing before discovering they have built a product no one wants.

Are You Raising Too Much Money?

Inc Startups

Raising smaller amounts tends to keep your options open and your investors’ expectations reasonable. Once a large influx of capital comes into company, it’s hard to take the time to develop a deep understanding of customer or user needs.