Investor VCs and Operator VCs

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The Venture Capital business is full of great firms that were founded by entrepreneurs/operators who became investors mid/late career. You build domain expertise, operating experience, and relationships/networks that help you win deals and help entrepreneurs by doing it this way. And it is not how most of my partners at USV did it. First on my list is “avoiding the temptation to operate.” Many of the best strategic minds I know aren’t operators.

My Partners Blogging In 2017

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My partners Chris Moody , Seth Levine , and Lindel Eakman are all blogging right now. My other two partners, Ryan McIntyre and Jason Mendelson have blogged in the past, ut took a break in 2017. Moody’s recent post Two Steps Forward, One Step Back talks about being a few months into his gig as a VC, after his announcement of his transition from operator to VC in Joining Foundry Group. The post My Partners Blogging In 2017 appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

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7 Partner Relationships That Can Kill A Good Startup

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If you think about it, you should realize that not everyone is ‘ideal partner material.’ Most of us learn that fact from other partner relationships, like dating and marriage. business co-founders entrepreneur partner relationships

Suggestions for Spouses Whose Partner Is Depressed

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I think this applies to anyone who has a partner with a major illness – a stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, or depression. You are already pouring an enormous amount of your energy into your partner and not much, if anything, is coming back.

A Guide to Crafting Your LLC Operating Agreement

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An operating agreement is the document that sets the rules for your LLC. In this article, we’ll talk about how to create your own LLC operating agreement, what you should include, and where you’ll need to keep it when you’ve made one. Should I have an operating agreement for my LLC?

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How Great, Operationally-Focused CFO’s Can Transform Your Business

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One area I’ve had much discussion with the companies in which I’ve invested in is bringing on board an operationally focused CFO. Having an amazing and operationally focused CFO has freed up the rest of the team to achieve even more while giving the board much more confidence in our strategic direction. We hired Steve Pease to run finance and then eventually all operations and it has transformed how we operate.

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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After years of trying to persuade Kara Nortman to become a partner at Upfront Ventures I can officially announce now that she’s joined us effective immediately. People often ask me what VCs look for when we hire partners and many have asked how to become VCs themselves one day.

My Partners

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Mark Suster suggested: how about a post on your partners: who they are, how you guys work together & a bit more about how you guys reach decisions on deals? I have two and half partners at Union Square Ventures. After that sale, he joined USV as a venture partner and as a general partner when we raised our second fund in 2008. I can't image operating USV wihtout Albert but we did for our first several years. Trust and respect are the key operating words.

Operation ‘Hire a VC’


I was so positive my transition that a few months back I rescued another VC, hiring Russell Samuels away from Mantella Partners to come join our biz dev and corp dev team. So, today, I am pleased to announce Operation Hire a VC. We think General Partners bring a wealth of smarts and connections that can be applied to almost any role. The post Operation ‘Hire a VC’ appeared first on StartupCFO : Mark MacLeod.

Uber is Preparing For A Big 2016 By Partnering With Facebook And Operator

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Uber is increasingly leveraging chat and messaging platforms to increase its dominance as a transportation and logistics service marketplace platform

Benchmark’s New General Partner: Scott Belsky

The partners at Benchmark are delighted to announce that Scott Belsky has joined the firm as our newest general partner. It is rare for us to encounter a partner candidate who has so much experience as an operator, investor, and advisor at such a young age. Adding a new partner is a significant event for Benchmark.

Partners Forever (or close to it)

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I am still technically a partner in a venture capital firm (Euclid Partners) that I left in early 1996. I still get K1s from them as there remain a few illiquid investments in the last fund I was a partner in. We stopped investing at Flatiron Partners in the summer of 2000, twelve years ago. One of my partners sits on another board. That's why I am still a partner in two businesses that I have not been active in for a long time.

How To Negotiate with Vendors, Partners And Employees


Even so, it’s difficult (and perhaps impossible) to operate a small business or startup and not negotiate agreements with employees, vendors, customers, and others. by Ross Kimbarovsky, founder of crowdSPRING. Not every entrepreneur or business owner is comfortable negotiating.

Forward Partners new website

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We wanted something which showcased our belief in the importance of good design and which explained what makes Forward Partners unique and hopefully this does that in spades. The screen grab above is a picture of our new website.

How to win the Operations vs. Finance battle: Become a trusted advisor

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From the time the idea of a company was developed, those who control the purse strings (finance) and those who manage the income (sales, operations, and marketing) are often adversaries.

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Selecting a Venture Partner (And Avoiding Killing Your Business)

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Your VC updates partners every Monday. Do other partners in the firm fit your culture? This is your partner. Does the VC have operational experience? Business Entrepreneurship due diligence venture capitalist venture partners

6 Outstanding 'Unofficial' Business Partners

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Let’s explore six unofficial business partners and their respective benefits as a starting point. These connections can provide insight into virtually every area of your operation. Professional Partners. Loyal customers who refer leads quickly become unofficial partners.

Are You and Your Business Partner on the Same Page?

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Disputes over money can drive a wedge between the strongest of relationships, whether you’re part of a married couple weighed down by debt, or business partners disagreeing over the best use of the company credit card. 1.You and your partner disagree about getting a loan .

Business Prenup: What To Do Before You Start A Company With A Partner


Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your partners start out on the right foot. Consider regular face-to-face meetings with prospective partners, so you can gauge body language and “listen between the lines.” by Mark L. Zyla, managing director of Acuitas, Inc.,

A Bad Business Deal Cost Me Everything

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Grow Operations business operations business partners supply chain vendorsFailing isn’t just an abstract possibility—it can really happen, and it’s painful. I wondered if I was I really cut out to run my own business.

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Picking a General Partner

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In my career, I have never seen a position in any industry with more varying criteria than General Partner at a venture capital firm. Some firms hire pure investors, some firms hire operators, some Wall Street analysts, some firms hire sales people, some firms hire lawyers, and others hire reporters. With that in mind, I will explain in detail our criteria at AH in the context of the type of firm that we strive to build and our newest general partner, Scott Weiss.

The Experience of Being a Limited Partner in Venture Capital

This is going to be BIG.

Either way, VC funds aren't really built around creating much of an experience for their Limited Partners. They don't have a directive to be invested in venture and they're not aiming to make some target return to pay out benefits or university operating expenses, etc. Partnership investing is boring. You give someone your money and, once a quarter, they give you a report that says what they did with your money.

Bolstering the Partner Ranks at GRP

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It is with great pleasure that I can finally announce that we have added Greg Bettinelli as a partner at GRP Partners. This is exactly the brand that GRP Partners wants to embody. We knew he had to be an investment partner. He is an investment partner exactly like I am.

Know Your Business Partner Well. Very, Very Well.

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As we went through underwriting, it came out that one of the new partners in the business had extensive legal problems from a previous career. You spend ample time dating before you get married, and you should treat your relationship with a potential business partner the same way.

Managing The Operations Of Your Startup


Your success or failure will not rely upon the historical data and industry statistics, but from how well you manage daily operations. Here are five tips for assuming better command over your startup operations: Consolidate and Negotiate. by Cameron Johnson.

Business Partners: 3 Essential Ingredients

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Having partners can be a tremendous asset or a terrible liability. So how do you find partners with the right skills and personalities to make it work? What is non-negotiable is that each partner must recognize the category to which he belongs.

Imagine a Dating Site for B2B Strategic Partners

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Yet, every business expert tells me that finding good business partners is just as tricky as a good marriage, without the sex. As with personal relationships, unbalanced deals don’t work, since the dominating entity finds it hard to adapt and appreciate the value of a partner.

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What "making partner" means at a startup

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I was right there with him, on a large team of very smart people operating autonomously. "It''s easier to ask forgiveness than permission." - Grace Hopper When he led the Netscape Browser team, Tom Paquin used to repeat this quote all the time. This was Tom’s hands-off way of saying, “I trust you to figure stuff out, and if you blow it, I’ll forgive you.”

Use The 15 Month Rule To Review Your Operating Agreement

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Many first timers go in 50/50 expecting both partners to be all in, all the time. Regardless of the circumstances, even if things are hunky doory, it is a good idea to revisit your operating agreement to make sure all partners have a clear understanding of what they committed to. Contracts & Agreements Mindset 15 month rule agreements bias contracts emotional operating agreement review What was a good idea then may not be a good idea now.

How many business partners should you have? Maybe zero

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It’s almost as if we – the startup community – have been led to believe that you need partners. Some with partners, others without. On the other hand, the ventures which were outright failures or fledgling businesses involved anywhere from two to four business partners.

Amazon’s Scorpion Problem

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” Could Amazon’s nature be catching up with it, or is it just operating in a more competitive market? We’ve watched as AWS has aggressively talked to every company we know doing things in the cloud infrastructure and application stack, and then rather than partner eventually roll out low-end versions of competitive products. We used to think of Amazon as a potential acquirer for these companies, or at least a powerful strategic partner.

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Build Your Network of Partners

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Every successful business has a network of behind-the-scenes partners that help support the operation. Here's three benefits to recruiting partners. Partnerships allow you to have access to your partner's network, often a network which you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

When Startups Partner With Big Companies

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Many startup founders are of the opinion that partnerships are the way to quickly scale, but as I mentioned, most partnering relationships either never materialize after much effort or create negative value. startups partnerships partnering strategy sales

Aarhus Engineering Hub Supports Uber's Global Operations


At the moment, the company is concentrating on working hard to help the partner-drivers meet the high demand and provide a safe and reliable ride for all users.

How Do You Pick the Right Business Partner or Co-Founder?

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Picking a partner or co-founder isn't like finding a new friend. Just like people that tend to jump into marriages, entrepreneurs tend to get starry-eyed and join forces without thinking through the long-term implications of having a partner. You think about it ahead of time!

VCs Are Partners, Not Bosses

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It's not uncommon for a founder to poo-poo the importance of investors suggesting financiers don't know how to oversee start-up operations day-to-day. The reality is that investors and operators are partners in a venture.

‘You cut, I choose': A startup protocol for breaking up with your business partners

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Four years before, I got an investment from a real estate fund that was interested in starting its tech operations, and. Vlad Stan is the CEO and Founder of StartupKit. It was the winter of 2007 around Christmas time. I was about to receive one of the most beautiful presents I’d ever gotten.

Evolving our investment strategy

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For those of you who are time poor here’s the tltr: Forward Partners operates a focused investment strategy because it helps us make better investment decisions and provide better support to our companies. This is a long post (1,900 words).

7 Signs Your Business Deal Won’t Pan Out

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Grow Operations business partners partnerships strategic alliancesPartnership deals are a key strategic advantage for startups and small businesses. However, not all deals are created equal.

Blaast Expands Operator Partnerships, Announces New Milestones


The Helsinki-based company has today announced a few new operator partnerships in Asia, and promotes the growth they've already seen in Indonesia. Blaast today announces they have reached 4 million downloads, and have expanded the number of operators they've partnered with.