The Difference Between Stealth Mode and Quiet Mode

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A lot of companies still talk about being in stealth mode and aiming for a big hoorah type launch. Worse still, startups that are in stealth mode rarely talk to customers, prospects, users, partners or anyone else before their big reveal, which means they have little to no validation for what they’re doing. Stealth mode stinks. That’s the right way to “launch” without being in stealth mode.

NDA Stealth Mode and Sharing Your Startup Concept


One of the readers asked my opinion around sharing your startup concept: My first question has always been - how do you protect your idea while shopping around for feedback, partners, developers, etc.? What is Stealth? The reality is that Stealth is defined differently in each case.

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NDA Stealth Mode and Sharing Your Startup Concept


One of the readers asked my opinion around sharing your startup concept: My first question has always been - how do you protect your idea while shopping around for feedback, partners, developers, etc.? What is Stealth? The reality is that Stealth is defined differently in each case.

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The First Rule of Stealth Mode Is.

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You definitely talk about stealth mode. Working in extreme secrecy, or, to use the argot of the moment, operating in "stealth mode" is an increasingly standard part of a startup''s journey from idea-glimmer to full-fledged company. It was a stealth mode success story.

VentureGeek’s Graduate 6Scan Gets Funded by YL Ventures

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Still in stealth mode, 6scan offers a SaaS security protection suite for websites through its main products: 6scan Patrol and 6scan Bodyguard. 6scan plans to target ecommerce platforms and hosting provider as channel partners for growth.

Sputnik ATX Launches an Incubator/Accelerator in Austin Aimed at Helping Startups Scale


We’re in a bit of a stealth mode right now,” said Oksana Malysheva, President, and CEO of Linden Education Partners and CEO of Sputnik ATX. By LAURA LOREK Publisher of Silicon Hills News Sputnik ATX is one of Austin’s newest startup incubators and accelerators. “We’re Sputnik ATX, which fashions itself after a Y-Combinator incubation model, will […]. The post Sputnik ATX Launches an Incubator/Accelerator in Austin Aimed at Helping Startups Scale appeared first on SiliconHills.

4 Signs Your Business Partner is Dishonest

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Any roadblocks to due diligence, especially the phrase, “We need to stay stealth.” ” Anything that hinders your due diligence is a problem for your decision-making process and for your potential partner’s ability to raise capital down the road.

Startups in stealth mode need one piece of advice - Discussion

Hacker News new | comments | ask | jobs | submit login Startups in stealth mode need one piece of advice. I work for a stealth startup. The idea is just a very small part of the reason why we are in stealth. If we are not in stealth mode, it will just draw unwanted attention. Again, as I said this is just part of the reasons why we are in stealth. Our biggest reasons for being in stealth are people related. Depends on what you mean by "stealth".

Bitesize Monday: Indian Summer in Israeli VC funding (Takadu, Celeno, Superfish, Headway, Real Match)

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The company’s previous backers, including Cisco, Greylock Partners, Miven Venture Partners, and Pitango Venture Capital, also participated in the round [ Techcrunch ]. Superfish’s first prototype, Window Shopper , launched in April, after several years of being in stealth.

Linking around with LinkSmart

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TLM works by identifying valuable keyword links within articles that have the highest performing click engagement, then utilizes the publisher’s own organic traffic to help readers find related content within their site or that of a partner or affiliate. In early results with LinkSmart’s pilot partners, the software performed 15 to 20 times better than other common traffic optimization techniques. Foundry Companies stealth

Our Investment in Cloze ? AGILEVC

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The company has been in stealth mode for the last couple months but I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about NextView’s investment in the company and our enthusiasm to be working with co-founders Dan Foody and Alex Cote. My partner @ LeeHower looks back: [link] 5 days ago Search.

Stealth mode is back. Long live stealth mode!

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Recently Dan Frommer over at the Silicon Alley Insider wrote about the reemergence of “stealth mode ”. While I’d argue that it never really went away in the first place, it seems that more people are seeing the virtues of staying under the radar as they build the basics of their business (despite TechCrunch’s declaration that stealth was stupid …). And with all this discussion of “stealth” I think Niel and I may have won over at least one of my partners.


Four Stealth Israeli Startups with promise: Intential, SourceFox, INEZE, Crowdspot

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Currently in R&D mode and working with select partners. Self reported: Stealth-mode peronal finance security startup powered by the collective vigilance and wisdom of crowds.

Stealth Mode Startup

Stealth Mode Startup. Ideas dont have a lot of value by themselves, they tend not to be unique, and by staying secret a startup gives up the chance to get valuable feedback from prospective customers and partners. Let me add another reason to that list: it isnt always that hard to figure out what a stealth-mode startup is really doing. Im at a tradeshow in Dallas this week, and we were visited by some very bright people from a stealth-mode startup.

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The Stealth Mode: Trada’s Position on Staying Stealth

Skip to content Tina MVC for WordPress « Finding The Need for International Pay-Per-Click Campaigns Lijit: A Fun Tool in Your PPC Arsenal » The Stealth Mode: Trada’s Position on Staying Stealth Debate: Stay Stealth? Stealth Mode Pro : It takes time to bake a cake.


The Secrets Behind Many Successful Startups

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”, a partner from a VC firm asked us. I sort of nervously mumbled something about our domain expertise and the partner nodded. There was a stealth company backed by big names that was working on a white-label service for any publisher to launch a daily deal product.

Know the competition and key decision maker before your next pitch

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Planning a business and developing a sales pitch for customers, partners, or investors is part of the startup effort. Company : “How can we partner to advance the technology?” customer entrepreneur partnering investor marketing Startup leadership sales financing

Four Stealth Israeli Startups with promise: Interntial, SourceFox, INEZE, Crowdspot

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Currently in R&D mode and working with select partners. Self reported: Stealth-mode peronal finance security startup powered by the collective vigilance and wisdom of crowds. Tags: CrowdSpot Geoffrey Mugliston Ineze Interntial Yaron Samid Auto computational linguistics Draft impossible match INEZE Israeli startups language processing technologies product Stealth wisdom of crowds

Hacking For Defense In Silicon Valley

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At the heart of this “offset strategy” was “precision strike,” – building stealth aircraft to deliver precision guided munitions unseen by enemy radar, and designing intelligence and reconnaissance systems that would target for them. Lead, follow or get the heck out of the way.

These 8 Disciplines Define A Fundable Entrepreneur

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Find a partner and core team early to supplement your expertise. Startups that operate in stealth mode until their solution is perfect usually acquire customers and investors very slowly. Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me what to do first when starting a business.

6 Reasons Startups Should Skip the Big-Bang Launch

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Startups which insist on operating in stealth mode in fear of competitor response miss the more important customer response. Partners and distribution channels will take you seriously.

Hacking for Defense @ Stanford – Weeks 8 and 9

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the teams spent the last two weeks learning what activities, resources and partners they would need to actually deliver their solution. Partners are the external resources (third parties) necessary to execute the Activities. Slide 5 is a good summary of activities/resources/partners.

7 New Initiatives To Fearlessly Grow Your Business

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In the past, companies avoided sharing knowledge or technology, preferring stealth mode and relying on internal expertise to stay safe. Growth has always been fundamental to business success, but it’s never been more critical than it is now, nor more difficult.

Tearing Down The Teardown

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And I do not believe our limited partners are sharing our reports with them. It is possible to do a stealth financing, but it’s not easy. CB Insights published a “teardown” of USV’s investment strategy last week. It’s a pretty solid piece of work considering they did not have access to any of our internal data. The got some stuff wrong, however. 1) We did not participate in Zynga’s “megaround” in Feb 2011.

Are You And Your New Venture Positioned For Success?

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Business success is all about two-way communication, between you and your customers, investors, partners, and internally between team members. Instead, find a partner with domain experience.

Accidental VC: When Should Startups Announce Seed Funding?

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Be sure you have an honest and direct discussion with your lawyers, who should be viewed as true partners who understand these things. These are great data points for a VC to receive soon after partnering with an entrepreneur.

Fellow VCs: Here’s Where to Invest $1B+

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On the number of founders and companies: Some people are likely in stealth mode, and haven’t self-identified themselves currently as founders, which is merely a known bias in the study.

It’s Time to Play Moneyball: The Investment Readiness Level

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These three tools allow startups to focus on the parts of an early stage venture that matter the most: the product, product/market fit, customer acquisition, revenue and cost model, channels and partners.

5 Mistakes Every Startup Founder SHOULD Make


Someone - your partner, co-founder, employee, investor, or any other character in your unfolding plot - will mess you over. Did you do your due diligence on your partner/employee/investor? Tell People Your Venture is in "Stealth Mode".

StackEngine Launches out of Stealth to Manage & Automate Docker, Raises $1M

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StackEngine, the platform that gives organizations the power to simply and massively deploy, manage, and scale resilient Docker applications, today formally exited stealth mode and announced $1M in seed funding from Silverton Partners and LiveOak Venture Partners.

30 Machine Intelligence Startups to Watch in Israel

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Security will shift from defensive to predictive AI-powered security (Norwest Venture Partners). The company emerged from stealth in November 2016 and announced a $100 million investment round from Sir Ronald Cohen, Lloyd Dorfman, OCAPAC Holding Company, and Horizons Ventures.

Startup Advice from Brett Hurt, Austin Ventures Partner and BazaarVoice Founder

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Advice about stealth mode. As the saying goes, “every startup is in stealth mode by default.” ” Staying in stealth mode is often easy, but sometimes talking to the ‘right’ people will you get further. Brett Hurt has been blogging for some time now.

The End of Hyperscale Envy

Lightspeed Venture Partners

In fact, the Avi vision made so much sense that Lightspeed venture partner Guru Chahal, who had worked closely with the founders to define the product, immediately joined the company as VP Product.

Startup CEO New Years Resolutions « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog


Scott Brady of Project Slice , a stealth company helping to simplify online shopping, also has cultural values core to his new years resolutions: Simplify – Challenge ourselves to simplify, we can strive for perfection in the next version. Tweets that mention Startup CEO New Years Resolutions « Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog -- - January 7, 2011 [.]

New Year, New Fund

Seeing Both Sides

As part of our work leading into the new fund, we went on a listening tour - talking to founders about what they want and need from their venture capital partners. We expect to partner with 20-25 companies, as compared to the 45 in our third fund.

Those Beautiful Nest Eggs

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As investors in the company since the early days, we here at Lightspeed have been honored to be a partner of Nest. Congratulations to Tony Fadell, Matt Rogers and the world class team at Nest! Today Nest announced that it has agreed to be acquired by Google.

Why you shouldn’t keep your startup idea secret

Great tips, fully inline with “Four Steps to the Epiphany” Also reminds me of Dharmesh’s “Stealth Mode, Schmealth Mode” — [link]. Another benefit of talking freely, is that you may also find potential partners or future employees–other key components beyond investment money. We fine tuned the idea throughout, even got letters of intent and partner contracts before we had a powerpoint. link] Stealth mode is back.

10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2014

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After a decade in the making, she took Theranos out of stealth last fall, opened the company''s first collection center at a Walgreens store in Palo Alto, California, and has since expanded into Arizona with plans to roll its service out nationwide.

How to get beta signups for your startup in 9 steps

3 Don’t go too stealth. Unless you have tons of funding (see Kohort ), be careful about going too “stealth.” Facebook partners with Opower & NRDC to create a social energy application. Partners. login / register. The Next Web Blog. Conference. Got News?

Where are the opportunities for machine learning startups? [guest post]

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Graphcore (in stealth, see this video at 28:58) calls them Intelligent Processor Units. has partnered with the National Health Service in the UK to deliver personalised health assistance via an app.