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Crowdsourcing Your Product Name

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Product naming is hard. Our task was to choose a few names we liked from a long list of ideas. need a name for your business.

How to Select a Company or Product Name

How to Select a Company or Product Name. or product name. Names can be distinctive, unique. The problem with descriptive names is that they. and use the same name funneling your traffic and. benefiting from your product reputation. names can be trademarked and protected. Design. Hosting.

10 Tips for Startups and Small Businesses on Naming Your Company

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Naming your company can be challenging and time consuming. Think about what you want your company name to convey. But there are risks.

The unimportance of product names

Follow us on Twitter for more information on our products. The unimportance of product names. Don’t waste too much time on picking a perfect name for your product. And what about picking a name that’s available as a domain? Or company names – why is it 37signals? ;-). Apr 27 2010.

5 Email Subject Lines Guaranteed to Get Attention

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State the product name you are selling and people will hit delete. Your subject line is the first point of contact. But use something a little more creative to get attention

Startup Marketing: The 4 Building Blocks of Brand Identity You Can’t Ignore

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It’s hard to argue against this; without a finished product or the money to make it, what does the brand identity matter anyways? 2: Name.

Why Some Startups Win

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But he was getting uneasy that as his headcount was growing the productivity of his marketing department seemed to be rapidly declining. The other departments gave the same type of logistical answers; the product-marketing department, for example, said their job was to get the product specs from engineering and write data sheets.

Create a Logo: 7 Smart Rules

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Here are some quick tips: DO use your company or product name. A professionally designed logo needn't cost thousands of dollars.

Just Mayo Maker Warned by FDA That Mayonnaise Needs Eggs

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The Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to the maker of the mayonnaise alternative earlier this month, noting that the product's name and label could be misleading

Brand vs. Branding: When Less is More

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The Meaning of Brand A brand is the set of emotions that people associate with a corporate name or a product name. Say what?

How to name your company and product

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

Company names and product names can be a very expensive and time consuming process. All good things for a name. I doubt it.

When Microsoft Threatened to Sue Us Over the Letter “E”

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With a massive leap of creativity we decided that it should it should have our company name and the letter “E” with a swoop over it.

Entrepreneurs Should Rollout Local, But Plan Global

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What all this doesn’t mean is that you should roll out your product in every country at the same time. Be ready. Speak the customer’s language.

The 5 Biggest Turn-Offs On A Company Website


Companies occasionally try to align navigation labels with internal product names instead of plain English. Usability and ease-of-use.

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6 Free or Cheap Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

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Or, maybe they didn''t respond well to a customer who complained on product review page or discussion board. Or, maybe your brand got hacked.

Top 9 Brand Blunders of All Time

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named AYDES. Lesson: Once you're a household name, declare victory and move on. Lesson: A brand's value is tied to the product.

The 3 Most Common Challenges Faced By New Entrepreneurs


Here are the top three problems that can make the difference between success and failure in a new business venture: 1. Finding Financing.

The Top 5 Intellectual Property Mistakes

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Your name or product name, branding, and customer lists are all valuable IP assets and need protection. Should you get a patent?

How and Why I Use BuzzSumo

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20 Free and Low Cost Tools for Everyday Productivity Every so often I sit back and take inventory of. Content research. Competitive research.

Prepare Your Startup Now for International Markets

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What all this doesn’t mean is that you should roll out your product in every country at the same time. But it does mean that you think about the global implications at every step of the process: Pick your company and product names carefully. with demands for new products and services. Be ready. Find global sources now.

10 Startup Shortcuts That Will Be Back To Haunt You


It also forces you to pick a name for your company and put other intellectual property stakes in the ground. Image via

Entrepreneurs Need to Think Global From Day One

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What all this doesn’t mean is that you should roll out your product in every country at the same time. Be ready. Speak the customer’s language.

Many Startups Stumble on International Cultures

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Here are a few examples from my personal experience: You need to translate/localize your products. Watch your product naming.

4 Problem-Solving Analytics Tools

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This add-on for analyzes your customer data to show you the top leads, such as which geographic locations are buying the most products.

10 Ways to Build Your Email List – the Right Way

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By giving away coupons related directly to your products, you’ll only attract prospects who are interested in your particular wares. Coupons.

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How To Protect Your Business With Intellectual Property Rights

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There’s nothing more soul destroying than after years of hard work, seeing your idea, products and services being copied and sold by competitors. It can be used to help protect: Brand or products names. The design or look of your products. It gives consumers confidence that products are of an excellent standard.

Repurpose a business or a product to create success

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In the drug industry, patents expire allowing the products to become generic. Repurposing takes place in businesses and with business names.

Wanted: Medium for Product Reviews

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Wanted: Medium for Product Reviews. Whether it’s a startup or Medium adding a product review-style template choice, I’d like to see Medium for Product Reviews. What would Medium for Product Reviews look like? Would you want to publish on a Medium for Product Reviews? What do you think?

10 Avoidable Mistakes Cause Entrepreneurs Much Pain

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It also forces you to pick a name for your company and put other intellectual property stakes in the ground. Quick to hire and slow to fire.

How to Start a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Business—and Get it Right

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You’ve figured out the products you want to sell. There are a few things you’re going to need for your products to really take off.

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The Charles Darwin School of Business

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They want to get new products and services "out there" pronto, earning income and generating cash. Here's how it works in the business world.

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Sell More By Using The Frequency Technique!

Mike Michalowicz

Chances are that you’re like the vast majority of people when it comes to walking through the grocery store aisles to pick these products and others.

5 ways to deal with a social media crisis

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Brainstorm the weak points in the business: What problems would customers have to deal with if your product or service goes wrong or malfunctions?

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15 Entrepreneurs Explain How They Came Up With Their Business Name


What exactly is going to be the name of your business? 1 – A Name to Trust. 4 – Named for My Hair. It’s a stupid name.

Social Selling and Content Marketing: A White-Hot Combination

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But product pitches often perform far worse than presentations that contribute more value. photo credit: canva. It comes down to what works.

What sets social-media rock stars apart? They listen. They measure. @mitchjoel

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They are consumer-product companies with social strategies that share two bits of DNA: a strong personality and the power to help people.

4 Tips For Food Product Label Design To Attract Customers


Designing a food product label, which captures the attention of your target customers, is exciting as well as challenging. Know your audience.

What Happens When a Big Company Uses Your Brand Name?

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The fact was, FiftyThree, like many startups before it, had fallen victim to its product''s generic name. Was this the same Paper?

Increase Online Sales: A 10-Step Checklist

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Product Pages Your product pages must have high-quality photos, detailed specifications, and ratings or reviews. This helps build trust.

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Choosing Your Business Name

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Making the right choice can be hard, but choosing your business name is one of the most important choices you’ll make as an entrepreneur.