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I’ve decided to post the Project Prospectus here: The Super Awesome Micro Project Prospectus. Due to overwhelming demand. Cheers, Steve. entrepreneurship project Startup

Project Prospectus

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I’ve decided to post the Project Prospectus here: The Super Awesome Micro Project Prospectus. Due to overwhelming demand. Cheers, Steve. entrepreneurship project Startup

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Uber Reportedly Operating at a $470 Million Loss

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According to a bond prospectus viewed by Bloomberg, the ride-sharing company could be losing a lot of money

The Top 4 Items You Need Documented When Selling Your Website Through a Broker

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This document is typically called a Prospectus and is an important part of representing your business. Professional Website Brokers will invest a significant effort in creating your prospectus as they know its value for setting the right tone with buyers.

Mathematical vs. Economic Dilution of Startup Equity: Thinner Slices of an Extra-Large Pizza


If you read the “ Dilution ” section of an IPO prospectus , you’ll see that the opposite happens to investors in the new public shares. Back from a hiatus, it’s time to venture forward once more. I appreciated hearing from those who asked about upcoming posts.

Legal Challenges Related To Crowdfunding: Volume 2


Navigating the Prospectus Rules. As a main rule, any offer of securities (meaning, among other things, shares in your company) requires that the issuer company publishes a prospectus, unless an applicable exemption exists.

Cxsense lists on the Oslo Stock Exchange


It''s always taking a look at a company''s prospectus - where they''re forced to list the upside and risks to new investors. In the prospectus he''s listed as one of the largest shareholders.

10 Reasons Why IPO Is No Longer A Good Startup Exit

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Startups are typically run by a couple of executives who are reluctant to disclose via the prospectus and SEC reports all the decision-making criteria, operational financial details, and compensation formulas.

IPO 33

How Reed Hastings’ Facebook Status Update Landed Netflix in SEC’s Crosshairs


Before the commercial Internet, the primary tools of disclosure included: Prospectus and related registration statement (“S-1″) for an IPO.

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One Little Ice Cream Cart That’s About to Have Big Growth

Up and Running

People in Eugene loved it,” Red Wagon says in a funding prospectus (more on that in a bit). “In Red Wagon immediately got on board, prepared a funding prospectus, and launched their $120,000 campaign in January. An employee at Red Wagon Creamery serves up a scoop. Heart of Chocolate.

The New Moneyball--and Why It Matters for Business

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In a brilliant post on Deadspin and Baseball Prospectus, Andrew Koo posits a plausible answer to this question.

John Mack on the inside of the financial crisis

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Reading (or trying to read, at least) and mark up a prospectus. A friend recently sent me a link to a talk John Mack gave at Wharton that I think is absolutely fascinating.

Inc. Entrepreneur of the Year Aaron Levie Makes Next Move: IPO

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Box was able to secretly file the IPO under a new law that allows companies with less than $1 billion in annual revenue to file a draft of their prospectus with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Don’t Pitch A Venture Capitalist Without This Checklist

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This is why formal investment prospectuses always have a “Risk Factors” section, and also why I told my former girlfriend (now wife) about some of my idiosyncrasies before she had made any life commitments to me. I’m surprised at how many funding pitches I get which lack some of the basic information which investors require before funding. I think this stems from two causes: 1) Lack of basic knowledge of the information investors require.

Mosaic Crowdfunds 4 Solar Campaigns in 24 Hours

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Every project comes with a prospectus that comes with the risk of the project," Parish says. "We In the first day of the project's launch, Mosaic successfully funded four clean energy projects totaling $313,000. Just one day after Inc.

Groupon's IPO Missteps

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In the most recent prospectus, Groupon clarified its new accounting metric, called "gross billings," which is essentially the total revenue the company collects from consumers before remunerating vendors.

SEC 23

FundedByMe Launches Equity Crowdfunding Platform


I worked at Venture Bonsai for a short time before joining ArcticStartup, and I was surprised to learn the number of legal challenges concerning who can invest in companies, and even how many people can be made aware of a funding round before a prospectus needs to be filed. Sweden's FundedByMe has launched their Equity Crowdfunding platform to the public, making it another player in the Nordic equity crowdfunding scene.

FIN-FSA Cracks Down On Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


However FIN-FSA´s surprise move simply classifies all equity crowdfunding platforms as financial service providers, while not providing any new guidance on prospectus requirements, disclosure requirements or other investor protection issues.

Probable and Improbable Lobbying Wins: The 1,000-stockholder Rule


The Securities Act of 1933 requires that any type of securities offered to the public be registered with the SEC, involving a major undertaking to prepare and file a registration statement on Form S-1 – known to many as an IPO prospectus. Talented entrepreneurs are nothing if not resilient in the face of change: Market forces, competitive threats, technological shifts, you name it.

Start-up Launches to Crowdfund Solar Projects

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Every project comes with a prospectus that comes with the risk of the project," Parish says. "We Mosaic, an Oakland-based start-up, will allow investors all over the country to fund clean-energy projects and earn interest on the energy sold to customers.

The Dilution Concern for Founders

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Take a sample of one hundred venture-backed companies that have been successful enough to undertake an initial public offering, and you will find a disturbing fact lodged in a high percentage of their prospectus disclosures. By Joseph W.

Entrepreneurs that Got Filthy Rich in 2011

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According to the company’s prospectus, Pincus will own 112 million shares, or nearly 20 percent of the company’s overall value, which is around $10 billion, which will make him worth about $2 billion. Mark Zuckerberg isnt the only entrepreneur good at making bank.

How Andreessen Horowitz Evaluates CEOs

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And as they say in the mutual fund prospectuses, “past performance is no guarantee of future performance.&# “I mean damn, did you even see the test. You got D’s, motherf*$@%&, D’s! Rosie Perez”. Kanye West. No position in a company is more important than the CEO and, as a result, no job gets more scrutiny. Sadly, little of this analysis benefits CEOs as most of the discussions happen behind their backs. This post is a step in the opposite direction.

Thinking of exiting your business? Explore every option

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Prepare a detailed prospectus. The prospectus will lay out the story and details of your business and help generate interest in it before listing, so it’s important that you get this right.

John Mack on the inside of the financial crisis

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Reading (or trying to read, at least) and mark up a prospectus. A friend recently sent me a link to a talk John Mack gave at Wharton that I think is absolutely fascinating.

Upsizing Your IPO - What You Need to Know About 430A - Part 1 of 2

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Several amendments later, when your deal was ready to go to investors, a preliminary prospectus was filed showing the number of shares expected to be sold and a "bona fide" estimate of the price range per share as required by Regulation S-K Item 501(b)(3).

Preparing For A Financing Round


Few people realize it, but if your company makes an offer to a large audience (generally over 100 persons) to invest into your company, you are required to publish a formal prospectus which has been approved by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Agency (FIN-FSA).


Exciting Year for Mobile Software IPOs - Motricity, Velti, ePocrates.


 Here's the Motricity prospectus.  Here's the Velti prospectus. Technorati Tags : boingo , epocrates , going public , initial public offering , ipo , mobile , motricity , nasdaq , nyse , prospectus , velti , wireless. NextWala. VC perspective and analysis from a former entrepreneur. About Me. Dev Khare. New Delhi, India. dkhare at lightspeedvp dot com. dkhare. Follow @dkhare. Follow Dev on Quora. Twitter Updates. follow me on Twitter.

Excellent Analytics Tips #19: Identify Website Goal [Economic] Values

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How about the Analyst for Ohio State University who does a great job of measuring online donations but not the value of campus tours scheduled, prospectuses downloaded, online applications, course registrations, job applications, etc.,

If Regulation D Is Not Available?

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Those categories have been developed in the case law revolving around the central notion developed in the Ralston Purina opinion, that the disclosure requirement entailed in a registered offering should only be relaxed if all the potential buyers were of the type that they could "fend for themselves" in the sense that each could develop "access" to the information a statutory prospectus would provide. By Joseph W. Bartlett, Of Counsel, Sullivan & Worcester LLP.

King Files with the SEC, prepares to IPO


As for why they''re going public, the prospectus states: As you’ll see in the financial results section of this document, we have a substantial cash position and no debt, and we have been cash flow positive since 2005. Big IPO news for the region.

How 'Confidential' IPOs Are Changing the Market

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With Manchester United, I don't think there are a lot of trade secrets exposed in the prospectus," Ritter points out. In April, the JOBS Act ushered in a new way to IPO. It's already popular.


Walker Twitter Highlights: November 28th – December 4th

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vp68LI Facebook To Bankers: Hands Off Our $10 Billion IPO – “Facebook has gone so far as to craft its own prospectus.” I’m using Twitter as a form of micro-blogging to share interesting blog posts, articles and podcasts relating to entrepreneurship and startups, M&A and legal issues. Below are my five most popular tweets (via ) for the past week and a couple of blog-related tweets.

Upsizing Your IPO - What You Need to Know About 430A - Part 2 of 2

Recent Buzzes - VC Experts, Inc.

When the time comes to file your price range prospectus, you have a choice: either keep using Rule 457(o), or refile your fee table under Rule 457(a). Many deal teams elect to switch to Rule 457(a) at the time of printing the price range prospectus, because increasing the price per share at pricing is a more likely outcome than increasing the number of shares and decreasing the price. By Attorneys at Latham & Watkins LLP Latham & Watkins Attorneys: Brian G. Cartwright, Alexander F.

Movie Masher Launching to Sell???

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Given that Movie Masher just launched with virtually no traffic compared to Jumpcut or Eyespot and that its investor prospectus implies that the founder does not want to stay with the company beyond a “negotiated deployment contract,” it is hard to see much value in the company through current market measurements. 4)I don’t understand the valuation method in the investor prospectus, which focuses on the potential cost of development.

Dan Lyons, Newsweek Editor, aka Fake Steve Jobs on mobile, meme businesses and maximizing your chance of getting press coverage

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They listed it as one of their biggest threats in their S1 prospectus. This is an hilarious and actionable talk from Dan Lyons, aka Fake Steve Jobs, aka technology editor at Newsweek when he spoke at Business of Software. He left shortly afterwards to become Editor-in-Chief at ReadWrite but by the end of the year he was working for a company that most Business of Software attendees will have heard of – Hubspot. Dharmesh really should pay Business of Software some recruitment fees.

Funding our own


The whole purpose of these “accredited investor&# rules are to protect Investors who are investing without a prospectus to help them in making the decision. I was on a panel on early stage funding at the Accelerate TO event this week in Toronto. The goal was to discuss the state of early stage funding in Toronto and Canada at large. An interesting comment that came out during the discussion was that we need more entrepreneurs funding each other.

More U.S. Companies Are Considering Going Public in Canada

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The Canadian prospectus is a relatively straightforward amendment or supplement to the U.S. prospectus. By Kevin M. Morris, Daniel P. Raglan and Andrew J. Beck of Torys LLP Introduction. A Canadian IPO (initial public offering) can be particularly attractive for companies of "pre-Nasdaq" size (from a market cap of C$50 million to C$500 million) and for those companies that are in the energy, metals and mining, clean technology or technology sectors.

Lessons From S&P's Massive Screw-up

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People who made a fortune shorting the highly-rated mortgage securities couldn't believe the ratings when they actually read the prospectuses and looked into what was in the mortgage pools.

New Accredited Investor Net Worth Test to Impact Private Investment

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Section 4(5) of the Securities Act provides an exemption from registration and prospectus delivery requirements for a maximum of $5 million of securities offered or sold solely to accredited investors with no advertising or public solicitation. By Alon Y. Kapen, Esq. of Farrell Fritz, P.C.