Some Thoughts On Registration Rights

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The first is that registration rights are seldom used in accordance with their terms, and yet some investors and their counsel view them as a central element of the deal. The actual use of the demand rights, for example, could prove very awkward To comprehend adequately various issues involved, a discussion of basic principles is in order.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet: Registration Rights

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The next several posts in this series concern the provisions located in the “Investor Rights Agreement,” “Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement” and “Voting Agreement,” which together give the investors a variety of contractual rights vis-à-vis the company and the company’s other stockholders. We begin with the Investor Rights Agreement. Registration Rights.

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Venture Deals: Chapter 6: Other Terms of the Term Sheet

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This chapter covers those terms, which include dividends, redemption rights, conditions precedent to financing, information rights, registration rights, right of first refusal, voting rights, restriction on sales, proprietary information and inventions agreement, co-sale agreement, founders’ activities, initial public offering shares purchase, no-shop agreement, indemnification, and assignment.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet: Index

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5. Voting Rights and Protective Provisions. 8. Redemption Rights. 10. Registration Rights. 11. Management Rights and Investor Director Approval. 12. Right to Maintain Proportionate Ownership (a/k/a Preemptive Rights). 14. Right of First Refusal, Right of Co-Sale and Lock-up. 1. Overview. 2. Nature of a Term Sheet and Summary of Offering Terms. 3. Dividends. 4. Liquidation Preference.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet: Key Takeaways and Other Resources

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1. Broadly speaking, the main areas of negotiation between entrepreneurs and investors are: (a) economics of the investment – valuation, dividends , liquidation preference , anti-diultion and redemption rights ; and (b) control of the company – stockholder voting and protective provisions , matters requiring investor director approval , composition of the Board , preemptive rights , pay-to-play , drag-along and vesting of founders’ stock.

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They were right. I walked through each term and explained in the simplest language what they meant – “preferred”, “voting rights”, “anti-dilution”, “protective provisions”, “registration rights”, “information rights”, “board of directors”, etc.

Anatomy of a Term Sheet: Right of First Refusal, Right of Co-Sale and Lock-Up

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While the Investor Rights Agreement deals with the rights of the investors vis-à-vis the company, the Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement gives the company and the investors certain rights vis-à-vis the company’s common stockholders. Right of First Refusal. The ROFR order of priority may be reversed so that the investors’ right precedes that of the company. Right of Co-Sale.

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Rarely did you get it right the first time so you would have to repeat the cycle until you had a complete solution the market wanted. On the investment side, it means putting in less money, being more on-par with management in terms of rights and preferences, having less control.

Wait, the IPO Party Is Just Getting Started!

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An IPO could still be the right exit strategy--if your company fits the bill, or breaks the old rules. This means we actually don't know all the companies in registration right now," says Kelly. "So,

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