Founder Restricted Stock 101

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By Sean Greaney: Originally published on Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP Sean Greaney, attorney with Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP gives an informative introduction to Restricted Stock for startup companies. What is founder restricted stock? Founder restricted stock refers to shares of common stock that are owned by a founder but are subject to forfeiture upon the occurrence of certain contractually agreed upon events.

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4 Deadly Legal Mistakes That Startups Make

Scott Edward Walker

Vesting Restrictions. The first deadly mistake relates to vesting restrictions. Indeed, you must make sure that all of the shares of common stock issued by the corporation to the founders are subject to vesting restrictions – which means that ownership of the shares would vest over time (instead of all of the shares being owned outright on day one). Otherwise, if one of the founders quits after a few months, he would take all of his shares with him.