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Silicon Valley Drone Company Launches Blood Delivery Service In Rwanda

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The world's first drone delivery service has launched in Rwanda to airdrop blood to dying patients

This Drone Company Will Deliver Blood and Medicine to Rural U.S. Communities

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as regulations ease

Amanda Mills Los Angeles: Transforming Loss into Hope and Inspiration

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However, understanding that this is a possibility and actually doing it are often two different things. Personally? Professionally? Blog & Grow

Development Through Self Empowerment


While in Rwanda, I went on long drives, for it’s the only way to see this beautiful country. On my next trip to Rwanda I hope to see only smiling faces waving and none with outstretched hands. And then there were the children. They would all stop and stare.

Best Countries for Start-ups

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The World Bank's annual Doing Business report ranks the ease of doing business within 183 countries based on business-friendly regulations.

10 Women to Watch in Tech in 2014

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These talented female startup founders are bringing to life impressive--and in some cases, world-changing--technology. For example, E!

Leapfrogging into the Future


We live in strange times, and sometimes it seems that the world is spinning backwards. In a year of fascinating conversations, a few stood out.

Counting On ‘Social Capital’: The New Way To Evaluate Entrepreneurial Worth


For the last two years the company has been measuring and scoring the social capital of entrepreneurs in Kigali, Rwanda. Entrepreneurs hustle.

Made by Entrepreneurs: 8 Great Gift Ideas

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Spread some holiday cheer in the office. Here are eight unique gift ideas that won''t break the bank. Want to spread some holiday cheer in the office?

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: What I've Learned

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You’ll see a woman in Canada direct a question to Paul Kagami, prime minister of Rwanda and get an answer. Acting is a hard profession.

Start Your Business in One Day

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Rwanda ranked in the top-10 for starting a business this year, thanks in part to an online process. How can the U.S. Literally. The U.S.

Tonga 18

The road to healing from heartbreak

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Let’s change the world’s perception of Rwanda FOR GOOD!” Some years are marked by tremendous challenge and heartbreak. Grieve.

Heart of Smartness: A Tech Accelerator for Africa


Africa has most of the elements required for technology innovation. So Mbwana Alliy is creating the Savannah Fund fund to help them. Startups

Here’s to You, Women in Business

Up and Running

The United Nations Headquarters, pictured here, will hold the inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Conference. Hope Abounds. ” 2. Donate.

A Gorilla’s Eyes


Emerging Markets gorilla rwanda politics congoYesterday I went mountain gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park in the Virungas. Unlike the elusive chimpanzees I tracked a few days ago in Nyungwe Forest, visitors are able to get very close to the animals. but love to play. of the forest to watch.

Heart of Smartness: A Tech Accelerator for Africa


Africa has most of the elements required for technology innovation. So Mbwana Alliy is creating the Savannah Fund fund to help them.

Searching for a Leader? Try looking in the Mirror

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Their work has changed the lives of countless citizens in Haiti, Malawi, Rwanda and other communities in need. My answer is "no!" link].

Haiti 12

The Rule of Law and the Global Poor

Thinking About Thinking

The scenarios I described are the all-too-common real-life stories of people in places like Rwanda, Guatemala, Bolivia, India, The Philippines, Cambodia, and many others. This weekend, I learned something fundamental and important about the plight of the global poor. And, you can do nothing about it. And, you can do nothing about it.

Transformative Thinking for Sale

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The company now shepherds students as well as corporations, conference communities, and enterprise incubators to Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa.

Snack Company on a Mission

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Walters had just returned from a devastatingly poor part of Rwanda, where he was serving as an advisor to Boston-based non-profit Partners in Health.

The Remarkable Story Behind a Company's Simple Name Change

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Years ago, when Mass Design was in the early stages of planning and designing Butaro Hospital in the Burera District of Rwanda, it faced a serious design challenge: To reduce the transmission of airborne diseases like TB. Budgets are made to be busted," is something you hope most CEOs of growing companies believe. It had a practical purpose.

What the Elephant God Can Teach Tech Entrepreneurs


Large Flapping Ears: Last year when I was in Rwanda I wrote a post on the importance of listening. This weekend I was at a family celebration in New Jersey and spent some time with an uncle who is a chemical engineer by training but also well versed in the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures. It signifies the importance of knowledge.

Visiting the Balkan Ghosts

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Graves in Sarajevo, with everyone’s death year around 1995. Much of the fighting has to do with perceived historical grievances. And quite cheap.

Meet the 30 Under 30, Class of 2013

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Prepare to be awed! Collectively, they make more money, employ more people, and have raised more capital than any previous 30 Under 30 list. Read More.

Ghana 22

FEED's Lauren Bush Lauren: Social Enterprise Is Her Bag

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Ultimately, Whole Foods bought so many bags that FEED was able to feed school children in Rwanda for a year. The mission comes first.

Entrepreneurs on Their Favorite Gifts

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We asked business owners to describe their most cherished present--and one thing they're hoping for this year. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

How to Help African Entrepreneurs

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So they sold their home and business and moved us to Rwanda. Here''s his view of the continent''s startup ecosystem. Ashish J.

Five College Startups That Help Others


They were inspired to create Givbag during a mission trip to Rwanda, where they recognized a need for backpacks among the schoolchildren.

The Gender Issue Part II


On my trip to Rwanda last year I wrote a blog post on why I thought diversity in general was important. My twitter stream and email inbox has been full of links to the NY Times article published yesterday — Out of the Loop in Silicon Valley. We exist, and I count close friends, and investors that I admire greatly, in the ranks.

Check out the wonderful things my clients shipped in 2012!

Escape From Cubicle Nation

Sarah Dunigan launched campaign to build a fashion workshop for 150 women artisans in Rwanda. By these standards, I am a very rich woman.

Berkeley Haas Scholarship Winners On The Move: George Roche & Daffodil

UC Berkeley

He traveled to Rwanda with classmates for the IBD program to work with a small technology entrepreneur. Learning happens in unexpected places in random ways. Just ask Daffodil founder and Jack Larson Scholarship winner George Roche (MBA ’16). Roche kicked off his summer by espousing the Haas defining principle of Students Always.

Invincible Ball Brings Joy to Kids (& Lions)

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They were sent to a child-soldier rehabilitation camp in Rwanda and to rural areas in South Africa, Haiti, and Iraq. He said, “You do it.

Live now: The founder of The Muse answers your entrepreneurship questions via video. Get involved!

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Got a question for Kathryn? Use the chat feature above to get it answered live. s 15 Women to Watch in Tech.

Feeling More Awake Than You Have Ever Felt

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But no matter how stuck you are in your digital simulator, however “experientially avoidant” you may be (as I was recently diagnosed by a cognitive-behavioral therapist) , you will not remain immune to this odd sensation of waking up in Rwanda to discover, however disconcertingly at ?rst, Maybe it’s the cold bucket of history over the head.

5 Takeaways from the 2012 Skoll World Forum | Stanford Social Innovation Review

Campus Entrepreneurship

Ned describes his organization’s work as creating new “water economies” in emerging markets like Rwanda and Honduras, and has leveraged the private sector to catalyze his market development efforts. John Saul over at Stanford Social Innovation Review blog shares his thoughts after attending the Skoll World Forum. is a good example.

Startup Insights From Paul English, Co-Founder of Kayak


25:55] And I have projects now in six countries that I have different levels of involvement in, starting in Haiti, but then in Rwanda, Burundi.

Not a Post about 9/11

We continue to sit by while people are slaughtered in Syria, having learned nothing from Bosnia or Rwanda, and caring only a little more because it's in the Mideast, near Israel and Iran, and of course the supply of oil needed to feed our oil-slick based economy. Lost a friend, some neighbors, and maybe some sanity and health. 3D printing.

A Glimpse: My American Dream


When I looked at my inbox this morning, I had emails from six organizations I have advised/worked with over the past couple of years (including Astia and Techstars ) announcing their partnership with the White House’s Startup America initiative. It seems like yesterday (although it was 1989!) Conforming will give you the status quo.

9/11: Bravery, Luck, & Resilience


The closest experience I’ve had to this is at the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda, which interviewed survivors – you hear their voices as you walk through rooms showing pictures of the victims (many of them children). Today I walked over to the firehouse near my office, Ladder 20, on Lafayette Street. It was a somber, but hopeful, scene.

The Unbearable Lightness of Travel

Ben Casnocha: The Blog

Levi is an American traveler and talented writer who's riding his bicycle through Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya. His dispatches from the road are worth following if you read travel blogs. In a recent post he first covers the liberating freedom of not owning much stuff. then if you are still on the road, the question is, why?