Where Can I Find Information on Starting Salaries for a SaaS Startup?

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Q: Where can I get some good starting salary information for a SaaS startup? I need the information for CEO, CFO, CIO, CINO, Director of Sales. How much should the starting salaries vary for a startup with $5 million vs $10 million gross revenue? Compensation compensation saas salaryA (Brad): First of all, you can find a great deal of info on structuring employee compensation right here on Ask the VC.

When Is the Right Time to Pay Yourself a Salary?

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You might have held off paying yourself while launching your startup, but is it time to give yourself a salary? Here are seven things to consider in order to determine if now is the right time to pay yourself a salary. The post When Is the Right Time to Pay Yourself a Salary?

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Startup compensation: flat salaries and equity/options work best

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We had some success with this system, most notably at Zeus Technology, which was a good exit for my old firm Draper Esprit, but these days I recommend flat salaries with upside coming from options or founder shares. The only exceptions to this flat salary rule are routine work which requires no creativity and sales where commission structures remain the best way to motivate a team. With those caveats the best structures are flat salaries and a share of the equity.

Should You Pay Your Sales People Commission or Salary? Here's How to Decide

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There's more than one way to pay sales people. SalesHere are the two key questions you need to answer before you decide which model to choose.

10 Dumbest Salary Review Comments

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No matter what happens, you probably won''t say (or hear) anything as stupid as these real-life comments made during real-life salary reviews: 10. You managed to avoid a salary decrease." Your wife is working and I know that with both of your salaries, you guys make more than me."

What eCommerce Startups Need to Know About Online Sales Tax

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Sales tax. As a business owner, you will probably be required to pay estimated taxes, unless you receive a salary and have taxes withheld on your behalf. Estimated taxes are separate from sales tax and employment taxes. What is sales tax? Sales tax on internet sales.

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Should The Customer Have A Say In Employee Pay?


We’re used to thinking in terms of financial performance; it feels normal to have your income tied to sales or to overall profitability. For example, on the sales side, a best practice is “Completion of Negotiation in Less than 15 Minutes.”

The Case for Ending Sales Commissions

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The New York Times recently ran an interesting piece about companies moving their sales teams from commission to straight salary. As the article noted, “To many in the highly competitive world of sales, such a move is tantamount to blasphemy.”

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Cracking The Code: Building Your SaaS Sales Compensation Plan

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Building Your SaaS Sales Compensation Plan. Compensating the sales force is a difficult task and the key is usually to keep things simple, so that each sales rep knows what he needs to optimize to make more money at the end of the quarter. Labels: SaaS , sales and marketing.

Scaling Sales: From Craft to Machine

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I''ve been thinking a lot lately about scaling sales. . Before this occurs, the sales process is a craft or an art - custom-made by the founder or evangelist sales VP. How do I build a repeatable, scalable sales process that is like an industrial machine - not a crafts project?

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How To Live On A Small Salary


Fortunately, it’s very possible to live on a low salary while you pursue a career you’ll love. Shopping at thrift stores, yard sales and pawn shops is a great way to get items for low prices and reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. by Billy Moller.

How To Build a Real Sales Team

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How to get yourself out of day-to-day sales and bring in the pros. For many bootstrapped companies, the founder is the sales organization. For those who successfully get out of day-to-day sales and get a real sales team in place, the reward is worth the risk and the investment of time.

A Glimpse Into the Future: What Sales Will Look Like 5 Years From Now

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What will the future bring for sales professionals? Sales expert Tom Searcy looks into his crystal ball to share his predictions for what trends will dominate the market in 2018. This will transform the role of the traditional sales person and diminish the need for that position.

How to value your company for sale (Part 2)

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

ME: Sure, but maybe that competitor would further validate and grow the market, which could increase your sales and make you even more attractive to a buyer!

The Agony and Ecstasy of Selling My First Company

Feld Thoughts

I thought it was a great description and encourage every entrepreneur who has never been through the sale of a company to read it. He asked us a few confirmatory questions, including how much salary we were each getting paid, separate from any distributions from the business, which was $100,000 / year each. Entrepreneurship feld technologies m&a sale Several years ago, Alex Iskold wrote a great overview of What It Is Like To Sell Your First Company.

Why It's Hard To Fill Sales Jobs

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The best and brightest stigmatize sales jobs. When I mention the word 'sales' to most people, it conjures up the idea of smarmy used car salesmen pushing shoddy cars or annoying telemarketers interrupting dinner to pitch services no one wants to buy.

3 Critical Questions To Consider Before Hiring Your First Salesperson


by Jonathan Whistman, author of “ The Sales Boss: The Real Secret to Hiring, Training and Managing a Sales Team “ Most of get into a particular business because we love whatever the idea or market is that we’ve decided to pursue.

The ArcticStartup Guide To Sales & Pipedrive


Sales is a bit of an involuntary passion of mine. Partially because I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, my mother was one when it was virtually banned in the USSR, partially because I somehow ended up doing sales for most of my life. Sales is a numbers game.

Improve Sales by Boosting Collaboration

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As the likes of Google and Facebook drive up salaries, small companies are competing for top software engineers by offering a new level of perks that goes far beyond standbys like free meals, transit, and laundry service.--Christine

ArcticStartup Has A Vision & Needs A Sales Junkie


You do not have to have all of your experience coming from a sales background - in fact Romain, our record holder, was a kindergarten teacher before this. Got a vision? For the longest time we were struggling to come up with one for ArcticStartup.

Preparing Your Company for a Big Sale

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What''s harder is getting your company in shape for a sale. So for every company they bought, they created a day-by-day road map detailing infrastructure and organizational changes, as well as sales and revenue milestones. Related: Inside the Sale of an Inc.

You're Not a Zombie: 6 Ways to Shake Up Your Sales Day

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Let’s face it: sales can be a grind. You have become a “sales zombie.” If you examine it closely, sales is actually the most random, freewheeling, challenging and bizarrely fun job you can have. This is why you are in sales. In a rut?

The Enterprise Self Service Myth

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But for entrepreneurs in enterprise markets, (saas, ad tech, b2b marketplace etc) we all too often believe self-service transaction and sales (usually in forms of some sort of purchase flow) is a development must-have rather than a feature to trade off. Sales Cycle.

?Show Me the Money?: Is This the Right Business Opportunity?

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I have actually spoken to a number of out of work professionals that believed the quickest way to a salary after being let go by the previous employer was to start a company. The potential SALES of 1000 x $500 = $50,000 where all the company had as prospects.

Sales Positions at Device Ident

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Due to very positive market resonance, we're looking to quickly ramp up a sales team of two to three people. Initially, we need a Head of Sales to help us get going. If you or anyone you know has some start-up experience, comes out of the sales space and wants to be part of a quickly growing, financed business let us know. To support our sales activities outside of the group, we're looking for sales executives. . HEAD OF SALES.

Open pay display

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A publicly available intranet site in alphabetical order with every employees name, salary and benefits next to it. Ok, so this is a bit of a shift from the secret salary world we currently live in. “Why do sales people earn so much?&#. Total transparency in all financial documents, including salaries. entrepreneurship clue train manifesto companies entrepreneurs human resources marketing open organisations People salary startups transaprency truth

The Very First Startup Founder You Need to Invest in is You

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We had raised a $2 million seed round, which meant taking almost no salary so we could afford to hire staff. So even after raising a $16 million A-round I still paid myself a paltry salary. In fact, my salary never caught up with my pre startup salary across 2 companies and 8 years.

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5 Essential Requirements for Creating A Kick Ass Sales Team (Hint: It's More Than Just Hiring “Closers!”)

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Let’s face it; sales people are unique. So, given this set of minefields, how does a small business owner successfully find and build a professional sales team that can help the company grow? That provides a solid foundation for ANY sales position.

When you want to quit because it’s just not worth it

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I was working on my first true “enterprise sale.&# (If you aren’t familiar with the professional mosh-pit that is enterprise sales, here’s a primer.). What I like is writing code — why am I even trying to play this sales game? I’ve been there.

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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This is part of my ongoing series on startup advice but also filed under my sales & marketing posts. The only problem is that you can’t afford all of these expensive direct sales reps to go and sell it. Sort of amortizing the costs of their sales reps over more products.

Are You Getting Paid Less Than You're Worth? These 4 Questions Will Help You Find Out

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How to determine if you are ready for a raise at work, or if you're pulling more weight than you should be for this salary. Sales

The Most Effective Way To Win A Negotiation

Mike Michalowicz

Of course, if you had executed your sales process flawlessly and invested the time to ensure no changes had taken place prior to the presentation of your solution (proposal), your negotiation would be around delivery and not price. Win Every Negotiation.

The Enterprise Self Service Myth

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But for entrepreneurs in enterprise markets, (saas, ad tech, b2b marketplace etc) we all too often believe self-service transaction and sales (usually in forms of some sort of purchase flow) is a development must-have rather than a feature to trade off. Sales Cycle.

How I Stood Out from 437 Applicants To Get Hired At My Dream Company

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Glassdoor : This is where I found common interview questions, salaries, and overall reviews of the company ( they're rated higher than Google ! ). Sales Job InterviewHow do you get hired at one of the world's best companies?

Alternate Sales Partnerships #3: The Sales Contract

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Alternate Sales Channel contracts are relatively simple in concept, yet complex in execution and long term survivability. Here’s why : Most companies already have a Direct sales team. People that they’ve hired, trained and provided benefits to and a salary.

The Difference Between Cash and Profits

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We are trained to think of business as sales minus costs and expenses, which is profits. From there I highlighted some key cash flow factors including sales on account, inventory, and paying bills. You see sales, direct costs, expenses, and profits.

How to Eliminate Sales Commissions

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There are serious problems with the sales commission model. Sales commissions, long a staple of the organization, were no more: All salespeople were now officially on salary. It''s taken a bit longer to increase the collaboration between sales staff.

5 Ways To Ensure You’re Hiring The Right Sales Rep


Sales representatives literally represent your company and its values, so you never want to hire anyone – especially those who are customer-facing – who would take either lightly. Professionalisms hiring hiring practices human relations Reuben Yonatan sales sales team

Add It Up: What Your Sales Really Cost

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In sales, the inputs are time and money; the outputs are measured in the size and number of new accounts, as well as the revenue growth from current accounts. This is often referred to as “opportunity cost” rather than just a straight salary calculation.

If I have a great startup idea why should I ask for funding?


According to that theory, Apple should cut out its entire multi-billion dollar sales and marketing and retail store divisions, because all of its great products will sell themselves. If you can pay the salaries for that help from the profits you have already made, that’s great too. “would a great idea be promoted without any marketing?” ” By whom?