Top Hat Raises $22.5M Series C in a Tough Vertical: What Can We Learn from their Success

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Generally speaking, Ed Tech has proven to be a tough vertical, primarily due to the fact that it’s hard to charge consumers (students) directly. And selling to institutions requires a long sales cycle. Top Hat adopted a bottoms-up approach to distribution, as covered in the Globe and Mail article: Sales took off after Top Hat ignored advice and flipped its sales strategy. Our portfolio company Top Hat just closed a $22.5M (USD) Series C round.

6 PPC Tactics for Account-Based Marketing Campaigns


ABM campaigns dedicate resources and time toward only a few prospects, and enterprise-level leads often have long sales cycles. Or, at the very least, narrowly targeted verticals.). PPC campaigns continue to become increasingly well-targeted.

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Discovery: How Sales Sets Customer Success Up To Succeed


Sales teams learn a lot during the courting relationship with a prospect, and Customer Success teams rely heavily on their Sales counterparts to extract information, consolidate it, and then share it at Handoff in a seamless fashion so that customers feel that they are known and understood.

The SMB Guide To CRM In 2019


Your patrons have shared their data all last year through clicks, subscriptions, customer service requests, sales inquiries and more — and now expect your business to be able to turn those interactions and touch points into a more targeted, holistic experience.

It’s not easy to sell into an industry being disrupted

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Whenever there’s a complete disruption of the business model, it means that the underlying rules for that vertical have dramatically changed. Just adding a website to now offer books for sale will not suddenly make an offline bookstore a serious competitor to Amazon. It’s hard for slow adopters to change their culture, so you’ll need to be prepared for long sales cycles and indecision with these customers.

Selling to the enterprise: “Sell to few” vs. “sell to many”?

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Sell to few”: Traditional enterprise sales. Selling into this market requires the traditional enterprise sales approach, comprised of a large ‘boots on the ground’ field sales team that works with key decision makers (e.g. These are long sales cycles, often with multiple departments and stakeholders involved. And often, enhanced business services – such as custom product development or professional installation and consulting – are involved to complete the sale.

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The #1 thing successful founders think about for their next startups


Or second time founders focus on lucrative verticals that pay more per eyeball or focus on ad formats that pay more (such as email newsletter sponsorships). For example, if you are running affiliate ads for hotels, you might get 3-5% on a sale. Sales cycles matter though.

Critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Founders

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Think of them like this: If you have a critical sales milestone your company needs to meet by the end of the year, KPIs should deliver incremental evidence that you’re either headed in the right direction, or you’re not. . Sales KPIs. “What gets measured gets done.” .

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: 2 Really Cool Companies


Today, he has over a thousand, and he has chosen to focus on the realtor vertical. During today's roundtable, we had two 1M/1M premium members discussing their businesses alongside Penworks, a new company we looked at for the first time.

EverString’s Vincent Yang: X-man at Work

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For instance, a marketer may be simplistically marketing to segments defined by geography and vertical. At Lightspeed, we talk a lot about entrepreneurs that have the “X-factor.”

Where are the greenfield opportunities in SaaS?

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I believe most of the greenfield opportunities in SaaS today are beyond the traditional horizontal/vertical enterprise software areas. Traditionally, selling to governments has been associated with long sales cycles and conservative buyers. SaaS is no longer a new business model.

The Power of Reference Customers


Without these strong products, our marketing programs require customer acquisition costs that are too high; our sales organization is forced to get creative which drives up cost of sales, lengthens the sales cycle, and puts downward pressure on price; and our customer service organization is forced to take it on the chin every day with frustrated customers. And then you start complaining about working at a sales-driven company.

SXSW Startups: UbiGro

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I truly believe this is the year where quantum dots make a name for themselves in agriculture, and so its about marketing, sales, manufacturing, and generally about traction in the market. Credit: UbiQD, Inc.

The One-Week Social Selling Action Plan

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Think back to a sales situation with a friend of a friend, one where you started with a huge trust advantage: how much smoother and faster was the process? Which of your client verticals are your champions?

Marketing Metrics 101 for B2B Startups

For those of us selling to businesses however, particularly where there is a sales team involved and a pipeline to track, the world is quite different and Dave’s metrics don’t cover everything you need to track. It can also show the effectiveness of your inside sales team.

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