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5 Bite-Sized Business Lessons From the Girl Scouts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They sell $800 million dollars'' worth of cookies every year, and not just to parents. Your company can learn a lot from them. In fact, so can you.

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Why Girl Scouts Become Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some 80 percent of women entrepreneurs were girl scouts once. Maybe that's not just a coincidence. What’s the Girl Scouts' secret?

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The One Good Thing About the Fiscal Cliff Resolution

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The fiscal cliff resolution may or may not help small businesses. But it has at least one very, very good (perhaps unintended) consequence.

The Importance Of Cultural Understanding In Business


This is incredibly important for enterprise owners wanting to improve their footprint or increase worldwide sales. Examples of cultural understanding.

the world without altgate


  I was just looking at the 2008 Google Analytics data for Altgate.    It is an amazing tool.  and Israel (0.6%).