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Its easy to take Silicon Valley for granted. Ive written a little bit about the origins of Silicon Valley because I think its important for us to understand how we got here in order to make sure we preserve what is best about our community. You dont need massive amounts of capital available for VC investment - modest amounts will do. Provide early seed capital, and be the ones to make those introductions.

We Need More Entrepreneurs In Congress

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He moved his family back to his home town of Little Falls NY in 1999 to be closer to his parents (and his kids grandparents) and then commuted to Silicon Valley for 11 years while running TriNet. He helped launch six seed capital funds, three college accelerator programs, the StartFast Venture Accelerator.

Telstra Sets Up Startup Accelerator muru-D In Singapore


“With its fast-developing startup ecosystem, pro-business policies and access to local capital, Singapore offers entrepreneurs a tremendous launch pad into Southeast Asia, which has a burgeoning population of more than 600 million people and GDP in excess of S$2.4

Why Your Startup Hasn’t Gotten Funded


Let’s face it, the rules for getting a startup funded at the seed stage aren’t very clear. Note: When I say “seed stage startup,” I’m specifically referring to software/app startups that are eitherpre-product or early product. TVR: The traditional way of raising seed funding.

When It’s Darkest Men See the Stars

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Over the last half a century, Silicon Valley has grown into the leading technology and innovation cluster for the United States and the world. The pattern for the valley seemed to be clear. The New Structure of the Venture Capital industry.

Innovation, Change and the Rest of Your Life

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I’ve seen the Valley grow from Sunnyvale to Santa Clara to today where it stretches from San Jose to South of Market in San Francisco. I’ve watched the Valley go from Microwave Valley – to Defense Valley – to Silicon Valley to Internet Valley. The flood of risk capital into startups at a size and scale that was not only unimaginable at its start, but in the middle of the 20 th century would have seemed laughable.

Entrepreneurs, not the government, will save Europe’s economy

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Access to capital continues to be a challenge in Europe. Getting seed capital (1M EUR or less) has become easier, but raising significant money (25M EUR and more) to turn your company in a global business continues to be difficult. Silicon Valley is a state of mind.

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The Rise of Chinese Venture Capital – (Part 3 of 5)

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This post is about the rise of Chinese venture capital and how it helped build the countries entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Rise of Chinese Venture Capital. SBIR and STTR programs, the Torch Program’s funding for new ventures was limited to seed funding the front end.

Raising Startup Capital Through Convertible Debt Financing

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Raising Seed Capital. Most startup founders do not have enough capital to launch their companies and need to raise money at some point. Raising Angel Capital. Some well-known Silicon Valley angel groups are Band of Angels, Sandhill Angels, TIE angels and others.

Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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Given how efficient markets are when a large market like LA starts to blossom it attracts capital pretty quickly. billion in venture capital to LA’s technology startups and 2014 will shatter that figure. An abbreviated version of this post appeared yesterday on TechCrunch.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 29: Ajay Kshatriya and Steven Cohn

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Before co-founding Biota Technology , he was an investor and entrepreneur-in-residence at Seed Capital , a investing in science-based innovation. Switching from venture capital to startup founder required a different mindset, Ajay said: All day in a VC firm, you’re saying ‘no’.

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere Show No. 29: Ajay Kshatriya and Steven Cohn

Steve Blank

Before co-founding Biota Technology , he was an investor and entrepreneur-in-residence at Seed Capital , a investing in science-based innovation. Switching from venture capital to startup founder required a different mindset, Ajay said: All day in a VC firm, you’re saying ‘no’.

How we changed the way the U.S. government commercializes science: Errol Arkilic — Part 1 of Episode 6 on Sirius XM Channel 111

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My guests on Bay Area Ventures on Wharton Business Radio on Sirius XM Channel 111 were: Errol Arkilic , former program director for the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (NSF I-Corps), now founder of M34 Capital. What is M34 Capital?

Timing: When to raise seed funding.

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Raising seed capital is a tricky business. Most are making major mistakes in their approach when seeking capital. High growth startup companies need seed money to get things going. Without seed funding most startups seeking high growth won’t make it.

Disrupting VC


I talked about creative disruption and how many significant companies would be formed as a result of this (not dissimilar to what I saw in Silicon Valley while investing post 2001 crash). I am thrilled to see how the seeds first laid in the mid-2000s have taken root and we now have a vibrant and growing startup community that will produce the tech companies of the future. I helped launch NYCSeed in 2008 in response to the lack of seed funding available in NYC.

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Twitter Link Roundup #210 – Small Business, Startups, Innovation, Social Media, Design, Marketing and More

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5 reasons why battery innovation is hard for Silicon Valley – Raising Seed Capital – don’t return investors’ capital” –

What it’s like to start your own startup accelerator

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Jed Christansen’s Seed-DB site links to over 120 but there are many more not listed there that service a wide range of geographies and industries. Also, the fact it had come out of Colorado was proof that it could work outside of the Valley.

Knowledge Is Power: Convertible Note Financing Terms, Part II


At least one well-known Silicon Valley venture accelerator is using a document referred to as a “ convertible security ” rather than “convertible promissory note.” In most cases, an early stage startup will raise seed capital from more than one investor. In practice, given that (1) investors’ interests are mostly aligned most of the time, and (2) Series A investors generally put a much larger amount of capital at risk, this approach seems to work relatively well.

The Fallacy of Channels: Startups Beware

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The favorite of many Silicon Valley startups is the Big Tech Co distrubution deal where you get to how off how effective your biz dev capabilities are. The price points are not as high as your beautiful Excel spreadsheet had forecasted when you raised your seed capital.

The Seeds Have Changed: An Epilogue to The New Venture Landscape

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Almost two years ago, in a private/closed meeting with K9 Ventures’ LPs only, I claimed that: What was being referred to in the press as the “Series A Crunch” was not because fewer Series A deals were being done, but because there were too many Seed deals being done. This over-funding at the seed-stage created an increased supply of companies looking for Series A. The risk here is what I refer to as the curse of over-capitalization. Seed stage was super tough.

Raising Capital? 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs – Part 2

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I’ve been helping entrepreneurs raise capital as a securities lawyer for 17+ years, and there are certain fundamental mistakes that I’ve seen entrepreneurs repeatedly make. Many entrepreneurs initially reach-out to friends and family as a source of capital.

How to bootstrap a Startup with less than $10k

Posted by Stefano Bernardi On June - 21 - 2010 It’s a known fact that seed capital is very scarce in Italy. Home RSS About Contact Advertise Partners How to bootstrap a Startup with less than $10k. Meet Tipsandtrip.

Essential Startup Funding Tips from 8 Seasoned Investors

And for those in the coveted in-crowd, Silicon Valley, San Francisco and the greater tech community become a world of opportunity where you’re only limited by the quality of your idea and the caliber of your friends. Kapor Capital’s expansive portfolio includes

Crazy! 189 Answers To The Top Startup Questions On Your Mind

I’ve heard that people need to move to a ‘Valley’ to succeed. Ask [link] – you don’t need to be in the valley. When you are a young entrepreneur and you have a project (say a new age TV show) and you need to raise capital for the project. Maple Butter.

Think Your Start-up Is Venture Worthy? Think Again.

Researchers polled experts in lending, mezzanine capital, private equity, venture capital and private businesses themselves. Not a big shock, but things don’t look pretty, especially in the venture capital world. 41% of them feel that they qualify for venture capital funding.