How to Diagnose Your Traffic Issues with These SEO Tools

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How to Diagnose Your Traffic Issues with These SEO Tools written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Believe it or not, SEO is not a rocket science. Here are 5 SEO issues preventing your site from getting more traffic and tools that can handle those: 1.

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Five Blogging Secrets for SEO, Community, and Visibility

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There Aren’t Any Real Shortcuts for SEO. You can’t buy your way into good SEO — you need the content and product to back up your traffic. An Engaged Audience Will Take Your Content Viral.

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Web 2.0 Product Management: Optimizing Metrics & Viral Growth (Dan.

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Product Management: Optimizing Metrics & Viral Growth (Dan Olsen) My friend Dan Olsen is an awesome dude, and one of the valleys most talented geeks when it comes to product management , particularly for consumer internet websites & viral marketing.

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5 Common Mistakes Made By Content Marketing Beginners


Or worse still, expecting every single piece to be viral. Lack of keywords – not keeping SEO in mind. A lot of marketers neglect SEO thinking they will start with it once there is enough content under the business name.

Become An SEO Master With These Awesome Tips


Now that it is 2016, you can’t afford to be content with SEO beginner status. To keep up with the competition, you need to transform yourself into an SEO master. SEO is the same because it is a muscle that you need to train.

How to Make E-Commerce Work in a Non-Viral Industry

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To see their product go viral. Viral sharing. But what happens when you know your company’s best-selling product isn’t about to go viral? If you’re marketing a product that isn’t about to go viral, chances are there are not many resources available to your potential customers.

How to Optimize Videos for Conversions


Big brands are spending tens of thousands on videos that fall flat while a lucky few are going viral. This enables you to get reach on both, but prevents SEO cannibalization. Big brands are spending tens of thousands on videos that fall flat while a lucky few are going viral.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Rank #1 On LinkedIn Search by Yaro Starak

I am really looking forward to making this post holy smokes viral, and I need your help. Search Engine Optimization aziz ali craig bass Google keyword analysis keywords research linkedin seo tipMy fourth article on EJ, and the love I have been receiving from this community is amazing.

Virtual Virality

Launching Tech Ventures

Saturday, February 12, 2011 Virtual Virality by Natasha Prasad In the summer of 2009, Zynga launched Farmville, an unglamorous, copycat game that no one could have predicted would one day become the most popular application on Facebook. So how do you make your site viral?

10+1 Buzzwords : Content Marketing Definitions That You Need To Know


Growth hackers are basically professionals who make use of SEO, website analytics, content marketing and A/B testing to create and execute a low cost marketing strategy. The most popular growth hacking techniques include social media and viral marketing. Viral marketing.

Viral Marketing & Advertising Strategies for Social Networks.

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TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Viral Marketing & Advertising Strategies for Social Networks (Kevin Barenblat, Context) : Comments Wow. so viral marketing looks fine and the marketing peoples get more of outcome from it.

Engaging Your Customers Through Their Online Experience


You may even go viral if you post something really great. Others branding digital marketing Online marketing SEOAs a company, you may not realize the importance of social media.

Why Content Marketing Is Essential For Successful Startups and Small Businesses

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Today, we must consider newer digital tactics like SEO (search engine optimization). [To Not surprisingly, for many companies, SEO marketing makes up an important portion of our marketing strategies, whether we know it or not. Image credit: SEO.

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Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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SEO / SEM are promotional techniques for marketing through the Google distribution channel, which have yielded huge benefits to many companies – Yelp being a prime example. I was talking with a colleague once about how videos go viral. How do people drive SEO growth?

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Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition


SEO requires testing thousands of page combinations, time to build influential links, and plenty of on-page optimization. Look how far Zynga has gotten with basically two channels - Facebook Ads and Viral Mechanics. Only then did they start optimizing for SEO.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


SEO for Startups )? Social Integration/Viral Outreach - are you integrating in some way with social networks? Any other kind of viral outreach? See Branchout an Example of Viral Spread Opportunity for Startups. SEO Support - will URLs need to be well formed?

How To Grow Your Online Influence And Why You Are Failing


Master SEO. Familiarize yourself with basic SEO techniques and follow the best practices religiously. Plan only for virality. It’s amazing to be viral. But it’s less amazing to be viral without a plan. Virality can hardly be planned to the T.

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Explained: The actual difference between growth hacking and marketing

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Growth hackers also don’t have to use viral loops: would you say that the Groupon guys didn’t use growth hacking to grow to 180 million users? Anyone who figured out how to game Google’s algorithm (aka SEO) was leveraging both creativity and analytics to rapidly grow their company.

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How to Choose Digital Marketing Channels for Long Term Growth


Here are some resources to learn more about paid acquisition: Customer Acquisition Master Course (includes SEO). Content sites are also naturally great sites for SEO (we get a large part of our traffic from organic searches). Virality and Referral. Virality.

SEO Advice for Bootstrapped Startups

[link] Home Archives Search Game Who Is Shark SEO? RSS Feed 19 Nov 2010, Posted by admin in Featured , Nohat , 26 Comments SEO Advice for Bootstrapped Startups SEO can provide a hugely valuable source of traffic, if done right – especially for a bootstrapped startup where money is tight.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Campaign Failed


Since 1996 when this statement was made by one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, the three words have gone really, really viral. Mistake #2: You didn’t do your best in SEO. Don’t take SEO for granted. You content will not miraculously get viral or have a strong reach.

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


SEO for Startups )? Social Integration/Viral Outreach - are you integrating in some way with social networks? Any other kind of viral outreach? See Branchout an Example of Viral Spread Opportunity for Startups. SEO Support - will URLs need to be well formed?

The Depressing Day After You Get TechCrunched

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How are we supposed to get a viral coefficient greater than 1.0 Should we try SEO? Post loosely based on our experience years ago when TechCrunch covered Yipit’s launch.

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Your startup needs a pre-launch signup landing page

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Your SEO won’t build itself. But it’s proven true that if you bring your URL up with the product launch you are starting with 0 SEO. We’ll help you find customers with a viral landing page in less than 60 seconds! Build your own site and use our viral API.

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The Three Pillars Of A Winning Marketing Campaign


The Right SEO. Obviously, if you want your business to be a hit you need to use SEO. But, it has to be the right type of SEO. A lot of people claim blackhat SEO doesn’t work, and that’s not true. Likewise, you should not focus on one form of SEO.


From Ideation to Promotion: Simplifying Your Blogging Process

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The SEO Stage While you should not ignore SEO when writing, giving too much attention to it before completing the article can distract you and impact your writing style.

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How Does Content Marketing Help Your Social Media Strategy


A clever Facebook status can also be a great piece of viral content shared by thousands. Your content can go viral on the social media at any moment and if that happens your brand equity will also see exponential growth. . The importance of social media is the writing on the wall.

It’s Time: Growth Hacking Your Content Marketing Strategy


Some examples of these tools are the viral and paid acquisitions, call centers and sales teams, e-mail marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), A/B testing and analytics. Some get lucky with posts going viral or when it gets picked up with Reddit or similar Q&A platforms.

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Publishers, your shares data is wrong

Social is the new SEO. SEO is still a major traffic driver for publishers, but search is search is slowly losing its grip — constituting less than 50 percent of traffic sent to publishers — to an exploding number of social referrers. Alternative slugs for SEO testing.

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5 Ways To Get Web Traffic Without Paying


Thousands of SEO experts offer services to help businesses attract that all-important website traffic. Simple phone videos can sometimes go viral when they hit a nerve with the public. Others digital marketing marketing Online marketing online traffic SEO web traffic

7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed

SEO Paid Search Search Marketing. Show your emotional side to increase virality. Milkman in an article entitled, "What Makes Online Content Viral?" ); //. Marketing News & Expert Advice. ClickZ Awards. ClickZ Academy. Search Engine Watch. SES Events.

4 Companies Getting Video Right

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However, you can’t just throw a haphazardly edited video on YouTube and expect it to go viral; you need a video marketing strategy. Follow these video tips and the examples set by four companies—Dove, Logitech, Columbia Sportswear and Chipotle—that are acing the viral video game.

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Why The Haters are Wrong About Growth Hacking

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In essence Muhammad thinks the “growth hacking” is a charlatan term for online marketing that consists of a bunch of everyday tasks that all online businesses should be doing: SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social Media, Referral Marketing, etc.

Scaling user growth: don’t bank on partnerships

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He lists the four (paid, viral, SEO, sales – for B2B) and then ‘other’ in which he says: There’s the odd partnership, like Yahoo/Google, that can help make or break a startup – but these are rare and situational. Almost without exception the right strategy is put in the hard graft to find a paid, viral, SEO or sales route to market think of partnerships as a small effort high risk/high reward endeavour.

The Bare Necessities Of Digital Marketing


Content could be anything from blogs to videos to viral images. SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO all starts with relevant keywords that describe your site and product. The other aspects of SEO are all about getting your content out there.

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25 Marketers Share Awesome Social Analytics Tools For 2016


He has 12 years of experience helping agencies & businesses improve their online marketing efforts through SEO, SEM, and social media services. Adam Busch is a Content Marketer and SEO Specialist for RentLingo. 2015 was a great year for Content marketers and brand owners.

What Google's Penguin Algorithm Means for Your Business

Google SEO went into free fall from first week of April until middle of May for refinements. Lame SEO people called it Penguin to justify to clients why SEO had fallen. SEO, as relevant as MySpace and Google Buzz in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century mobile marketing era. Negative SEO (where black hat’s build spam links to your site) is EXTREMELY rare and as yet unproven. viral. viral video. viral videos.

Using Visual Media to Boost Your Marketing

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Integrating Visual Media into SEO. A content-centric SEO strategy will naturally include visual media in the mix of content types to publish and share. SEO-friendly platform – How do these videos appear on the SERPs?

How to increase Pinterest traffic and direct it to your site

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Here we will focus on the ways you can improve the content you’re posting, how you can use Pinterest to direct traffic to your site and ways you can optimise it for SEO purposes. Getting your site verified can help boost your site visibility and improve your SEO efforts.

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Choosing the Right Marketing Channels for Your Business

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Here are your channels to choose from: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO tactics aimed to help you bring in organic traffic from search engines.