Software Is The New Oil

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It makes sense to me that software is the oil of the information revolution. Companies that control the software infrastructure of the information revolution will sit back and collect the economic surplus of the information revolution and that will be a path to vast wealth and economic power. It has already happened but I think we are just beginning to see the operating leverage of these software based business models. We are long software.

The Dentist Office Software Story

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I’ve been telling this fictional story about Dentist Office Software for years to describe why we are so focused on our “networks” investment strategy. Since I’ve never told the Dentist Office Software story here at AVC, I will do that and then I will add Albert’s alternate (and better) ending. Around this time, an open source community crops up to build an open source version of dental office software. mobile VC & Technology Web/Tech

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Software Patents


I always advise software startups to file patents to protect their “secret sauce” from competitors, and to increase their valuation. Yes, the software patent process is a mess. I say this with conviction even after I survived the process, and have a software patent pending.

Rally Software Acquired By CA Technologies for $480 Million

Feld Thoughts

Congrats to my friends at Rally Software on the announcement that they’ve signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by CA Technologies for $480 million. Rally started out life as F4 Technologies. I remember my friend Ryan Martens sitting down with me and Chris Wand around 2001 and walking us through his idea for changing the how he approached managing the software development process.

The Academy For Software Engineering

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A number of years ago, I wrote a blog post talking about the need to teach middle school and high school students how to write software.  So began my quest to see more computer science and software engineering in the NYC public school system.  In a speech that was largely about the intertwined nature of education and the economy , he announced that the city is opening The Academy For Software Engineering this fall in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City.

Fundamental Software Problems That Haven’t Been Solved Yet

Feld Thoughts

Since I don’t really celebrate Christmas, I end up playing around with software a lot over the holidays. This year my friends at FullContact and Mattermark got the brunt of me using their software, finding bugs, making suggestions, and playing around with competitive stuff. We have a long list of fundamental software problems that haven’t been solved. The word software didn’t even exist.

Magnitude Software Acquires Simba Technologies


Austin-based Magnitude Software announced Tuesday plans to buy Simba Technologies, a data and analytics firm. “This acquisition furthers our strategic vision to enable enterprise-wide visibility and insights for corporate performance management,” Chris Ney, Chairman & CEO of Magnitude Software, said in a news release. “As As data heterogeneity […] The post Magnitude Software Acquires Simba Technologies appeared first on SiliconHills.

5 Technologies Here Today That Will Change Your Life

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As a new business advisor and technologist, I often think about the large array of opportunities for entrepreneurs as technology seems to be evolving faster and faster. Amazing progress is being made in underlying hardware and software, and costs have plummeted.

The Coming Shift in Enterprise Software

Both Sides of the Table

Put simply Chuck is amongst the smartest and most knowledgeable leaders in the CRM industry and in the components I consider the future of enterprise software — voice driving input/output, chat-based computing and mobile-first design. Chuck as a software visionary understood this.

Procore Technologies Expands Austin Office


Procore Technologies, which makes construction management software, has expanded its operations in Austin. Procore […] The post Procore Technologies Expands Austin Office appeared first on SiliconHills.

Software Eats Software Development

Peter Levine

They had a vision for a new way to develop software and created a new kind of company to pursue it. They took an old technology category and turned it on its head. At a16z, we share this vision and I am honored to be joining the board and partnering with the company as they continue to build one of the great software success stories of our time. We just invested $100M in GitHub.

2016’s Small Business Technology Trends

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Continuous innovation around cloud-based software solutions and increased competition for market share have made sophisticated technological tools available and affordable to smaller businesses. When integrated into your app, this technology can be your business’s customer service.

Technology to Improve Efficiency and Scale Your Business

The Startup Magazine

Technology is also helping business owners run leaner operations to trim expenses while boosting profits. Here are four ways technology can help you increase your efficiency and scale your way to a more profitable business. Technology

Five Business Technology Trends for 2017

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If one of your rituals for the new year is looking forward, here are five business technology trends you should consider as you make your adjustments. You no longer need to use complicated and overbearing software created for big businesses, like Hadoop, to use big data now.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Software Company

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Since the term “cloud computing” was coined in 1996—at least as we have come to understand its meaning—the software as a service industry has exploded. I started UpKeep after seeing and using traditional enterprise software. Noah says, “Agile is what most software companies use.

Getting A Software Patent Is Valuable But Frustrating

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For a software startup, a patent can be the intellectual property providing the key competitive advantage, or it can be an expensive non-defensible bureaucratic nightmare -- or both. Some argue to simply eliminate software patents, while others put their hopes in U.S.

Free Software, Paid Support

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I have always found the free software approach to be instructive. But there is a very vibrant community of software developers that build things and then make them available to anyone who want to use them for free. If you dissect the model, you'll see that the one time effort of building something is something many software creators are willing to do for free. Build software, give it to the community to maintain, and charge for ongoing support.

How bespoke software can improve the process flow in your company

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Does your organization have the right software to help it reach its end goals? You might be surprised as to how a normal software can create redundancies within the workforce, and waste up a considerable portion of work time. How does it differ from any other off –the-shelf software?

Putting technology at the core

Chris Dixon

Most businesses today believe that technology can dramatically improve the way they operate. But they embrace technology with varying levels of enthusiasm. For them, having a technology department would be like having a business department – redundant and strange.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Software Patents

Startup Professionals Musings

I always advise software startups to file patents to protect their “secret sauce” from competitors, and to increase their valuation. Yes, the software patent process is a mess. I say this with conviction even after I survived the process, and have a software patent pending.

Accelerating Technology Change and Continuous Learning

Feld Thoughts

At dinner last week, my long time friend Dave Jilk (we just celebrated our 30th friendship anniversary) tossed a hypothesis at me that as people age, they resist adopting new technologies. People working in information technology tend to take a producer perspective. The following is an observation more purely from the perspective of the consumer of information technology. Discrete technology advances are giving way to continuous technology advances.

5 Restaurant Technologies to Have Before Your Grand Opening

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But aside from all the necessary talk about tables, kitchen equipment, food suppliers, menus, employees, and everything else that goes on behind the scenes of your restaurant, there’s one aspect of modern operations that your business cannot afford to ignore: restaurant technology.

New Study Reveals Business Owners Investing in Technology in 2015

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“Where Main Street Meets Technology” – a study. In January 2015, Palo Alto Software surveyed approximately 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs from across 18 different industries. For the modern business owner, cloud-based software is crucial.

Procore Technologies Hosts Summer Solstice Kick-Off Party for Austin Tech Community


Procore Technologies, which makes construction management software, is hosting a Summer Solstice Kick-Off party next Thursday. It’s not often that we […] The post Procore Technologies Hosts Summer Solstice Kick-Off Party for Austin Tech Community appeared first on SiliconHills.

The End Of “Build It Yourself” Software


Today in the tech industry, we’re entering an era of Levittown software, and the change is important for all businesses. Technology companies now build Levittown-style products that are appropriate for a wide range of industries. This Levittown model is the future of payments software.

The Right Way To Do A Software ROI Analysis

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The “enterprise sales software ROI analysis” as a selling tool comes up over and over and over again. After spending nearly 20 years selling startup software and services to big companies, I can safely say I’ve seen thousands of “Return on Investment” (ROI) slides.

How Software (Apps) have Made Things Easy for Entrepreneurs

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Fortunately, technology has made it easier for them to accomplish so many things that would have been difficult years back. For example so many software apps are making it possible for more people to engage in entrepreneurship. Technology

Time To Really Deal With The Broken Software Patent System

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I’ve been railing against software patents for a number of years. I believe software patents are an invalid construct – software shouldn’t be able to patented. While a bunch of software engineers I know thought software patents were bogus, I had trouble getting anyone else to speak out against software patents. Martin Fowler, a software developer, had a well thought out article titled SoftwarePatent.

Software Development Estimates, Where Do I Start?

Diego Basch

For some reason many people discuss the problem of estimating software development timeframes without properly understanding the issue. To put this in context, let’s forget software for a second and look at a few tangible problems of different magnitudes.

“We don’t have a women in technology problem at Business of Software Conference”

Business of Software Blog

But we sure as heck have a woman in technology problem and we sure as heck have a diversity problem. Write up of this talk by Stephen Kellet at Software Verify here). It starts with the small stuff… Sexism starts in technology at the ’10,000 small cuts’ level.

Startups Must Tout Market Needs Before Technology

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Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts his pitch by touting his new technology. He has forgotten that new technologies are perceived by most customers as causing more pain than the problems they hope to eliminate.

How Mobile Technology Changed Casinos

The Startup Magazine

Casinos, in a similiar way to a number of today’s businesses, have been revolutionised by new technology. Mobile technology, in particular, has made the casino business much more pronounced by bringing the niche to a much wider market segment.

Software Eating Industries

Mucker Lab

The global trend for software powered innovations to permanently impacting every part of our lives and every part of our work is unstoppable and just at the beginning. Instead of funding or founding enterprise software companies – these new startups are increasingly hybrids.

Is Free Intranet Software Really Free?


Image credit: Software from Shutterstock. This concept is extremely relevant and important to understand today in a world where large numbers of businesses proclaim to peddle their software products for free. Take intranet software. Intranet software is personal by nature.

How Technology Can Help Your Business Get Funded

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However, there are plenty of new technologies, apps, and websites that aim to help business owners build connections, find investors, and grow their brands—and it just takes perseverance and the ability to tell a story and choose the right platform for your product or service.

The spotty technology globalization record

deal architect

My reaction was technology vendors, not just SAP, are actually inconsistent when it comes to global matters compared to companies like Unilever or. Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP I read a few tweets today about how SAP does “global well” and how SuccessFactors reflects it.

Potential Progress On Dealing With Software Patents

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Nick does a great job of describing the software patent problem, suggesting several solutions, and explaining how the Patent Quality Improvement Act helps the increasingly dismal situation around software patents. ” Regarding functional claiming, Mark says: “This is a problem that is unique to software. We wouldn’t permit in any other area of technology the sorts of claims that appear in thousands of different software patents.

Microservices Essentials for Executives: The Key to High Velocity Software Development

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Software is eating the world” – Marc Andreesen Companies thriving in the new world order have technology as a core competency. And despite the constant iteration and updates to their cloud application, their software is rock-solid reliable. They build complex cloud applications. They constantly bring new capabilities and features to the market. How do they. Building for Success Business Model Startup Help

Cloud 37

Software is Eating Hardware - Lessons for Building Magical Devices

Redeye VC

Software is eating hardware.” But Adam MacBeth, an advocate of the software-first approach, would argue that those products are only as compelling as the end-to-end experience that sets them alight. “Incredible industrial design is increasingly non-optional, what really matters is an equally beautiful software system that spans mobile, desktop, and more. ” As technology accelerates, with companies.

Is Your Business Making The Most Of Modern Technology?


It seems that every other day there’s some new software or gadget that the whole world raves about. Everyone’s feeling the rapid pace of technology, and as a business owner you should be too. Organising your HR can also become much easier with the implementation of certain technologies.