A Trip of a Lifetime – Sri Lanka


FYI holiday Just For Fun travel elephants sri lanka Yes, the elephants did strike back ! The trip was amazing and despite me thinking I might have time to type up some blog posts on the plane, sleep, kids, and other distractions (free movies) got in the way.

Elephants Strike Back


We are on our way to my birthplace: Sri Lanka. FYI holiday Just For Fun travel Dubai sri lanka Phone booths in Dubai The title of this post comes from my son with affirmation from my daughter.

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Do You Care?


The photo in this blog post is from our recent trip to Sri Lanka. client services entrepreneurship travel client service customer service customers flowers sri lanka Do you care?

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates


I recall Cadbury used to make a chocolate with orange flavor without nuts (or maybe I blocked the nuts from my memory) that I used to enjoy but I could only find it in England or Sri Lanka. Hot Chocolate.

Slumdog Millionaire


I’ve been to India and Sri Lanka and the poverty and abysmal living conditions of many kids is real. Tags: entrepreneurship movie reviews parenting random stuff garage door issues india slumdog millionaire sri lanka street kids

8 Tips For Online Startups To Improve Customer Experience


David Chambat is Chief Executive Officer of Villa-Finder.com , the leading villa booking and distribution platform in Asia, with 1,000+ villas in Bali , Sri Lanka , Phuket , Samui and Mauritius.

Why utilities need to be back in public hands

Start Up Blog

Just this week I was in Sri Lanka and they already have 5G well underway. After 30 years of infrastructure privatisation in Australia, it’s time we put critical utilities (Energy, Water, Telecoms, Rail, et al) back in the hands of the public.

Crowdsourcing The Indian Rupee Symbol

crowdSPRING Blog

India wanted to differentiate its currency from neighboring Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka – all of these countries used the abbreviation “Rs&#. A few years ago, the British Royal Mint crowdsourced the design of new coins.

How to Save Four Hours this Weekend

Jason Ball

August 2015, Sri Lanka. Yes, that title is click bait. Gotcha. But keep reading, it actually could save you four hours tomorrow and make you happier. Question: When is the last time you looked at your phone? For me, it was 4 minutes ago. . And I’ve already picked my phone up 41 times today (Saturday, May 5, 2018). It’s only 10:34am. Over the course of the day, I’ll clock in over 100 pickups, and over 4 hours of screen time. For me, this is is a problem.

Starting up for a social good – The Feast Kitchen Event 2009

Eric Friedman

Srina tea is 100% organically grown, hand-plucked, packaged and produced on a small scale farm in a rainforest in Sri Lanka. On October 2nd 2009 I will be participating in an event called The Feast Kitchen where startups will get to present their ideas for social good.

Strategy Roundtable For Entrepreneurs: Are You Fundable?


For the time being, the company is seeing maximum interest from travelers who want to visit Rajasthan, Kerala and Sri Lanka.

Facebook Acquires Israel’s Snaptu For an Estimated $60-70 Million

VC Cafe

Facebook surprised with its first acquisition in Israel today (and its second acquisition outside of the US), with the announcement that it is buying Israeli startup Snaptu (previously known as Moblica) for an estimated $60-70 million.

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41% Of Attack Traffic Originates From China – Akamai


'According to data in the latest State of the Internet Report provided by Akamai Technologies , 56% of all malignant traffic observed by its customers – such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks – originate from the Asia Pacific/Oceania region, with China contributing a full 41%. In 2012 Akamai tracked a total of 768 DDoS attacks, up more than 200 percent from 2011. Of those, 35 percent targeted companies in the Commerce sector and 22 percent focused on Media and Entertainment companies. Enterprise companies, which include financial services, were subject to 20 percent of reported attacks; 14 percent targeted High Tech and nine percent of reported attacks were directed toward Public Sector agencies. The 768 attacks were reported by 413 unique organizations, indicating that many organizations were targeted more than once – some significantly more. Akamai maintains a distributed set of unadvertised agents deployed across the Internet that log connection attempts, which the company classifies as attack traffic. Based on data collected by these agents, Akamai is able to identify the top countries from which attack traffic originates, as well as the top ports targeted by these attacks. It is important to note, however, that the originating country as identified by the source IP address may not represent the nation in which an attacker resides. For example, an individual in the United States may be launching attacks from compromised systems in China. For the case of China, this can mean that either attacks do originate from the country itself, or that many of its systems have been compromised to some extent. Here are other interesting Asia Pacific highlights from this quarter’s report: - The top three countries/regions in the Asia Pacific region (and in the world) with the highest average connection speeds were South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong, - While Vietnam’s average connection speeds grew at an impressive speed 17% from Q3 to 1.5 Mbps, it tracked an overall decrease of 6.5% year on year, - Indonesia led the region with an impressive 86% yearly increase for average connection speeds and an increase of 153% on average peak connection speed to 16.8Mbps, - Australia was the only country in Asia to track a decrease of 28% (year on year) for its average peak connection speeds, and. - For broadband connectivity, strong quarterly increases were across Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, which all had double-digit percentage growth. It’s also interesting to note from the infographic that despite the claims of its telecommunications providers, Singapore ranks relatively lowly in the Asia Pacific region as far as mobile connectivity speeds are concerned, with its best performing provider outpaced by those from Malaysia, Indonesia, and even Sri Lanka. For more information, check out the report. In the News Akamai Technologies Asia Asia Pacific DDoS Internet report State of the Internet traffic'

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25 Entrepreneurs Explain What They Love About Being An Entrepreneur


We are generating employment for countries such as the United States, Philippines, Canada, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana and Nepal. Being in love is great. Being in love with your business, when you’re an entrepreneur, is even better.

Crossing the Corpus Callosum – Music & Analytics


I gave them an extension on their mini-contract because we wanted to use photos from our recent trip to Sri Lanka. Entrepreneurs can be a little conflicted at times. Some of us are very analytical and logical. Some are very creative (artistic, musical, etc.) and conceptual.

The Robi Comb – Amazed And Stunned


I remember getting them as a kid when I went to visit Sri Lanka and the stuff they put on our heads was kind of like kerosine. I get many people asking me to blog about their products. Some even offer to pay me.