Sat.Feb 23, 2013

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Why Big Companies Can’t Innovate

Steve Blank

My friend Ron Ashkenas  interviewed me for his blog on the Harvard Business Review. Ron is a managing partner of  Schaffer Consulting , and is currently serving as an Executive-in-Residence at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. He is a co-author of  The GE Work-Out  and  The Boundaryless Organization. His latest book is  Simply Effective.

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Sneak preview of the new Lean UX Book

Startup Lessons Learned

Lean Startups require cross-functional teams working closely together. This is especially true when designing a great product. Figure 4-2.

Lean 54

The Ebb and Flow of Work and Life

Feld Thoughts

The phrase “work-life balance” is a vexing one. Some people think it is impossible. Others strive for it. Many entrepreneurs, and pundits about entrepreneurship, reject it as impossible. Others believe that figuring out how to balance work and life is a sign of a more enlightened entrepreneurial perspective. Amy will be there.

The Incredible Power of Mastermind Groups

Growthink Blog

For the past 5 years, I have been part of several mastermind groups that have helped me dramatically grow several of my own businesses. read more.


7 Lessons on Managing Risk From Olympic Champions

Startup Professionals Musings

Willingness to take a risk is the hallmark of a serious entrepreneur. She provides many examples of success stories from entrepreneurs to Olympians.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Limitations & Danger

Launching Tech Ventures

By Yasi Baiani Lean startup methodology and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) are the two terms heavily used these days among the entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, journalists, professors, and students. The learning that comes from the MVP can definitely be helpful for many businesses. However, Eric Ries’ MVP approach is not one-size-fits-all.

Weekend Favs February Twenty Three

Duct Tape Marketing

Good stuff I found this week: MagicFuture – Suite of goal setting, habit forming and future planning tools. If You Liked This Post.

What does it mean to be “technical”?

Launching Tech Ventures

By Matt Boys One comment you’ll hear over and over as an MBA trying to break into technology is the need to be “technical”. But what does being ‘technical’ actually mean? The answer is that you don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to take another degree in CS, but there are certain things that will help immensely. Agile).


Good Idea, Well Executed

Launch Any

Many founders hold their idea close to them. Others share their ideas. No matter what option they select, ideas must be executed.

The Elusive Product-Market Fit: Why Maintaining It is Harder than Finding It

Launching Tech Ventures

By Miles Clements The product-market fit (PMF) concept is certainly useful for entrepreneurs and managers, and should be used as a guiding principle during any technology venture’s launch process. Accordingly, PMF is today a concept that must be not only attained, but also monitored and re-invented over time. GrubHub?) But is it too late?

More Netsuite service as software

deal architect

Google “Workday NetSuite Integration” and you find talent like Dell Boomi Integration Services Experts and implementation services to build a “list of business objects for the integration”. Can be labor intensive when you extrapolate across the wide number of customers. Cloud Computing, SaaS

HBS should stop rolling out the red carpet for Rocket Internet

Launching Tech Ventures

By Daniel Bertoli HBS implicitly endorsed Rocket Internet as a legitimate career option for MBAs by listing Samwer’s squad on Career Hub, facilitating campus interviews, hosting a student lunch, and providing Oliver with airtime in Aldrich. After that realization, it is a personal decision whether or not cloning is ethical.


Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

FoG turned seven last week. Truth be told I seriously contemplated using the occasion to shut it down. Outside of family I have very seldom done anything in my life for more than five years. Seven in my mind is the absolute longest time anyone should do any one thing. But for some reason I could not bring myself to turn it off. Three. Seven. 2,525.

Viral Growth: Myths and Math

Launching Tech Ventures

By Matt Bornstein For modern consumer Internet businesses, virality is an incredibly powerful lever. Dropbox), is number two on the wish list.

Truisms don’t belong in entrepreneurship.

Launching Tech Ventures

In fact, the phrase “unit economics” sounds funny when considering the rise to success of these sorts of platforms. Not unlike its contemporaries (i.e.

Caution: Great MVPs may block investors’ view

Launching Tech Ventures

by Levi B. For an investor, a great MVP looks like an early alpha product that may get you labeled as something you don’t want to be.

Are Rocket Internet copycats lean?

Launching Tech Ventures

Anonymous "My advantage is never that I'm the first. Never. Initial assumption - copycats don’t need lean principles?


Voice of the customer

Launching Tech Ventures

Some companies —such as Aardvark and last year’s TEM case on Dropbox — that otherwise pride themselves on user-centric design were adamant about not offering the features most frequently requested by their users. What’s going on here? When should vision override user feedback in a lean startup? Obviously, I wanted to fulfill their requests. price).

MVP and SEO for “Radical Products”

Launching Tech Ventures

By Craig Danton Conceiving a product that radically disrupts user behavior – one that seems to break the laws of incremental logic - is what drives many of us to create or even join a “rocket ship” startup. We signup for the HBS journey and from day one we drink the Kool-Aid of lean startup methodology from a fire hose.

Business Model - Market Fit

Launching Tech Ventures

by Eric Anderson Perhaps it's over simplified, but I feel like business used to be pretty simple. You came up with a physical product, had someone design and manufacture it. You then promoted in paper-based periodicals and distributed into retail channels. Not any more, we live in a much more exciting time, right?

Who Says Elephants Aren’t Lean?

Launching Tech Ventures

by Greg Ayres I have been reflecting on lean startup management practices in the context of new business development in a big corporation. Whether large or small, young or old, innovative companies must find product market fit and/or refine and extend their business models. What are these conditions? Lean management techniques can help.

Separate But Equal?

Launching Tech Ventures

by Stefanie Botelho I once had the pleasure of spending time with a serial entrepreneur who happened to be a woman. On her third company as CEO, I asked her why I didn’t see her more often on the conference speaking circuit – especially at events focused on women in technology. She didn’t want her work to be qualified by her gender. know I have.

Launching Tech Ventures - Untitled Article

Launching Tech Ventures

By Miles Clements The product-market fit (PMF) concept is certainly useful for entrepreneurs and managers, and should be used as a guiding principle during any technology venture’s launch process. Accordingly, PMF is today a concept that must be not only attained, but also monitored and re-invented over time. GrubHub?) But is it too late?

Business Development Deals with Large Companies (Big Co)

Launching Tech Ventures

By Hunter Craig Business development deals, especially ones with Big Co, can create incredible value for a startup, but these partnerships are often complex and difficult to achieve. Incorporate “high value” information into the equation, and a lean startup likely faces the steepest road to acquiring a Big Co deal. Let me count the ways.

Lean on. Who?

Launching Tech Ventures

By Teddy Chestnut A lot of obstacles can get in the way of accelerating your career at a big company. Top-heavy hierarchies can clog openings and extend promotion timelines. Bureaucratic and standardized assessment processes can cap your career’s speed limit. Slower growth creates less opportunity. And they are on your team.