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How To Hire Your First Employee


Hiring employees can be time consuming and an expensive process. by   Anand Srinivasan, founder of    .

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A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

There’s already a lot of great advice about hiring at little startups. You have to hire someone comfy with the bedlam of startup life.

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5 Recruiting Hacks to Help Startups Hire Top Talent

Up and Running

First, take a few minutes to jump on Glassdoor and find out what people who work in the position you’re hiring for complain about. think so.

Hire For Cultural Fit Over Competence

Feld Thoughts

The first people you hire in your startup are critical to your company’s success. So it’s easy to say that you need to hire the “absolute best people you can find.” Now, you obviously will not hire someone who is low on both competence and cultural fit. Recruiting hiring recruiting wsjBut what does this actually mean?

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How to Hire Your First Employee

Up and Running

Before you get there, however, you have to actually complete the interviewing, hiring, and onboarding process. Hire for your weaknesses.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Virtual Assistants

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Hiring a virtual assistant is easy, but some startups tend to make mistakes that affect the pace at which they are growing.

Hiring – Easy as Pie

Steve Blank

Over the last few weeks I’ve gotten involved in hiring for two startups, a public agency and a non profit. Don’t even start with the job spec.

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Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Simple, you can hire a virtual assistant to ease the burden of work on you. The post Why Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

The What & Why of Hiring a Great Startup COO

View from Seed

Many startup CEOs hire COOs or launch companies with a co-founder carrying the title. When should founders hire one? Should I learn them?

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Hiring Employees? First, Create A Recruitment Plan

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital company culture employee recruitment hiring employees HR human capital human resources recruiting

Hiring Efficiency Through Technology

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

The post Hiring Efficiency Through Technology appeared first on Blogtrepreneur - For Busy Entrepreneurs. trillion to the global economy by 2025.

3 Sure-Fire Signs You Need To Hire Someone ASAP

YFS Magazine

Here are 3 signs that will help you determine if you need to outsource, delegate, and hire help right now.

My Hiring Bucket List

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The idea of Zero-based Hiring might be the best way to redesign the hiring process in a talent scarce era.

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The Psychology of Hiring Great People

crowdSPRING Blog

Each person we hire contributes to not only the development of the product, but also to the productivity of the team and overall company culture.

15 Steps to Hiring Employees

Up and Running

If you’re ready to hire your first employee, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. See Also: Is It Time to Hire an Employee? 4.

Is It Time to Hire an Employee?

Up and Running

It could be time to hire some help. Disadvantages of hiring a new employee: An employee costs you money. Should you hire a new employee?

Hiring Rockstars

Scott Weiss

For all the talk about how hard it is to hire in the Valley, first-league companies can literally have their pick of the best people in the world at every function. HiringIn Europe, most sports leagues participate in a system of Promotion and Relegation. There is a similar analogy with the talent wars at technology companies.

Boulder Is Hiring!

Feld Thoughts

The post Boulder Is Hiring! It’s no secret that many companies in the Boulder/Denver area are looking for talent — there are dozens posted on the  Foundry Group  and  Techstars  job pages alone. 11 from 3-7 p.m. at at the Boulder Chamber building, 2440 Pearl Street in Boulder. Coalfire. Confident Financial Services. FullContact.

Every Single Person You Hire Should Have These 3 Characteristics

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It doesn't matter if you're hiring for sales, engineering, or a summer intern

How To Hire Rock Star Employees


Hiring someone who will be “highly admired” in the workplace is the ultimate goal when filling any type of position. Rock Star Recruitment.

How To Hire Hybrid Talent For Your Startup

YFS Magazine

All or nothing is not the best plan when hiring employees for your startup. Grow Human Capital company culture hiring employees HR

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Hire That Ideal Candidate

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Look for these three red flags before you hire that "ideal" candidate

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The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make When Hiring Freelancers

YFS Magazine

Hiring a freelancer is risky business and getting it wrong is an expensive mistake.

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3 Hiring Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's how smart employers will pivot their hiring strategies to adjust to a shifting landscape The talent pool is shrinking.

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Hiring The First Batch Of Employees For Your Startup


One of the first things that you need to do is hire your first batch of employees. But if you’ve never hired people before, it can be daunting.

Why Hiring Managers Need to Be Totally Responsible for Hiring

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Hiring managers need to be able to attract, assess, recruit, retain and develop top talent.

Hire Different!

John O'Farrell

Every aspiring CEO has heard of David Ogilvy’s famous admonition , usually paraphrased as “Hire people smarter than yourself” or words to that effect.  In my case, following that good advice has not been hard.  Time to step up:  Hiring the VP of Sales. Virtually all of your early hires will have been engineers or developers. 

Hiring? Personality Trumps Skills

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new survey finds that when it comes to hiring knowledgeable workers, personality beats technical wizardry any day.

When Is The Best Time To Hire An HR Manager?

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital hiring employees HR human capital human resources workforce development

The 3 Most Important Questions You Can Ask When Hiring

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Finding and hiring the best people is incredibly important for every business

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10 Ways To Kill A Growing Business With Bad Hires


Every startup with any traction quickly reaches a point where they need to hire employees to grow the business. Look for job knowledge first.

Hiring a CTO for Your Startup


The first thing I do is suggest they explore if they really need to hire a full-time CTO for their startup and if so, what kind of CTO they need.

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Hiring Employees: Should I Hire New Graduates Or Seasoned Talent?

YFS Magazine

Grow Human Capital hiring employees hiring interns HR human capital human resources

10 Red Flags Not to Hire That Promising Candidate

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If a candidate does these things in an interview, don't hire them Forget that great resume.

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4 hiring lessons I learned founding a startup

The Next Web

But your number one job is to build a successful company, and you do that by hiring the right people. What if you hire the wrong people?

Learn From The Mistakes Of Others – Hire The Right People.


If you make  common mistakes , like not hiring the right people, you’re heading for trouble. Cost of Hiring Bad Employees. The Poor Fit.

5 Tips for Hiring the Best Virtual Assistant for your Business

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Virtual assistants can be hired in different ways, through various sources and in a number of possible employment arrangements depending on your needs.

The 1 Hiring Lesson Every Company Can Learn From Last Night's Super Bowl

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Tom Brady's story offers an important lesson for business leaders hoping to hire superstars

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Don't hire smart people. Hire smart learners!

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Unfortunately, intelligence comes with its own baggage

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Executive Hires: The Case for Extreme Referencing

For Entrepreneurs

Hiring a strong executive management team is one of the most proven ways to ensure startup success. Yet, hiring executives is a very different undertaking than hiring for other roles in your company and requires a different process, skill-set, and time commitment. Hiring Startup HelpThe right.