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The Silliness Of Recapping Seed Rounds

Feld Thoughts

A company raises $1m of seed money from angels in a convertible note with a $6m cap. Assuming equity is raised at or above that cap, the total dilution, before the new money, is 16.6% (equivalent to an equity financing of $1m at a $6m post money valuation. ” They are running out of money. It blew my mind.

How the Seed-Stage VC Trend Began, The Downsides of Unicorns & Much More

Both Sides of the Table

I was out to raise my first seed money in my second startup of $500,000. Some quick highlights include: The Role of a Seed Stage VC.

Diversification – The Alternative to Market Timing

Rob Go

I think that over time, this is the best way to handle market swings as a seed stage investor who is a) playing in a highly unpredictable part of the market and b) has a very long time horizon. We have a pretty strong sense of what realistic valuation ranges are and aren’t for seed stage companies. Syndicate diversification.

Why the Series A Crunch Might Be a Good Thing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In 2012, Rust and co-founder Garrett Johnson raised $2 million in seed funding in two weeks. million in seed funding in 2011 and 2012.

Understanding the Risks of VC Signaling

Both Sides of the Table

I recently wrote a blog post on understanding how the size and age of a venture capital fund might affect you when you’re raising money.

Venture Seed vs Angel Seed « Immersive Web

Immersive Web

Immersive Web Home About Venture Seed vs Angel Seed I really enjoyed the Boston Angel Boot Camp on June 1. Among the many great discussions, the most critical one in my mind centered on the impact that the source of money can have on an early, seed startup. Isn’t seed money just seed money?