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7 Seed-Stage Funding Sources To Finance Your Startup

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challenge any entrepreneur, for example, to define the difference between "seed-stage" and "early-stage" financing.

Value Inflection Points for Seed-Stage Startups

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Often, when I speak to very early-stage founders, the conversation around value focuses on achievements. Get a working version of the product.

The Market Size Fallacy for Seed-Stage Startups

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The post The Market Size Fallacy for Seed-Stage Startups appeared first on The View From Seed It’s very discouraging.

Introducing Growth Guides – Practical Help for the Seed Stage

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Well our focus here at NextView is helping exceptional seed stage companies get things off to the best possible start. Simply put these Growth Guides are a step-by-step playbook which cover a specific need that seed stage companies may face in their first 12-24 months. What’s a Growth Guide?

Introducing the New-Look NextView + Seed-Stage Startup Platform

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We asked ourselves, “How do we offer something that founders want, and in fact, something that we’d want ourselves if we were raising our first round of seed funding?” We believed that our investment strategy, decision-making, internal practices, LPs, and other details flowed out of that first question. – We are seed investors.

Should Seed-Stage VCs Pay Up for Great Teams or Great Traction?

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“As a seed-stage investor, should you pay up for team or traction?” I appeared first on The View From Seed

Accidental VC: How Much Does Design Matter for Seed-Stage Startups?

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” So it’s no wonder that one aspect of an early-stage startup’s existence can be perpetually up for debate: their graphic design.

7 Founding Sins Seed-Stage Startups Should Avoid

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To me, the most exciting (and most perilous) times in a company’s lifecycle are the early first stages when it is just getting off the ground.

The Top 13 Seed Stage Investors in Silicon Valley

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Raising seed funding for startups is hard. Who are some of the top investors to meet when raising your first round of capital

A Bubble for Seed Stage Valuation

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And, as you might expect, when the company grows and meets important milestones (granted patent, first revenues, etc.), the valuation of the company increases.  If investors fund the company at a later stage, after the company has met important milestones, the investors’ $0.5 For example, if the negotiated pre-money valuation is $1.5

The One Page Seed Stage Dashboard


As a seed investor when we make an investment we do so with the following goals in mind: - Build an initial user base. One that is engaged.

How a Seed-Stage Startup Should Think About Brand: A Conversation With Jesse Derris

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They might believe that branding is a fluffy idea or a later-stage need, and right now, they need to move faster, launch, learn, grow, and survive.

Competition and Leadership in Seed Stage Investing

Rob Go

Seed stage investing has developed significantly over the past 7 years that I’ve been in VC. It’d pretty standard for entrepreneurs to contemplate raising an “institutional seed round” prior to approaching VC’s for series A rounds. Many have said that the institutional seed is the new series A.

Make a Living, Not a Life: Inside WeWork’s Seed Stage with Jesse Middleton [Traction #23]

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Jesse was also among the first to join the co-founders of WeWork when it started. Follow Jesse on Twitter @srcasm  and visit to learn more.

Austin-based Renovate Simply Lands Seed Stage Funding


Renovate Simply, based in Austin, announced it has received seed stage funding from the Digitech Venture Capital Fund, Central Texas Angel Network and a number of angel investors. Renovate Simply is a marketplace business that connects homeowners with vetted contractors to simplify the renovation process. Austin

Trends in Seed Stage Funding for Entrepreneurs

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I’ve recently taken a look at seed stage funding by venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors over the past five years.  For VCs, I chose to look at all seed stage VC deals (from MoneyTree©) as well as those in five of the most active regions in the country.  All Seed-VC. million in seed stage deals in 2010. 

YouEarnedIt Gets $1.5 Million in Seed Stage Funding


million in seed stage funding, according to the Wall Street Journal. Million in Seed Stage Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Capital Factory seed stage funding venture capital Wall Street Journal Youearnedit The Greater Austin […] The post YouEarnedIt Gets $1.5

Accidental VC: When, Exactly, Should Seed-Stage Startups Look for Office Space?

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The post Accidental VC: When, Exactly, Should Seed-Stage Startups Look for Office Space? appeared first on The View From Seed.

Answers to 10 Critical Questions for Seed-Stage Startups [SlideShare]

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In the last six months, we’ve been asked and answered several key questions about seed-stage startups and raising seed capital.

Austin-based Comfy Lands $600K in Seed Stage Funding


Comfy, a startup that helps students find housing, received $600,000 in seed stage funding last week. Comfy has developed a mobile and online platform that uses […] The post Austin-based Comfy Lands $600K in Seed Stage Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin Comfy

Austin-based Favor Lands $2 Million in Seed Stage Funding


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Favor, a food delivery service for central Austin, has received $2 million in seed funding. Favor launched in Austin in June of 2013. It’s also available in Boston and San Luis Obispo. Austin Favor Food Delivery Texas

Why Reporters Ignore Your Seed-Stage Startup Pitches, And How to Fix That

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Even if you’re in the pre-revenue, pre-seed or seed stage, there are still ways to get on a reporter’s radar. The irony hurts.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Recent Seed-Stage VC Investments

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As we look to continue to build out portfolio, we encourage you to subscribe to The View From Seed to keep in touch. Recent Investment Overview.

Fertility Startup Conceivable Launches with $800,000 in Seed Stage Funding


Austin-based Conceivable announced it has raised $800,000 in seed stage funding to launch its fertility program. The startup raised the funding from a group of investors including former and current patients, successful healthcare executives and former venture capitalists. Austin

The role of a Seed Stage VC


Seed stage VCs come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing this, the best seed VCs will specialize in a few areas in order to stand out. But I believe all seed stage VCs serve one common purpose. That purpose is to get their seed stage companies Series A funded. It Seed rounds are small.

Are Board Meetings and Board Decks a Waste of Time At The Seed Stage?

Rob Go

When we make our seed investments, we have a strong preference for preferred equity rounds and forming a board of directors that meets regularly. But we think they are important even at the seed stage of a business. Even at the seed stage, I believe governance is really important. Here are a few reasons: 1. It

TheWaveVR Lands $2.5 Million in Seed Stage Funding


million in seed round funding. Million in Seed Stage Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. A virtual reality music platform, TheWaveVR, announced Friday that it has closed on $2.5 The company, which is based in Austin and Los Angeles, is building a social virtual reality music platform which it plans to launch later this year.

Information Arbitrage - Quantitative methods and seed stage investing

Information Arbitrage

Seed Stage VCs Compete With One Another But Not How You Imagine

Hunter Walker

Folks who aren’t in the trenches of early stage investing often assume that this sheer volume makes “competition” my #1 worry. In my worldview there are ~10 seed funds that focus exclusively on this stage of company, in areas we’re interested in and also credibly seek to lead rounds. Why? 1.

Bitfusion Lands $1.45 Million in Seed Stage Capital


million in seed stage funding. Million in Seed Stage Capital appeared first on SiliconHills. Bitfusion, an Austin-based startup, closed on $1.45 The company also announced it has been selected as a finalist in TechCrunch Disrupt’s 2015 Startup Battlefield. Austin

The Changing Attitude Towards Boards at Seed Stage Startups

Hunter Walker

I was excited to recently see YC President Sam Altman evangelize for adding an investor or outside Director to a seed stage startup. With larger seed financings these days, your next investors are expecting more polished companies come A Round.

The 4 Stages From A Startup To A Sustainable Business

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Thus, in my view, entrepreneurship is an evolution of an idea through a series of developmental stages, culminating in a self-sustaining business.

How long will the “seed stage bubble” last?

How long will the “seed stage bubble” last? @andrewchen. Read what Im reading · Featured essays. Thanks, and enjoy!

Information Arbitrage - Cutting a fair deal with seed stage investors

Information Arbitrage

How many start-ups in the US get seed/VC funding per year?


Industry Experts Invested Interests angel investors Angels seed funding seed stage startups VCsIn very general terms, roughly 1,500 startups get funded by venture capitalists in the US, and 50,000 by angel investors. VCs look at around 400 companies for every one in which they invest; angels look at 40.

Goodbye Party Round, Hello Piggy Round: Should Seed Stage Founders Raise From Just a Single Investor?

Hunter Walker

It was easier to just discuss privately with other investors, but Jason Calacanis tweeted this morning about VCs trying to take entire seed rounds , and so, here it goes. In order to go after them, they need to head earlier into seed. You weren’t supposed to be reading this blog post. No one tweeted about it.

Raising a Seed Round in Canada


I stopped by Notman House yesterday to visit the current Founderfuel cohort and share some thoughts on how to raise their seed rounds. thought I’d share some of the insights from yesterday for those of you thinking of raising your own seed round. 40% of companies that raise a seed round go on to raise a series A.

Seed Is The New A – #PreMoney 2015 Talk

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Seed Is The New A: What The Seed-Stage Explosion Means For Founders, GPs & LPs. And the deck from my talk.

How much should a start-up CEO make?

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

Keep in mind that I’m talking about Seed and Series A stage businesses. - Pay yourself as little as you can. At the seed stage the modest amount of money you have raised is best spent on product and attracting initial customers than it is on paying yourself. Cliché, of course, but true.

CURB Lands $1.25 Million in Seed Stage Funding


million in seed stage funding form angel groups, strategic partners and Capital Factory. Million in Seed Stage Funding appeared first on SiliconHills. CURB, an Austin-based energy startup, announced Tuesday that it has closed on $1.25 Austin