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7 Investor Term Sheet Demands Startups Need Not Fear

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Still, no one wants the terms to be so complex that the deal never closes. startup board of five or fewer members is optimal.

What Can You Do if a VC Pulls Their Term Sheet?

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What Can You Do if a VC Pulls Their Term Sheet? I was asked to answer this exact question on Quora and I did so some time ago.

A Quick Hack for Speeding up Term Sheet and other Negotiations

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I’ve started a series on negotiations in startups. He marks up the term sheet. Startup AdviceNor did their lawyer.

Mock Series A Term Sheet Negotiation

The Startup Lawyer

My firm and Tech Wildcatters are co-hosting a live mock Series A term sheet negotiation on April 25th from 1-3pm. Brad Hunstable, founder and CEO of Ustream, will play the role of the startup founder and a “TBD” VC will […]. Startup Lawyer

What’s In A Term Sheet?

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But do you know what to do once you’re asked to sign a term sheet? Let me say that first, you should have already retained a good startup lawyer. You came, you pitched, you conquered. Congratulations! Most investors will expect this. That said, you should already have a sense of what to expect going into discussions.

Handshakes, Term Sheets and Trust

Diego Basch

I read this story yesterday about a failed startup acquisition. It’s one of the big nightmares of an entrepreneur: Big Company shows interest in Startup. Startup day-to-day is disrupted during the lengthy acquisition process. Startup is now much worse off than before: less money, low morale. Trust but verify. Right?

8 Angel Investors That Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

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If the term sheet process turns to pure torture, it may be time to respectfully bow out. Litigious angels. Superior angels. Dumb angels.

After the VC Term Sheet is Signed – It’s Not Over Yet

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After completing a long process identifying the right venture firms to pitch, running an exhaustive fundraising process, finding a mutual fit, and successfully negotiating terms… at last, the term sheet is signed. But frequently, there is time spent negotiating business terms which weren’t specified in the tern sheet itself.

Convertible Note Term Sheets

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Just like the preferred equity financing process, the convertible debt financing process can start with a term sheet, rather than a full set of financing documents. It also makes any potential back-and-forth on terms easier to manage. Term : When is the maturity date of the convertible notes?

VC Rights: Up, Down, And Know What The Fuck Is Going On

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And even though a term sheet might be four to eight pages long and the definitive documents might be 100 pages or more, other than economics, there are really only three things a VC needs in a deal. He attributes this to his first VC mentor, Milt Pappas, and the three terms are the same ones referenced above. Or read blogs.

CEO Of Kiosked, Who Raised €100M In His Career, Joins As Term Sheet Battle CEO Negotiator


Thus on Tuesday, the 28th of May at the Apollo Live Club, ArcticStartup will bring you the Term Sheet Battle. million for Kiosked.

5 ways to advance your term sheet: AKA “How to think like an investor”

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My daily work consists of connecting innovative A round startups with potential investors or strategic partners. Go For The Money NOW.

8 Questions to Ask During Term Sheet Negotiations

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Securing key terms will help your startup succeed in the long run

Investment Negotiation Secrets Revealed In Term Sheet Battle’s Nordic Tour


And they negotiate a hypothetical Series A term sheet. But more important than that is what the money is actually buying.

Some Takeaways From Stockholm & Helsinki's Term Sheet Battle


Thanks to everyone for attending Helsinki and Stockholm''s term sheet battle! double-dip isn''t as common in Europe, but does appear.

What’s actually required to start or close a funding round?


Technically, a “funding round” simply means a company accepting one or more investments from one or more investors on similar terms within a certain period of time. 25 individual angel investors funding a startup on a convertible note. These items are included in what is known as a  term sheet.

Plan On Raising Money? Learn How To Negotiate A Term Sheet!


You should by now know that tomorrow is a big day in Helsinki as Term Sheet Battle will be taking place at Apollo Live Club, starting at 17:30.

Malmö To Host A Term Sheet Battle


Here's an event coming up for you startup folks around Malmö. What is a term sheet battle you might ask?

How to Evaluate an Offer from a Startup Incubator

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Great news — your startup just got accepted to an incubator! But before your startup signs up and cashes that $[XX,000] check, your startup’s co-founders should sit down and evaluate the incubator’s offer. Pre-money valuations startups receive from incubators are typically low…really low.

in search of.the ideal term sheet

Seed Stage Capital

term sheet like this can be closed with $10k - $20k in legal fees. 40 invites for startups (UPDATE: All out! Please share it!

some thoughts on term sheets

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Indeed, I know the founders of one startup that raised close to $40 million, and the VCs set the Founder/CEOs salary at $80k. He was hungry.

closing term sheets quickly (+ avoid the co-investment term sheet)

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About a year ago, I was working with a startup raising a series A round; we had a ton of interest but a hell of a time getting the round to close.

VC Term Sheets – Investors’ Option to Walk

Scott Edward Walker

The Investors’ Right to Walk VC Term Sheets Are Non-Binding. Fourth, founders should button-down all of the key issues in the term sheet

Kryptonite Angel Round Terms

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Here’s a list of the top 5 deal terms that cause harm to startups at the seed financing stage and therefore should be avoided: 5. Whatever the form of control, seed investment is way too early to be even thinking about losing any amount of control of your startup. Startup Issues angel investor seed financing Term Sheet

What are some key points to look for when reviewing an investment offer in your startup?


Have long talks with them about what they are looking for in the relationship, what your respective ideas are when it comes to exits and long-term management of enterprise, and how much dry powder they are keeping for future follow-on investments. Invested Interests investment offer startup term sheet valuation

Managing Investor Protections: What you need to know


There are three things to bear in mind when it comes to these provisions: Plain vanilla terms rule the day. Increasing the size of the ESOP.

A Primer on Angel Investment ‘Simple Term Sheets’

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Remember a term sheet agreement is not a deal until the check clears. Seat on the board. Define equity type. Outline multiple tranches.

A "Rich-vs.-King" Approach to Term Sheet Negotiations


Migrating…lots of broken stuff → A “Rich-vs.-King&# Bookmark the permalink. ← Why Don’t Universities Teach Sales?

Getting Funded: Step 4, Due Diligence

Passionate Intensity

“Due Diligence” is a broadly defined term with explanations here:   WikiPedia , Webster’s , and elsewhere. YOU should….

Signed Term Sheet


We (Cayuga Venture Fund) just signed up a term sheet with a new company (Company X).  No need to disclose the company name or industry for purposes of this post. Rather I want to briefly comment on the process leading up to the term sheet and next steps. Dealing with VCs Management Startup Life Perfect.

Pari Passu or F.U.little guy

Professor VC

Startup outcomes tend to be very binary. Angel Investors Silicon Valley term sheets venture financing venture capital Lucky us!!

allensblog: "Fully-Diluted"

Allen's Blog

Thoughts from a startup sherpa. In a deal recently, the term sheet offered by the prospective investor contained a reference to the term: "fully-diluted" The company accepted the term sheet and the lawyers drafted the documents. Entrepreneurs, Startups and President Eisenhower: Important Lesson.

How Smart Startups Survive Investor Due Diligence

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Make sure everyone accurately posts their role with your startup on social media profiles, resumes, and references. Status of the solution.

Term Sheet Purgatory

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There’s a lot of advice about (1) how to attract VCs, and (2) how to negotiate a venture capital term sheet. Both sets of advice tend to ignore the gap between an investor’s expression of investment interest and your startup’s receipt of the term sheet.

Beware of Gym Salesman VC

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You finally get your first term sheet. They’re giving me 48 hours to sign the term sheet or it expires? But wait.

Top Ten Posts in 2011

Scott Edward Walker

Moreover, I’m publishing an eBook with Hyperink entitled  The Startup Law Playbook , which should be available shortly.  If you ping me, I’ll send you a free copy (provided that you agree to give me feedback). Legal Checklist for Startups 2. What Are Exploding Term Sheets And No-Shop Provisions?

Hot Seat by Dan Shapiro: A Book Every Startup CEO Should Read

Feld Thoughts

On Saturday, I polished off Hot Seat: The Startup CEO Guidebook. Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business   by Matt Blumberg.

Merger 122

LinkedIn: The Series A Fundraising Story ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

AGILEVC My idle thoughts on tech startups. This also appears as a guest post at Fortune’s Term Sheet. About Me. Yahoo!

What Is Venture Debt and How Should Startups Use It?

View from Seed

There’s been a lot of digital ink spilled around the various types of capital available to startups today. What are some pros and cons?

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Term-sheets and Valuations: Thinking about Negotiations - Startups.

Tim Keane

Startups and angels: Along the way to success. Term-sheets and Valuations: Thinking about Negotiations. Please see later version of this post on May 16, 2010 Entrepreneurs are often not experts in the area of term-sheet negotiations and all of the surrounding issues. Non-financial terms affecting Risk.