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Post Acquisition – It’s Business as Usual Except Better

Feld Thoughts

Recently I wrote about how I think about private company acquisition strategies using FullContact as the example of one where it is working well. Last week I was at a board meeting for a different company which did an acquisition a month ago. Usually, the first three months post acquisition are up and down. There is no one way.

FullContact Makes Its First Acquisition – Acquires Cobook

Feld Thoughts

One of my basic strategies as an investor is to use targeted small acquisitions throughout the life of a company. I love playing offense.

Creative ways to scale SMB customer acquisition


The bigger you get, the higher your customer acquisition costs go. Many startups begin life selling to small business (SMB). Sounds great!

The Avoidable Reason Why Most Mergers & Acquisitions Fail

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Most corporate acquisitions fail to deliver shareholder value. Here's how to avoid becoming a depressing statistic

Refutation: An acquisition is always a failure

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Jake Lodwick wrote an article on PandoDaily entitled “An acquisition is always a failure.” Sure not all acquisitions go that way.

Three types of acquisitions

Chris Dixon

There are three types of technology acquisitions: - Talent. As a rule of thumb, these acquisitions are priced at approximately $1M/engineer. Generally the prices for these acquisitions are significantly higher than talent acquisitions. Tech: When the acquirer wants the technology along with the team. Siri). startups

Biggest Startup Acquisitions of 2014

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The unicorn acquisition is alive and well in 2014. Here are the most significant deals of the year past, and some insight into how they happened

Congrats On Your Acquisition! Some Thoughts On Data Integration And More.


Integrating an acquisition is difficult in the best of circumstances and can often fail to meet stakeholders’ expectations.

Cybersecurity: What to Look for in a Small-Business Acquisition

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

By properly vetting the cybersecurity of potential business acquisitions, buyers can prevent data breaches and other post-sale catastrophes

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A look at the Constant Contact acquisition


The Deal: Acquisition: Endurance buying all of Constant Contact’s outstanding shares. Constant Contact ( NASDAQ: CTCT ): Founded: 1995. billion.

Mobile Marketing 2015: Rethink Customer Acquisition, Intent Targeting

Occam's Razor

Customer acquisition. Re-think Customer Acquisition, Brand Engagement. Why not rethink acquisition? And it is. I give up. Please.

A look at Linkedin’s acquisition strategy


The big news in tech yesterday was Linkedin’s acquisition of for $1.5B. This is by far their largest acquisition to date.

Optimizing your Customer Acquisition Funnel

For Entrepreneurs

Startup Help freemium Harvesting demand versus creating demand Hubspot Inbound Marketing JBoss Lean startup Mirror42 Optimize customer acquisition funnel Remove blockage points in sales funnel Sales funnel sales process optimization Sysomos

Startup Acquisition: How to Attract Potential Buyers

Early Growth Financial Services

But given that planning for an eventual startup exit is something founders should address from day one, and since most exits are through acquisitions, it makes sense to keep that possibility in mind and to avoid any screamingly obvious blunders that could close off one route to exit. How to think about startup acquisition 1.

10 tech acquisitions from 2016 you should know

The Next Web

Acquisitions can tell us a lot about the state of the startup world. 2016 has been quite a year, and has spared no one its many, many surprises.

Acquisition Interest?

Texas Startup Blog

David Cohen has a great post on his blog titled “You have Acquisition interest – now what?&# Ironically, we have been approached by a number of companies interested in talking to us about selling ShopSavvy. Only recently did I start taking this ‘interest’ seriously.

Notes on the acquisition process

Chris Dixon

Comparatively little, however, has been written about the important transaction at the other end many startups’ life, acquisitions. Here are some things I’ve learned about the acquisition process over the years. As with financings, acquisitions take a long time and involve lots of meetings and difficult decisions.

Acquisition success depends on founders

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

But, sadly, most acquisitions don't play out as expected. Most acquisition failures can be tied directly to the founders leaving too soon.

A New Dawn for Consumer Internet Acquisitions

Genuine VC

And last week’s $200M OMGPOP acquisition by Zynga is the starting-gun fire for deals that aren’t just “acquihires,” but real meaningful ones.

Mergers and acquisitions take thought and planning

Taffy Williams

In a recent discussion with the CEO of a private company, an acquisition became the dominate topic. In addition, you may be planning an exit.

Startups Need Mergers And Acquisitions For Growth

Startup Professionals Musings

Actively pursue mergers and acquisitions. Overreliance on acquisitions drains resources and de-motivates internal teams. Spin-ins.

Considering A Merger Or Acquisition? Vet Potential Investors In 3 Easy Steps

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow investors mergers and acquisitions money

Apple's RealFace Acquisition and What It Really Means

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This may be another classic Apple head fake

What Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition Means for Professionals

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why Microsoft wanted this deal to happen, and why LinkedIn users could all stand to benefit

SEOmoz Acquires Followerwonk – A Perfect Small Acquisition

Feld Thoughts

The acquisition closed about six weeks ago and the Followerwonk product has been fully integrated into SEOmoz. I think it’s incredibly powerful to accelerate the growth of a company via targeted acquisitions. Another recent example from my world just to see what I mean is Rally Software’s acquisition of Agile Advantage.

An Acquisition Without the Acrimony?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Lots of acquisitions lead to redundancies, lay-offs, and ultimately unhappy marriages. Most acquisitions are designed to fuel growth.

The Saas Math Funnel: Acquisition


Instead it’s about the math behind acquisition. This is not a ‘how to’ acquire users post. All numbers are fictitious.

Three types of acquisition – view from a public company CEO

The Equity Kicker

At a conference last week Autodesk CEO Carl Bass said that he thinks about acquisitions in three buckets: companies that are really people who have a technology that Autodesk wants to build up (acquihires). large scale acquisitions. middle-size companies, meaning they have product that they’re selling, maybe even internationally.

Inside Geoloqi's Unusual (& Fascinating) Acquisition

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There's nothing typical about founder Amber Case. And this isn't your typical M&A deal. Here's how it happened. VCs right now are kind of weird.

Bigcommerce’s First Acquisition is in Austin: Zing


In its first acquisition, Bigcommerce announced Tuesday its purchase of Zing, an Austin-based startup that provides mobile retail technologies. Zing moved to Austin three years ago and has raised less than […] The post Bigcommerce’s First Acquisition is in Austin: Zing appeared first on SiliconHills.

Startup Killer: the Cost of Customer Acquisition | For Entrepreneurs

Metrics on all aspects of the customer acquisition process to find out what can be improved. have multiples that are more like 5 x CAC.) Thanks!

Acquisitions Aren't About the Money

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But a successful acquisition involves much more than that. The great acquisition price was the by-product, not the goal

Preparing For An Acquisition


Whether your company is generating profits or operating at a loss, taxes are a significant risk area in any acquisition. Know your business.

Building It Is Not Enough: 5 Practical Tips On User Acquisition


Finding scalable acquisition channels is a time consuming and strategic effort. Every, and I mean every, acquisition channel costs money.

How To Preserve Your Company Culture After An Acquisition


Or perhaps the acquired business seeks an acquisition deal to gain access to a wider marketplace. by Benoit Vialle, COO of

FullContact Continues Its Journey To Solve The Contact Management Problem

Feld Thoughts

They followed this up with two acquisitions – first Conspire and then Profoundis. Along the way they built a sizable business.

Increase Customer Acquisition by 400 Percent with Storytelling, Part 1

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

People are spending on average five hours a day consuming content

The economic logic behind tech and talent acquisitions

Chris Dixon

If you want to sell your company – or simply understand acquisitions you read about in the press – it is important to understand how they think about these calculations. There’s been a lot of speculation lately about why big companies spend millions of dollars acquiring startups for their technology or talent. startups

How to keep founders around after an acquisition

Version One Ventures

That’s why we’ve seen example after example of “acqui-hires” in the past few years as well as some very large acquisitions where a big driver was the talent behind a start-up (e.g. However, only a few big companies have truly figured out how to keep founders around after the acquisition. Nest, Beats). Related articles.

How Hot Design Is Driving Tech Acquisitions

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

5000 design company was recently acquired by Salesforce. Here's how it used big company interest in design to drive the sale

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