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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs A Startup Co-Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus, unless the visionary highlights a cofounder who can take the vision and execute, I assume the worst. Visionaries tend to get bored easily.

How Much Founder Stock Should You Offer Co-Founders?

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Two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. business entrepreneurs startups

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8 Keys To Attracting The Right Technical Co-Founder

Startup Professionals Musings

Technology is so key to every business these days that experienced business-smart but non-tech entrepreneurs are feeling deeper and deeper in the hole.

50 Ways to Find Co-founders

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What''s worse than starting a business without a co-founder? Try starting it with the wrong co-founder. Got another idea?

10 Steps To Finding The Right Startup Co-Founder

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The right answer is to find a co-founder with complementary skills. Network to find co-founders just as you network to find investors.

The Emotional Co-Founder

Seeing Both Sides

There is a bias against solo founders in Startup Land. But if you find yourself a solo founder, don't despair.

How We Fight – Cofounders in Love and War

Steve Blank

I often get asked about finding cofounders and I usually give the standard list of characteristics of what I look for in a founder.

3 Tricks to Resolving Conflicts Between Startup Co-Founders

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Conflicts between co-workers can make the workplace challenging to navigate. Trick #1: Understand your co-founder’s conflict style.

The Co-Founder Mythology

Both Sides of the Table

covered what I call “the co-founder mythology.&# So embedded is this conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley that it feels like heresy to even question it. It’s Either you’re not technical and you think you need a technical co-founder or vice-versa. Hire your co-founder. Even 40%. Nobody.

Punch & Pie: How Should Co-Founders Divide Equity?

Agile VC

I like to say that “there are only co-founders” — it’s extraordinarily rare for a successful business to have just a sole founder.

Can't Find a Technical Co-Founder? Do It Yourself

Vinicius Vacanti

This is the first part of a series on becoming your own technical co-founder. In 2008, we couldn’t find a technical co-founder for Yipit.  I’m writing about how I became our technical co-founder. Disclaimer: If you know a great technical co-founder that wants to work with you, join them.

How to Find Startup Co-Founders Online and in the Real World

VC Cafe

First-time entrepreneurs shouldn’t wait for their “roast duck” either. link]  - a free job board for startups.

7 Co-Founder Strategies That Can Be Very Painful

Startup Professionals Musings

In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder. Marty Zwilling.

How and where to find a co-founder for your startup

The Next Web

Often times, a startup entrepreneur has a good business idea, but doesn’t know how to build the product or service. The problem? Where to look?

How losing a co-founder and most of our team saved our company

The Next Web

Entrepreneur co-founder startup storiesThere we were, $1.1 million in the… This story continues at The Next Web.

The Right Time to Search for a Co-founder

Kevin Dewalt

The Co-founder Question: A False Dichotomy. Mark Suster, The Co-Founder Mythology. Option 1 – Get a Co-Founder.

Why Cofounders Matter

Rob Go

Every now and then, I get a big reminder of just how helpful it is for entrepreneurs to have co-founders. Of course, having the wrong co-founders is really damaging. Also, there are many successful founders who have done great without a meaningful co-founder. There are lots of reasons for this.

Everything you always wanted to know about cofounders

Up and Running

Do I need a co-founder? Do I need a co-founder? How many co-founders should I have? Can I fire a co-founder?

General Assembly's Co-Founder on His Company's Biggest Expansion Mistake

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Co-founderBrad Hargreavesexplainswhy it was a big mistake, and what other entrepreneurs canlearn from it

A brief history of founders and co-founders

The Equity Kicker

Having had some success we are looking to rinse and repeat, and that has led us to think about the whole co-founder question in more detail.

How many cofounders should your startup have?

The Next Web

What are the pros and cons of starting a business alone versus with cofounders? How many founders are too many? Too many.”. Pros. 1.

Interview with Joe Griffin, Co-founder and CEO of iAcquire

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Joe began his entrepreneurial journey at 17, when he Co-founded, a search firm that was later sold to for a pretty penny.

Why Nobody Seems to Want Non-Technical Co-Founders

VC Cafe

The co-founders that shook the world Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. How to find a co-founder. Guest post by Paul Higgins*.

You don’t need a co-founder for your startup

The Next Web

One of the most frequently asked questions when I go to startup events here in Perth is why I do not have a co-founder for my business.

My Biggest Mistake: Launching a Tech Company Without a Technical Co-Founder

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This is the first in a periodic series of columns in which entrepreneurs recall the invaluable lessons they learned from their biggest blunders.

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7 Startup Co-Founders That Can Lead to Conflict

Startup Professionals Musings

Investors routinely decline to fund co-founders who are siblings, or in a romantic relationship. “We both have the same vision.”

Design Staff ? Does your startup need a designer co?founder?

Design Staff

Does your startup need a designer cofounder? Characteristics of a great designer founder. Design Staff. See comments.

Every Successful Entrepreneur Does This One Thing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One thing every successful entrepreneur does is prioritize. Startup co-founder and CMO Sangram Vajre shares his tips for prioritization

Nailing that elusive technical co-founder

The Scene Developers Nailing that elusive technical co-founder. Are there any ‘Founders Dating’ events coming up?”.

7 Startup Co-Founders To Avoid And Keep Your Sanity

Startup Professionals Musings

In a moment of crisis, you may be tempted to take on the first person expressing interest as a co-founder. Marty Zwilling.

Choosing A Minimally Viable Co-Founder


If you're starting a company, one of the most important decisions you'll make early on is the selection of a co-founder. Beware.

Q&A with Nathan McNeill, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer for Bomgar

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Today, Nathan serves as the company’s co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

Founder2be Helps You Find Co-Founders


You can search for potential co-founders by country and skills, post and comment on ideas, and connect with like-minded people.

Zipcar Co-Founder Robin Chase on The Problems with the Sharing Economy

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Zipcar co-founder and serial entrepreneur wants a better social safety net and less ego in today's sharing economy

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Why I Have Sex With My Co-founder

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

have sex with my co-founder. And I like it, though I'll let said co-founder speak for herself. Are we crazy?

From co-founder to ousted CEO of 500px: Trials, errors, and lessons learned

The Next Web

Entrepreneur InsiderFor some… This story continues at The Next Web.

Finding Your Co-Founders

And make sure to read our recent posts with advice from Mint CEO Aaron Patzer on his advice to entrepreneurs as well ( here and here ). The number one question you all asked after reading my last blog post about starting a business from scratch was “how do I find my co-founders?&# Finding Your Co-Founders [.]

How to Start a Business: 6 Great Tips From a Successful Co-Founder

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Scott Vold went from lawyer to healthcare entrepreneur. and in the process learned a few things every aspiring entrepreneur should know

Birchbox Co-Founder Hayley Barna: 'I Have a Few More Businesses in Me'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The entrepreneur stepped down from her role as co-CEO last summer, and cautions founders to think long and hard before raising venture capital fundin

Cisco Co-Founder Sandy Lerner: Entrepreneurs Should Be Mad as Hell

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog