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I Am Not My Stock Price

Feld Thoughts

If you are an founder or employee of a public company, repeat after me: “ I am not my stock price.” Think about that for a second.

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How Much Stock Should Startups Dole Out?

YFS Magazine

Finance Grow employee stock options money raising capital raising startup capital stock options

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8 Ways To Maximize The Value Of Your Startup Stock

Startup Professionals Musings

Make sure the government waits for a stock sale to collect taxes. Spread stock issuance over an earning period. In the U.S.,

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How Valuable Are Stock Options Offered By A Startup?

Startup Professionals Musings

Your compensation is the total package of stock plus salary plus benefits. business entrepreneur shares startup stock options

Uncommon Stock – The First Book From FG Press

Feld Thoughts

Uncommon Stock: Version 1.0  is officially available today and can be bought online at Amazon  and pretty much everywhere else. And interesting.

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Founder’s Stock Is Gold, If You Know The Rules

Startup Professionals Musings

Here are some typical special terms and considerations for Founder’s stock: Negligible real value. Stock dilution control.

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A Different Approach to Refreshing Stock Option Grants

Feld Thoughts

One thing, however, has always baffled me. I’ve never really understood why the majority of stock option refresh grants are stacked grants mid-way through the granting process. Entrepreneurship equity grants stock options vestingEvery year in December and January I go through the same cycle for all the boards I’m on.

Should founders get Stock Options?


Founders often ask me whether they should be asking for stock options in their own company. The post Should founders get Stock Options?

Making Sense of the Stock Market Drops in Relation to Venture Financing

Both Sides of the Table

Simply put – I buy the long-term case for having a portion of one’s savings in stocks. It was a nerve racking morning. Neither do I.

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How Much Founder Stock Should You Offer Co-Founders?

Startup Professionals Musings

Two heads are better than one, so the first task in many startups is finding a co-founder or two. Now comes the reality check. But don’t get greedy.

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Today’s Fun – Gnip, Twitter, Uncommon Stock, and Pre-Seed Rounds

Feld Thoughts

Today at 5pm I’m doing a fireside chat with Eliot Peper , the author of Uncommon Stock , the first book published by FG Press. The post Today’s Fun – Gnip, Twitter, Uncommon Stock, and Pre-Seed Rounds appeared first on Feld Thoughts. My Investments gnip moz twitter uncommon stock venture

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Qualified Small Business Stock

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Let's start with the definition of Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS).   Sec 1202 allows for an exclusion on the capital gains if the stock has been held for five years or more. These provisions are in Sections 1202 and Sections 1045 of the tax code.  1045 and more than five years to qualify for gain exclusion.

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10 Fantastic Websites For Stock Photography

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Stock photos are readily available for free in the internet but navigating around this labyrinth of content can be very difficult. But, if you are willing to take a plunge in the sea of free stock photos, you are in for a lot of confusing stuff such as license restrictions and required attributions. Sound great? Blog & Grow

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Stock Photography vs. Real Photos: Can’t We Use Both?


So Why The Hell Do You INSIST On Using Stock Photography?! Related: The Different Kinds Of Stock Photography Licenses. image source.

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How Often Do Employees Of VC-backed Startups Get Stock Options?

Ask The VC

Question: How often do venture-backed start-up employees (let’s say non-executives) get stock option grants? Equity employees equity stock optionsBesides the initial grant when they start, how often do “re-up” grants come? Should they be expected after further funding rounds? Never?

Why This Fintech Startup Thinks You'll Buy Stock From Kmart

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Stockpile is hoping its novel spin on buying stock will strike a chord with everyday shoppers

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Founder’s Stock Is Gold, If You Know The Rules


Here are some typical special terms and considerations for Founder’s stock: Negligible real value. Stock dilution control.

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Startup Stock Exchange – Buy And Sell Startup Shares


Well, you may want to check out  Startup Stock Exchange then. The idea, of course, is frightfully simple.

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Why should different stock classes in a startup be created?


As an example, let’s say that I invest $100,000 into Company X and receive 10% of the company’s stock in exchange for my investment. The primary feature of this new class of stock is that in the first case (the good one) it converts into exactly the same kind of stock you have, we split 90/10, and everyone is happy.

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How Many Startup Stock Options are Enough?

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus, stock doesn’t “pay the mortgage” today, so to speak. Your compensation is the total package of stock plus salary plus benefits.

36 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Your Little Entrepreneur

Up and Running

Beyond a good education and brilliant parenting skills, how do I raise little entrepreneurs? Toy company Hasbro knows cash is oh so yesterday. Fold:  .

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Who are stock certificates issued to and when?

Ask The VC

Company Creation Fundraising General QandA Legal Stock OptionsDo the buy and print your own certificates follow the normal process? 3.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Gives His $14 Million Stock Bonus to His Employees

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The moves comes after the company's stock fell more than 40 percent following its earnings report in February

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How This Entrepreneur Is Keeping Stock Media Real

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How VideoBlocks founder Joel Holland is making waves with an all-you-can-eat provider of stock video and audio

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What Is Going To Happen In 2017

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The stock market has already factored in these tax cuts so it won’t be as big of a boon for investors as might be expected, but the seven and half year bull market run will be extended as a result of this tax cut stimulus before being halted by rising rates and/or some boneheaded move by President Trump which seems inevitable.

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Startup Employee Stock Options

Florida Venture Blog

I’ve wanted to share a post about entrepreneur stock option planning for some time; one of the standard discussions I have with every founder I back shortly after we close funding together. stock options

What Did And Did Not Happen In 2016

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

And yet Fitbit ended the year with its stock near its all time low. All produced positive stock performance in 2016. AR/VR blockchain crypto drones enterprise entrepreneurship machine learning mobile Politics robots and drones stocks Television VC & Technology voice interfaces wearablesThey did. ISO; VHS v. iPhone.

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5 Tips for Protecting Your Company When the Stock Market Stumbles

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How to avoid the jitters with stock market swings

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The Top 5 Free Stock Charting Softwares

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Many of us are interested in the world of stocks and always looking to learn more. Why Invest in Stocks? First off, the all-important question: why invest in stocks? Stocks have proven their worth through the ages with one of the highest rate of returns over any other investment. What is Stock Charting? eSignal.

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A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

have held on way too long and watched a publicly traded stock literally go all the way to zero without selling it (ouch). And I have made the even worse decision of selling too soon and watching a stock go up three, four, five times from where I sold it. stocks VC & TechnologyI think selling is the hardest part of investing.

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Two Charts

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Tech stock performance has been strong but is driven by strong revenue growth and good business fundamentals generally speaking.

When Does Zynga Become a Value Stock?

Agile VC

Draw something… other than this painful chart. Zynga’s faced a lot of pressure in the public markets recently. 2.2-2.3B

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7 Questions Every Employee Should Ask Before Accepting Stock Options as Pay

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Before saying yes to that offer, here's what you need to know about your company's finances Raises $20 million and Begins Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange

SiliconHills, based in Austin, announced Wednesday that its common shares began trading today on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the stock symbol “PER.” and Beacon Securities […] The post Raises $20 million and Begins Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange appeared first on SiliconHills. Austin

I’m a stock picker

The Equity Kicker

If the definition of success is $10bn+ I can agree, but at lower levels I think skilled investors who stock pick can materially out perform the market average you will get from spray and pray. This is sometimes called a ‘spray and pray’ strategy. At Forward Partners we have a different view. Let’s run the numbers.

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What's Behind Tesla's Stock Sell-Off

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Shares of Tesla stock tanked today, as fears of hacking take air out of an overinflated stock

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Stock 13

Starbucks' CEO Sent An Extraordinary Email to Employees During the Stock Market Chaos

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Did you notice your Starbucks barista was even nicer than usual yesterday? Here's why

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If the Stock Market Is Making You Nervous, Here's Where to Put Your Money

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Smart ways to invest over the long haul, despite recent market jitters

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What a Startup Stock Exchange Has In Common with Uber

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The controversy surrounding IEX amounts to more than an obscure finance story.

Startup Financing: Overview of Preferred Stock

Early Growth Financial Services

Today, we’re tackling participating versus non-participating preferred stock, a fundamental economic term in VC deals that goes to the heart of the business agreement between investors and management in connection with a sale of the company. This post by Ian Engstrand first appeared on Founders Workbench. management).