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Technology In Istanbul

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

There is something about the uptake of technology in Turkey that is somewhat unique. Blogging On The Road mobile VC & Technology

Hillary Clinton’s Initiative on Technology & Innovation

Feld Thoughts

Yesterday Hillary Clinton announced her Initiative on Technology & Innovation  at Galvanize in Denver. pondered what Trump’s equivalent would be and decided it is likely to be a tweet that says “Technology loves me.” Invest in Science and Technology R&D and Make Tech Transfer Easier.

Biggest Technology Change In The Next Five Years

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

One of them was “What will be the biggest technology change over the next five years?” VC & Technology

High Technology Tell All Books

Feld Thoughts

The post High Technology Tell All Books appeared first on Feld Thoughts. Books facebook high tech hubspot Technology tell all twitterTell All Books are nothing new and some of the most explosive ones of all time have already come from California (in and around Hollywood). Sometimes I share their view of the people they write about.

Hiring Efficiency Through Technology

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

In every aspect of our lives, new technologies being presented to us on a daily basis. trillion to the global economy by 2025. Business

15 Years Of Technology Progress

Feld Thoughts

Technology humor machinesNext week at Defrag I’ll be giving a talk titled “Resistance is Futile” I’ll be talking about my premise that the machines have already taken over. A few days ago a friend of mine emailed me a perfect image to summarize where we are today. Ponder and enjoy.

2016’s Small Business Technology Trends

Up and Running

This type of technology allows even small startups to perform on the global stage in a way that has never been seen or even imagined before now.

Don’t Sell Technology, Sell Magic

Instigator Blog

Tech startups aren’t in the technology business. Sell magic, not technology. Startups need to sell magic. Most don’t care.

Bridge Technologies

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

When the tech landscape changes; from web browsers to mobile browswers, from flash to HTML5, from laptops to tablets, from typing on keyboards to typing on screens, from local storage to cloud storage, there are always companies that are started to solve the pain points that crop up from that technology change. Venture Capital and Technolog

Smart Entrepreneurs Don’t Need Disruptive Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

There is always time later for your next startup, using that disruptive technology of your dreams.

Accelerating Technology Change and Continuous Learning

Feld Thoughts

At dinner last week, my long time friend Dave Jilk (we just celebrated our 30th friendship anniversary) tossed a hypothesis at me that  as people age, they resist adopting new technologies. This People working in information technology tend to take a producer perspective. They have grown up in a world where technology changes rapidly.

Relate Your Technology Solution to Customer Values

Startup Professionals Musings

If your message starts with a focus on this priority and related costs, the technology will likely be appreciated and valued, rather than challenged.

Information Technology Predictions For 2016 And Beyond

YFS Magazine

Grow Operations big data Cloud Computing cloud technology data security information technology IT technology

5 Amazing Technologies to Beat Your Competition

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There are countless ways to use technology in a way that will set up your business for ridiculous success.

Putting technology at the core

Chris Dixon

Most businesses today believe that technology can dramatically improve the way they operate.

How technology weirdly solves the problems it creates

Start Up Blog

The erudite Kevin Kelly says that the solution to problems caused by technology is more technology. And I couldn’t agree more.

Why Technology Advances Will Impact Your Business Like a Tsunami

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Technological advances can kill your business or cause it to prosper

USAA Wins PYMNTS/Alexa Voice Activated Technology Contest


USAA won the PYMNTS/Alexa Challenge in the “Easiest to Explain to Mom” category for its innovative use of voice recognition technology.

The Worst of Times For Technology

Feld Thoughts

You know, those old guys don’t know lucky they had it with all their technology 30 and 40 years ago. Y’all, you straight. The lyrics follow.

6 Marketing 101 Tips For Technology Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

Yet I see many technology entrepreneurs that focus on the basics of marketing too little and too late. Marketing is everything these days.

How Technology is Disrupting Industries in 2016

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Industries benefit from greater amounts of information as a result of disruptive technologies

Great Startups Are Where Soul and Technology Meet

Startup Professionals Musings

Some entrepreneurs forget that they can’t use people the same way they use technology to build a startup. These are the hard parts. Start today.

Sandwiches with a Side of Technology

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

See how this restaurant owner is expertly incorporating tech into his ambiance

10 Technologies That Make Your Life So Much Better

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

10 technologies that make your life so much better in 2016 and beyond, #uber, #jet, #tsa

10 Best New Marketing Technologies of 2015

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This year brought us major new players in the arms race to win new customers

The Future of Event Technology

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With the constant flood of technology it''s easy to not be up-to-date with the latest advancements and gadgets.

Innovation Isn't Always About Technology

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Sometimes the breakthroughs that really count are about your leadership style and skillset

Great Startups Are Where Soul and Technology Meet


Some entrepreneurs forget that they can’t use people the same way they use technology to build a startup. These are the hard parts. Start today.

Technology and Inequality

deal architect

Every time there is a big lottery drawing, I wonder why as a society we don’t make a few hundred millionaires, rather than award the big prize to a small group of people. While China and the market meltdown will. Industry Commentary

China 26

How Technology Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Could smartphone apps help improve our health and avoid germ-ridden waiting rooms

Technological Revolutions And Financial Capital

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

Venture Capital and TechnologyWe still refer to it frequently.

Startup Shootaround: Making Sense of Voice Technology

View from Seed

Below is a lightly edited transcript of our latest shootaround on voice technology. What are your thoughts on voice technology?

5 Essential Technologies for Small Business Sellers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

To prepare your business for sale, consider implementing a few technology solutions that better organize and manage company data and information

Sales 29

3 Technologies That Will Utterly Transform Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

There''s technology just around the corner that willtotally up-end the entire business world Forget the Apple Watch.

Rally Software Acquired By CA Technologies for $480 Million

Feld Thoughts

Congrats to my friends at Rally Software on the announcement that they’ve signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by CA Technologies for $480 million. The post Rally Software Acquired By CA Technologies for $480 Million appeared first on Feld Thoughts. We weren’t the first investor in Rally. 

Startups Must Tout Market Needs Before Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts his pitch by touting his new technology. Marty Zwilling.

The Right Time + The Right Team + The Right Technology

Eric Friedman

The Right Technology. Is the world well equipped for this technology to be brought to market? Eric Friedman Technology Venture capital

Marketing Technology Growth - Piercing Through The Chaos

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From 150 MarTech vendors in 2011 to 3800+ in 2016, the marketing technology landscape has come a long way, but how do you navigate it effectively

4 Totally Creepy Disruptive Healthcare Technologies That Will Change Everything

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Fahad Aziz, the Co-founder of Caremerge, shares his take on the future of healthcare, and it is awesome (and terrifying

How Technology Can Help Your Business Get Funded

Up and Running

Technology is intertwined with eCommerce funding. Using technology to promote your eCommerce startup. See Also How to Fund Your Business.