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Rob Go

When entrepreneurs think about approaching VC’s to cultivate a relationship for a round, they often try to match their company with what the VC has funded in the past.  It’s pretty rational. So, I think it’s sometimes tough to pattern-match based on sectors. The post People Matching appeared first on ROBGO.ORG.

Your Words Should Match Your Actions

Feld Thoughts

Over the past few months I’ve watched several powerful and successful VCs and entrepreneurs damage their reputations by having their words not match up with their actions. And having them match your actions matters matters even more. The post Your Words Should Match Your Actions appeared first on Feld Thoughts.

How To Find An Angel Funding Match For Your Startup

Startup Professionals Musings

Find the right investment advisor, or member of your advisory board, and the “match-making” will happen. Fundraising is brutal. Marty Zwilling.

How Leadership Styles Evolve To Match Business Stages

Startup Professionals Musings

My leadership style has evolved over time and I am wondering whether this is related to increasing experience or different situations.

How To Pick A Startup Model To Match Your Motivation

Startup Professionals Musings

Thus it behooves every entrepreneur to pick the startup model that best matches their real motivation.

Many Startup Cultures Cannot Match The Market Pace

Startup Professionals Musings

There is no time to be changing your culture to match the lifecycle. Consider MySpace and Webvan. Geographic expansion. Product-line expansion.

Advantage SaaS: Game, Set, Match

deal architect

My friend Josh Greenbaum writes Implementing SaaS: If it’s easy, it’s because you’re not trying He makes the case SaaS is an complex as on-premise, may be even more so. He cites The other way you can tell that complexity. Cloud Computing, SaaS Enterprise Software (IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP

Small Business and Startups: Finding Your Match

crowdSPRING Blog

Hiring a great support team is like casting a great movie or finding the perfect match on PlentyOfFish. Who are you? Partiers? Laugh-factory?

Do Your Employees Match Their Titles?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here''s how to avoid setting your best people up for a fall

Flash Food Recovery: Matching Food With Tummies, Digitally

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Flash Food Recovery uses a smartphone app to help get excess food from restaurants, hotels, and convention centers to the people who need it most.

Flash 36

Why Keyword Themes +Modified Broad Match = Winning PPC Strategy


Do your keywords match what people are typing in the search box ? Does the messaging of your ads match the messaging of your landing page?

PPC 22

A Startup's Guide to Price Matching

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From an entrepreneurial point of view, it's important to recognize the significance of pricing strategy when launching a startup or growing a busines

Can eHarmony Bring Their Matching Magic to the Workplace?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Yes, a job interview should be more like a date than a beauty pageant, but let's not take the analogy too far

Matching Grant to the Techstars Foundation to Help Improve Diversity In Entreprenership

Feld Thoughts

For the next 90 days, Amy and I are matching every gift to the Techstars Foundation on a 1:2 basis up to $100,000 from us. The post Matching Grant to the Techstars Foundation to Help Improve Diversity In Entreprenership appeared first on Feld Thoughts. We hope you join us and support our efforts. Techstars foundation Philanthropy

Small Business and Startups: The 3-Page Business Plan (and a short post to match!)

crowdSPRING Blog

Well, it’s been a while since we last explored the topic of business plans and plenty has changed. They do. Business Summary. Redux.

On the Square and Match IPOs and hopes for a correction

The Equity Kicker

Match closed up 23% at a valuation of $3.5bn and Square was up 45% at a valuation of $4.2bn. Exits Venture Capital

I’m excited to introduce MATCH: Marketers Aspiring to Change Humanity

Jeff Hilimire

As I try to find ways to do more to help our community and generally “do more” (more on that here and here and here ), I’ve created an organization called MATCH. The rules are fairly simple: teams of 4-6 digital marketers or technologists will be paired with three non-profits. On the site, you can: - Sign up to lead a team.

Government Big Data Problems Are No Match for These Startups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From monitoring the darkest corners of the web to getting government requests cleared more quickly, startups are growing by tackling data overload

Web 18

Looking for Love on Wall Street, Match Files for IPO

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The parent company of online dating sites Tinder,, and OkCupid, says it has more than $1 billion in revenue



I guess it was bound to happen, I now seem to be writing a series of posts around Matching. This is where I’ll keep my list of these posts, related articles and posts from other sources: Social Media Matching – Looks at how in many ways, everything is matching. Social Filtering – Content matching based on social signals.

One Way Science and Business Don't Match

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Learning the latest research doesn't teach you to lead. Practice does

Bacteria Are No Match for This Startup's Germ-Killing Lights

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Vital Vio makes LED white light that disinfects indoor environments--without harming humans.

A Match Making Company For People Looking To Outsource? This Company Has $80 million To Prove It Works

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

One of the biggest problems I continuously see is a company struggling to get quality freelancers. – Matching Trade Exhibitors With Vendors


With ExhibitMatch , exhibitors simply post their requirements online and wait for competitive offers.

Remember the square and round pegs must match the correct holes

Taffy Williams

Match the people to the correct task! The matching of shapes seems like a simple concept. This includes building a startup.

The state of now – new Adobe data shows mobile almost matching desktop

The Equity Kicker

With all the talk about mobile taking over the world it’s easy to forget that there’s still more traffic on the desktop. Ecommerce

Why Creativity And Blogging Are A Match Made In Heaven by Yaro Starak

It’s also aimed at inspiring you to keep going, to keep reaching for those things you set out to achieve, and to remind you why it’s worth it.

InternMatch: Helping Match Student Interns and Startups


The "how" involves registration for students and companies - the latter are charged $99, a fee that's refunded in full if a good match can't be made.

6 Ways Startups Must Match the Pace of Change

Startup Professionals Musings

Change is about the only thing constant in the world of startups. Too many find that out too late, and are left chasing a rabbit that is long gone.

PR & eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven and How to Leverage It to Help Your Business Grow

Duct Tape Marketing

PR & eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven and How to Leverage It to Help Your Business Grow written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

5 Reasons Why Consumer Collaboration and Big Data Are a Perfect Match

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

It makes the generative, creative potential of collaboration a great match. Data reveals patterns. How about a scatter plot? People move people.

Startup Seeks Angel: How to Meet Your Match

Wired Wired West

You have a startup, or an idea for a startup, or a cousin with an idea for a startup. But you don’t have extra money to fund it. Nor do you have a ton of time if you want to keep your current job and the lights on. You want to know how to pitch [.].

New Site Matches Furloughed Feds With Start-Ups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Need part-time help? Government employees are looking for work. He lives in Washington D.C and spends his days connecting people to jobs.

DC 9

Bitesize Monday: Indian Summer in Israeli VC funding (Takadu, Celeno, Superfish, Headway, Real Match)

VC Cafe

T he VC funding news from Israel are piling up on my inbox. Funding news. venturebeat ]. Realmatch was started in 2007 by Gal Almog.  [ Source ].

What Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Can Teach Us About Choosing a Co-Founder

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This odd couple is actually a brilliant match

Matching Algorithm


Because I was the Acting CTO for eHarmony at it's start, I quite often get introduced to people who have an idea for a startup company that is based on some kind of matching algorithm. Each of these startup ideas has at it's core a matching algorithm that reduces the friction between a consumer and some need. That feels powerful.

Matching Stars to their Dream Cars

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Conor Delaney, founder of Celebrity Auto Group, has built a loyal following among NBA stars and other celebrities. Just don''t ask who they are.

Match Algorithm and Inputs


One of the common questions that I commonly get is: Tony, what inputs should we use as the basis for our matching algorithm? Goodbye user.

Genetic Testing and the Workplace Don’t Match

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Genetic testing is cool and your employees may even want it as a benefit. Don't

Does Your Team Match Your Strategy?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Any team leader must periodically ask, “Does the current team match the strategy?“ Can this team deliver on the promise?