Fri.Dec 07, 2012

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10 Key Entrepreneur Success Drivers May Surprise You

Startup Professionals Musings

We can all dream about what it takes to make our startup a success. It’s the learning; not success or failure, that makes the difference.

Top 10 Must-Follow Entrepreneur Twitter Accounts

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Penelope Trunk. EntrepreneurInc. Follow Penelope Trunk: @penelopetrunk. Entrepreneur Magazine. Thankfully, there is plenty of room. Will Schroter.

Why You Need to Be a Wordsmith

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A couple of high-profile business leaders insist their teams flex their atrophying writing muscles. Want to meet a friend? They have verbs.

A new way to develop and present your business model

Up and Running

Here at Palo Alto Software , we’ve added a major new feature to our business planning app , LivePlan, that I think you’re going to love.

How to Think Globally

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Business smarts are not enough. The best global leaders are also political gurus and experts in dealing with the nonrational. Chakravorti spoke to Inc.

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6 Simple Ways to Be a Better Boss

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here are six changes to your management style that will make your employees happier. Last week, I described the 7 traits of extraordinary bosses.

Barefoot running, Achilles tendonitis, and my recovery story

The Equity Kicker

Six months ago my achilles were trashed. Probably worst of all I couldn’t play properly with my kids. The good news is that I’m better now.

How to Succeed in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We asked some of the brightest entrepreneurs we know what it's going to take to make money next year. It just means 'not right now.' Pair them up.

Ex-Rovio Team Gets Funding To Create A Game That "Will Live On For Decades"


Notably, they both invested in Supercell as well. To find out more, we got into an interview with the CEO, Antti Stén: AS: So, what's the money for?


Web Analytics Scorecards--a CMO's Best Friend

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A scorecard is a great way to show progress on tactics and hold your team accountable. Here's what yours should look like.

“Never Underestimate What You Can Accomplish…”

Scott Edward Walker

Welcome to our weekly series “ Motivational Clips for Entrepreneurs.”  Each week, we share a favorite video clip to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs. 

5 Surefire Ways to P**s Off Customers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Frankly, there's no excuse for these offenses. If you want to succeed in business, you should take notes. Let me be blunt about this. Fail to deliver.

Snipbase Offers Photo-Based Shopping Lists For The Family


Even in this digital age, we're hanging on to handwritten lists for things we need to get from the store. The app has some endearing quirks too.

How Data Can Help You Land Top Talent

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to hire a bright star? It's time to revisit how long you takes you to make a job offer--and find ways to streamline it. Here's how they did it.

PriceFlurry Crowdsources Price Information For The Offline World


Aarhus, Denmark-based PriceFlurry seeks to solve this problem by crowdsourcing information on prices.

Why Your Company Needs a Virtual Doctor

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Healthier employees and a healthier bottom line--the benefits of virtual doctor visits. For Keyes, the visit was free.

New iOS WordPress and Snapseed apps

Jeff Hilimire

Also yesterday Google made the photo editing software they acquired, Snapseed , free on iOS and I wanted to try it as well. Mobile Technology

'I Grew Up Watching My Parents Fail Over & Over Again'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Pinnacle Technical Resources CEO Nina Vaca grew up watching her entrepreneur parents fail repeatedly but learned what it takes to build a business

[Singapore] SIF Young Social Entrepreneurs Program 2013


Registrations are open until 21 December 2012.

Study: Job Seekers Want Socially Virtuous Companies

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new study from Bain & Co. shows that workers are now more interested in a company's virtue than its pay rate. Very, according to a new study.

[Infographic] The Future Of Big Data


The future of big data is, well, big. Others big data data management infographic

Google Apps for Business? Prepare to Pay Up

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Google announced that it will end the free version of its Google Apps for Business package--a move that could impede cash-strapped small businesses.

6 Ways To Get Promoted You May Not Have Considered


by Jennifer Carter, There comes a time during your professional career that you feel you are deserving of a promotion.

The Entrepreneur's Cookbook? Yep, Here It Is

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Featuring more than 70 recipes from the tech community, the new "The Start-up Chef" cookbook reveals what founders like to cook.

Nextdays Pivots To Badger And Tells Us About Recruitment


If you attended Slush this year, then you definitely have one of the Badger stickers, pictured on the left. This would form a basic core team.

Why You Need to Market to Your Employees

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Marketing a new brand and product internally to your employees could be more important than what your customers will ultimately see.

Apps4Finland Winners Take Advantage Of Finland's Open Data


These included the Idea category, Application, Visualisation, Data, and Data tutorial category. Full story to come later.


End of the World Skeptics: 15 Ways to Prepare

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some predict the world will end December 21, 2012. Not a believer? You can still get some important stuff done that will be beneficial if you survive.

mTrotter App Takes Care Of Travel Logistics Through Agencies And Companies


It seems I've grown suspicious of Swedish travel startups, or perhaps more specifically, social travel startups.


Why Money Can Hurt Your Marketing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The size of your advertising spend has little to do with your success. In fact, sometimes too much cash can be a very bad thing. presidential election?

Eskimi Hits 10 Million Users


But the social network is killing it in Africa and just hit 10 million members, of which half is from Nigeria alone.

Coping with the NHL Lockout

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A hockey equipment retailer discusses the implications of the NHL lockout on his business. With $25.9 1,793 spot on the 2012 Inc.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Rembrandt Communications

It’s that time of year when things are crazy. You are probably slammed at work trying to finish year-end projects while preparing for the holidays. But don’t let all of your work get in the way of enjoying this special time of year. To enjoy the holiday season more, here are a few tips… Review [.].


How Go Daddy Hired 1,400 People in 3 Years

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The company's chief human resources officer explains how they did it. Recognize the importance of each new hire. Some people choose to drop out.