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Innovating Municipal Government Culture

Steve Blank

asked him to share an update on  his work on teaching lean techniques to local governments. Building a Government Innovation Curriculum.

Innovation @ 50x in Companies and Government Agencies

Steve Blank

if you can’t see the presentation click  here. More on that in the next post.

Lean Government

Startup Lessons Learned

TLDR: Two things: 1) Uncle Sam (and I) want you to be an entrepreneur inside the US Federal Government as a White House Innovation Fellow. 2) All video from the SXSW Lean Startup track is now available for free. They wanted to tell me about work they were doing to make the federal government more entrepreneurial. That means you !

Government Shouldn’t Be In The Accelerator Business

Feld Thoughts

This article originally appeared online at in an article titled  Government Shouldn’t Be In The Accelerator Business. But I don’t think government should be funding these accelerators, nor do I think they need to. without government funding, being run as entrepreneurial ventures for profit by entrepreneurs.

How Federal Government Can Help Entrepreneurship

Feld Thoughts

Over the past few years, I’ve spent some time thinking about how the government can help entrepreneurship. It started with my role as the co-chairman of the Colorado Governors Innovation Council which was my first involvement in any formal way with any government initiative. Tax Policy : Incent people to invest in startups.

Does The Government Already Have All Of Our Data?

Feld Thoughts

Near the end of the week last week, the lastest “the US government is spying on US citizens” scandal broke. Cowards. Room 641A .

Parents Ordered By Government To Destroy Doll That Can Spy On Children & Adults

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How technology can disrupt a Government.

Start Up Blog

Any government is only all powerful as long as the system it operates under is stable, and the people allow it to continue to control its market.

6 Tips For Landing Government Contracts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

No matter how you might feel about that politically, it means great opportunity for government contractors. government.

Why Governments Don’t Get Startups

Steve Blank

Any government that starts public financing entrepreneurship better have a plan to get out of it by building a private VC industry. There are 5.7

Serious Business: Should The Government Give Subsidies To Small Businesses?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In this week's episode Inc.

8 Tough Questions The US Government Is Not Answering About Russian Hacking

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

While an investigation might be warranted, there are also several critical questions that we, the American people, should be asking our own governmen

The Government Starts an Incubator: The National Science Foundation Innovation Corps

Steve Blank

government has been running one of the most audacious experiments in entrepreneurship since World War II. Over the last two months the U.S.

Government and Universities Should Use the Word “Convener” More

Feld Thoughts

This was used to define a role for many of the constituents in the COIN summit which included entrepreneurs, government, university, and big company folks. Government and universities, in my view around startup communities, are feeders, not leaders. The Chicago talk was  short and tight (about 15 minutes) to warm up the event.

Governments Should Fund Startup Travel Programs

Instigator Blog

Occasionally I meet a government official and he asks me, “What should the government do to help startups?” Most governments already provide funds (although they should be continuously looking at how and where, and the efficacy of those funds, because I suspect a lot of money is wasted or given out inappropriately).

10 Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Government Business

Up and Running

Government culture differs greatly from corporate culture. How long have you been selling to government? Why is it needed? Keep it short.

Governance Models That Don’t Scale: The World According to Charles T. Munger and Jean Jacques Rousseau

Pascal's View

It is in this context that I found “Corporate Governance According to Charles T. It’s not easy. So that the CEO can lead effectively. agree!

The Government Says 12 Million People With Student Loans Got Cheated. You May Be One of Them

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Navient, nation's largest servicer, is sued for a long list of wrongdoings

Enterprise Software Churn: UNIT4 in UK local government

deal architect

The general presumption in the enterprise software marketplace is customers stay loyal for lifetimes – the more realistic thinking, of course, is they stay loyal for long periods, but not that long. When I was researching SAP Nation, I was. Industry Commentary SAP Nation Book

How we changed the way the U.S. government commercializes science: Errol Arkilic — Part 1 of Episode 6 on Sirius XM Channel 111

Steve Blank

government needs your help,’ and I remember saying, ‘The U.S. government had] of taking technology out of [all of its] labs.”. —-.

What We Learned About Government From Obama’s SXSW Keynote

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

President Obama delivered the keynote at the 2016 SXSW festival during a contentious time in the history of government's relationship with tech.

How the British Government Saved $2.2 Billion by Going Digital

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

They've also saved the government boatloads of money along the way

Why You Should Hire (Soon-to-Be) Former Government Officials After November's Elections

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's what to look for when hiring people from politics and government President Obama won't be the only one out of a job this year.

Government and startups: It’s not them vs us

The Equity Kicker

There’s a widespread notion in the tech world that governments get in the way of innovation. Rather they bleed into one another.

Why Can’t Startups and Government Learn to Get Along?


Government and tech startups don’t have anything in common. Getting over the hurdles will take work by both government and startups.

President Obama Wants the Tech Industry and Government to Collaborate Even More


SXSW Badgeholders […] The post President Obama Wants the Tech Industry and Government to Collaborate Even More appeared first on SiliconHills.

Texas 25

My Last Post About This Election – Don’t Waste Your Vote

Feld Thoughts

Government election governmentPlease vote. Just so you know my bias before reading further, I’m voting for Hillary Clinton. This post is not aimed at you if you have already decided to vote for Clinton or for Trump. As Amy and I finished Episode 5 of Goliath last night, my thoughts around this finally came into focus.

Serious Business: Should Renewable Energy Continue Receiving Government Subsidies?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

This week, renewable energy and oil and gas companies go toe-to-toe in a debate about which sectors the U.S. should be supporting

Government Big Data Problems Are No Match for These Startups

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

From monitoring the darkest corners of the web to getting government requests cleared more quickly, startups are growing by tackling data overload

Web 18

Small Business Is Bracing for a Government Shutdown

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

reports on how owners are reacting to the looming impasse on the government budget proposal. government shutdown edged closer to reality.

Green 28

How To Fix Obamacare

Feld Thoughts

Now that our federal government is back at work and the short term debt ceiling thing is resolved, it should be no surprise that the news cycle is now obsessed with Obamacare and its flawed implementation. Over And let them hire a team – using all the budget for individual hires, not government contractors or consulting firms.

CTO 114

Governments Need Entrepreneurs. Here's Where They Can Find Them

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If the government wants to attract more entrepreneurs, it could use more entrepreneurs telling it how to do so. Copyright (c) 2013

Chile 25

Get Those Government Contracts Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

government is the biggest purchaser of goods and services in the world, spending more than $600 billion annually. The U.S.

Why Gene-Editing Technology Just Made the Government's List of WMDs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

government has pointed to a technique that scientists are using to modify genes as one of the top threats posed by weapons of mass destruction

Government Tries to Hack its Own Website

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

So-called ethical hackers found a weakness as part of an effort to improve the site''s security

A Startup Visa – The International Entrepreneurs Rule – Form I-941

Feld Thoughts

Government global eir coalition immigration international entrepreneurs rule Startup VisaWe finally will have a startup visa!

Canada 101

How Innovation Governance Can Save Your Company (Five Ways To Make It Happen)


Innovation governance sounds like an oxymoron, but in fact it’s an extremely powerful concept. It’s It’s that simple.

This Tech Team Is Untangling, Rewiring and Redesigning the U.S. Government Like a Startup

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How one government agency is disrupting the White House from inside out

Entrepreneurs, not the government, will save Europe’s economy

The Next Web

recommend that European government stimulus focuses on companies that could become titans, not on small companies that won’t move the needle.

The Merrymaker Sisters: How Two Aussie Girls Quit Government Jobs, Launched A Healthy Food Business On Instagram And Today Lead The Merrymaker Business Empire by Yaro Starak

The Merrymaker sisters – Emma and Carla Papas – are originally from Canberra, but today live on. The Leap From Employees To Entrepreneurs.

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