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Early-stage Regional Venture Funds–part 2 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

Steve Blank

Part 2: Early-stage Regional Venture Funds. What’s Missing Is Early Stage Capital. Regions are missing early-stage capital.

Web Summit – Top 50 Hottest Early Stage Startups In The World

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Videocrisp is a cloud-based tool that creates professional quality videos with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Rolio    . Iceotope. GetHealth.

Considerations for Early Stage Startup Opportunities in SaaS and Cloud Computing

UC Berkeley

Today the use of cloud infrastructures and subscription models has become table stakes for any software company. by Evangelos Simoudis, Ph.D.

Connecting The Dots: Mergers Of Early-Stage Startups


The following is a guest post by Ken Smith. You can find him on LinkedIn at [link] or follow him on twitter: @CareerEntrepnr.

Clouds on the horizon

The Equity Kicker

Through much of last year there was talk of a bubble in venture capital, particularly in late stage investments. That process started quietly after the summer last year. Information flows slowly in the venture world, at least compared with public markets, and changes like this take time to play out. The last point is related to the first two.

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CEO Interview with BlazeMeter, Self-Served Load Testing in the Cloud

VC Cafe

Until BlazeMeter, there was no self-service and comprehensive load testing solution, especially in a cloud format (i.e. added costs). focus. 3.

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“Accelerators should not try and be all things to all people”


At the recent Venture Intelligence APEX’13 Summit, Sateesh Andra of VenturEast Tenet Fund provided what I thought was very useful guidance to entrepreneurs on which type of early stage investor to approach – depending on the type of company they were creating. Accelerators should not try and be all things to all people.

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How SaaS + Mobile has changed our world.

Scalable Startup

These are now done either transparently in the background, in the cloud, or done using minimally invasive mobile apps.

Design Staff ? Does your startup need a product overview video?

Design Staff

But it is almost never the right way for early-stage startups to communicate what their product does. Design Staff. Video is seductive.

The Future of Startups 2013-2017

Scalable Startup

Security, Cloud, NoSQL databases, etc. And now all of a sudden you have got this global market of all these early adopters that have smartphones connected to the Internet, and they can just pick up their things and run with them. Nothing is going to stop cloud. So the shift towards cloud services. tomnora. ALEXIA TSOTSIS.

Apply To TechStars Cloud Now

Feld Thoughts

Are you building a cloud startup? If so, apply to TechStars Cloud today ! Earlier this month TechStars announced its newest accelerator program, TechStars Cloud , and we are looking for the best cloud startups we can find to go through the inaugural program. TechStars cloud mentors

Is AWS the next computing platform?

Version One Ventures

It also means that we should already be in the early stages of that next big era. The question is: what is it? What’s next?

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Bigger in Bend, Part 2: Early-Stage Regional Venture Funds

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What’s Missing Is Early-Stage Capital While the technology gap is closing, what’s still missing in local regions is early-stage capital.

Cornerstone OnDemand CEO Adam Miller shares how he built a $2 billion cloud startup from LA

The Next Web

When cloud services company Cornerstone OnDemand got its start in Los Angeles in 1999, the odds were against it. Miller noted.

Startup Workshops Update

Scalable Startup

However, it keeps growing growing on its own, and I am seeing more of what’s needed to make people in this group successful – sessions on SaaS/Cloud Computing, better software technologies, focused consulting, API training. And I’ve met some amazing people. is a funny place but I love the startup scene here. “ at ROFL.

Exclusive: Enigmai Helps SMBs Simplify Complex Workforce Scheduling on the Cloud [Interview]

VC Cafe

B ootstrapping can be really hard for some early stage startups, but Israeli startup Enigmai , makes it seem easy. Sys admin management.

Exclusive: Enigmai Helps SMBs Simplify Complex Workforce Scheduling on the Cloud [Interview]

VC Cafe

B ootstrapping can be really hard for some early stage startups, but Israeli startup Enigmai , makes it seem easy. Sys admin management.

1M/1M Strategy Roundtable: 5 Cloud Computing Opportunities For Entrepreneurs


At today’s roundtable, I started with a presentation on Blue Sky opportunities in Cloud Computing based on our Thought Leaders In Cloud Computing (TLCC) research. took the audience through five cloud-based business ideas, and discussed why they are relevant, and pointed them to the sources I derived those ideas from.  .

The 7 Deadly Healthcare Startup Sins

Steve Blank

It is in need of innovation on many fronts and is also trying to embrace the amazing amount of innovation happening with early-stage companies.

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Lessons Learned: The four kinds of work, and how to get them done.

Startup Lessons Learned

Another advantage of the early stages is that most dont have to juggle too many competing priorities. Seeing whats possible. for H.

New Year, New Fund

Seeing Both Sides

The advent of the cloud, open source development tools and lean startup practices have led to a different evolutionary pattern for startups.

Exclusive: Enigmai Helps SMBs Simplify Complex Workforce Scheduling on the Cloud [Interview]

VC Cafe

B ootstrapping can be really hard for some early stage startups, but Israeli startup Enigmai , makes it seem easy. Adir : There’s a lot of buzz about cloud computing. Great idea, but not a simple task if you take into account the variety of factors that need to be taken into account when organizing a schedule.

Startup Surge in Los Angeles


That seemed to be the mood running through the cloud at the more-than-sellout crowd at the Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica Thursday at the first LA Demo Day. Ben Kuo just posted on SoCalTech: Are the good times for startups back? At the event, the enthusiasm for startups was palpable. Are others seeing this as well

Refining your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Ratio

Cracking the Code

This is the most standard CAC ratio for early stage SaaS businesses. think it depends on the stage of the company.

Benchmark’s New General Partner: Scott Belsky

Scott came to our attention through his work as an early-stage investor and active advisor to important companies like Uber, Warby Parker, Pinterest and most recently Periscope. Being in front of such big, transformative ideas at an early stage shows tremendous investment judgment.

The Rise of the Interim CTO

Launch Any

While many have heard of interim executives for the CEO or CMO role, the Interim CTO role is quickly becoming a popular option for early stage and growing startups. Help transition an early-stage startup from undisciplined development practices (“cowboy coding”) to a consistent, repeatable, scalable process and team.

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Clouds on the startup horizon?


If they buy, it will be later stage profitable companies that contribute to revenue and earnings growth. I rarely watch the news.

Steel In Their Eyes – Why VC’s Should Be Startup CEO’s

Steve Blank

Today, you can start a web/mobile/cloud startup for $500,000 and have money left over.  Every potential early-stage Venture Capitalist should take a year and do it before he or she makes partner. Early-stage Venture Capital firms grow their partnerships in different ways, some hire: partners from other firms.

Less Than Three Weeks To Gluecon 2013

Feld Thoughts

Not only does Gluecon have the usual raft of amazing startup/early stage sponsors, but this year, the “big guys” are showing up (SAP, Intel, HP, Google, IBM, General Motors, Rackspace). Is it cloud computing adoption that’s driving this? Enterprise development is once again white hot. Or mobile?

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Google Apps Marketplace Ecosystem

Feld Thoughts

Spanning is all about cloud backup. Their mindshare for cloud based business apps far outpaces Microsoft. For an early stage company that is deep in iterating on product features with its customers, this is a huge advantage. Each company is going after something very different. And Yesware is “email for salespeople.”

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The Very First Startup Founder You Need to Invest in is You

Both Sides of the Table

Back then there was no “cloud” so we had to plow money into hardware, software licenses and web hosting. Literally. often say.

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The recent API obsession (and why it matters)

Launch Any

Many of these early web services used technologies such as SOAP, WSDL, and a number of other nasty acronyms. little API history. Simplicity.

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6 Business Essentials To Keep Your Startup Thriving

Startup Professionals Musings

I’ve noticed a great tendency among startup founders to ignore the essentials of business accounting in the early stages of their startup.

How To Raise A $150 Million VC Fund

Feld Thoughts

We were starting to experiment with corporate partners through programs like Techstars Cloud, which we did with Rackspace. Be partners now in the VC fund and ramp up to raise a much larger early stage fund, rather than just a seed fund.”. One day in 2009 David Cohen and I were talking. ” And that’s how it started.

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Understanding Changes in the Software & Venture Capital Industries

Both Sides of the Table

The Emergence of “Open Cloud&# Infrastructure. The biggest change in the software industry beyond open-source was “open cloud.&#.

30 Israeli Startups Compete to Win IBM SmartCamp [List]

VC Cafe

Seculert - provides a cloud-based security software as a service model ( SaaS ). Must demonstrate your industry expertise. For example: Web 2.0

How the Seed-Stage VC Trend Began, The Downsides of Unicorns & Much More

Both Sides of the Table

Some quick highlights include: The Role of a Seed Stage VC. It is, of course, a very recent phenomenon. But not many others. Startup Lessons

Andreessen Horowitz explain why now is a good time to be a tech investor

The Equity Kicker

The guys at Andreessen Hororwitz  are on a hell of a tear. billion today to five billion in the coming years. Venture Capital

The disruption of venture capital

The Equity Kicker

One of the reasons I moved to Forward was to be in the vanguard of change for early stage company finance. Startup costs have fallen – open source software and cloud computing have driven startup costs down by a factor of 10. Today there is much more transparency. Before that offline networking was the only way. Forward

Corporate Development 101: What Every Startup Should Know


Chris is COO of TrueLens , an early stage startup in the social marketing space. The following is a guest post by Chris Sheehan.