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Distribution Advantage

Rob Go

But this time, I gave a different answer.  We tend to favor companies that have a “distribution advantage”.  So what are some examples of distribution advantages?  Legacy Distribution Power : Quite a few successful companies got a nice head start because of legacy traffic.  This tends to be pretty hit-or-miss, I find. 

Distribution, Distribution, Distribution

Mark Birch

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Why product now trumps distribution – a framework

The Equity Kicker

Back in 1999 when I got my first job in the venture industry I remember having a debate with my boss about the relative importance of product and distribution for startups. Since then the internet has changed everything and for most industries product is now far more important than distribution. Distribution must still be mastered.

Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences – Distribution Channels

Steve Blank

This post is an update of what we learned about life science distribution channels. Channel Cost =   $350-400,000 per sales team.

How to Supercharge your Content Marketing with Paid Advertising


Sometimes, paid advertising tools and platforms can be a great supplement to these more traditional means of distribution. Outbrain.  .  .

Sales Success Begins And Ends With Engagement


By Kurt Bilafer, Global Vice President Sales & Success at WePay. It took me a while to see the value of that. Optimizing to quota.

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How to Write the Sales and Marketing Section of Your Business Plan

Up and Running

Think of sales as helping them configure, choose, and pay for what you offer that they want or need. The product and the website close the sale.

You Can’t Spell Hardware without H-A-R-D

K9 Ventures

If you do a launch it’s rare for the launch to take of organically, it must also be accompanied by a level of paid distribution (i.e.

Is It Time to Bury the Sales Territory?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why an affinity based approach to lead distribution makes sense for today's sales teams

A Valid Business Model Requires Real Customer Sales

Startup Professionals Musings

This whole process is particularly worrisome to many startup founders, since their expertise and background more likely technology than sales.

A Valid Business Model Requires Real Customer Sales


This whole process is particularly worrisome to many startup founders, since their expertise and background more likely technology than sales.

10 Characteristics of Successful Distribution Networks - NextWala


Congratulations to Rashmi, Jon & Amit at Slideshare for LinkedIn sale. 10 Characteristics of Successful Distribution Networks. NextWala.

Some Rules for Marketplaces and Distributed Workforce Platforms

This is going to be BIG.

My two most recent deals involve a distribution of labor or direct sales, and two of my upcoming deals are similarly structured. Recently, I''ve gotten interested in two models where the marketplace was cutting the provider in for a slice of the sales, whereas they used to just get paid a flat, hourly wage.

Short guide to sales and marketing for start-ups [Guest Post]

VC Cafe

You have to invest time and money into building a sales and marketing team to acquire customers beyond early adopters. sales or support).

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Beyond Lead Gen: How To Optimize B2B Sales Enablement


We often talk about online conversion optimization without mentioning that many businesses, especially B2B, rely on offline sales to produce revenue.

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How We Pitched A National Retail Chain—And Landed On Store Shelves

YFS Magazine

Grow Launch Marketing & Sales distribution channels marketing marketing strategy wholesalers

Scaling Sales: From Craft to Machine

Seeing Both Sides

I''ve been thinking a lot lately about scaling sales.  . Find a new sales rep with industry experience, a rolodex and a strong track record.

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It Takes a Customer Sale to Prove a Business Model

Startup Professionals Musings

This whole process is particularly worrisome to many startup founders, since their expertise and background more likely technology than sales.

5 Reasons Why Your Online Business Is Struggling (And How To Fix It)

YFS Magazine

Grow Marketing & Sales company website distribution channels eCommerce marketing online business online marketing

5 Ways to Improve Sales Without Selling

Growthink Blog

There is a big difference between marketing and sales. The act of selling generates revenue when a product is sold. radio ads). read more.

"Superior sales and distribution can create monopoly, even without product differentiation. The."

Mark Birch

“Superior sales and distribution can create monopoly, even without product differentiation. Lean Startup and the startup world often say product wins and discount the value of marketing and sales. sales startups business model marketing This was a snippet from Tom’s blog post.

Picking Teams: The Rx for a Winning Sales Organization

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Part two of the prescriptive solution series: The way we distribute opportunities can determine whether or not they turn into deals

How Creating a Sense of Urgency Helped Me Increase Sales By 332%


How I Increased Sales By 332% Using Scarcity & Urgency. When shops have flash sales, they often paint the word sale in red.

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Get Early Customer Sales To Validate Your Business

Startup Professionals Musings

This whole process is particularly worrisome to many startup founders, since their expertise and background more likely technology than sales.

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Is ‘sales’ a dirty word?

The Next Web

Making sales” feels kind of sleazy, doesn’t it? For a lot of us, our feeling about sales stems from a bad experience with a salesperson.

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Scaling Sales: Arming & Aiming – Objection Handling

Both Sides of the Table

This is part of a series on sales & marketing. More experienced sales leaders seldom compete on price. Whatever.

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Distribution Mode vs. Initial Contract Size

Mark Birch

So how does initial contract size affect the distribution strategy of SaaS companies? SaaS tech contract value distribution sales

Distribution and Engagement Frameworks

Mark Birch

Last week we talked about the importance of having a cogent distribution strategy even in the early stages of a startup.  Think I’m full of it? 

Distribution Businesses As A Startup Opportunity


Operating a distribution business can be that type of solution. Others distribution supply chainRecession Resistance. Startup Savings.

How to Protect Your Small Business When Advertising Sales and Discounts [Part 1]

Up and Running

Offering sales and discounts is a great way to bring in extra business and promote loyalty from your customers. Advertising your products.

How We Grew Our Fashion Accessories Business To Over A Million Dollars In Sales by Yaro Starak

Research and development, sample making, marketing the product and perhaps even handling some of the preliminary sales are some of the stages of expansion. However, with my handbag company charm and luck , to grow our business we realized we needed to find sales partners to handle our sales. Ask probing questions.

A visual guide to pitching

Version One Ventures

The core questions to answer are therefore on distribution and scale, and on your business model.  Paid or organic via network effects?

5 Simple Steps To Create Compelling SEO Content

YFS Magazine

Learn how to position yourself as an expert by writing and distributing SEO content for your startup or small business.

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How To Enrol Your Sales Team In The All Important Collections Process


Historically, the interaction between the credit collections department and the sales team has been an adversarial relationship.

Overwhelmed with Customer Data? Here's How to Sort and Make a Sale

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The obvious and most effective way is to leverage email to engage with customers, drive traffic to your website, and hopefully convert to sales.

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8 Tips For Getting Your Product Into Retail Stores

Up and Running

If your new business is going to distribute products in the U.S. involve two-tiered distribution, which means… 2. Understand tiers.

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The Phantom Sales Forecast – Failing at Customer Validation

Steve Blank

Startup CEO’s can’t delegate sales and expect it to happen. Here’s an example in a direct sales channel. Sales Process.

Sales for Startups: Not All Leads Are Equal

Mark Birch

There is no logical reason for a highly paid sales rep (or in the case of a very early startup, the CEO) to call or email website leads in most cases.

What’s more important: product or sales?

Version One Ventures

It’s the age-old debate among start-up circles: which is more important to the success of a start-up: the strength of the sales/distribution strategy or the quality of the product? To be successful, a stand-alone company needs a top-notch product and a clever distribution/sales strategy. Today, it’s a different story.


Are You Selling Solutions Through The Right Channel?

Startup Professionals Musings

The right channel for marketing and distribution is one of the basic “four Ps” of business (product, promotion, price and placement).