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Product/Market Fit and Lean Analytics

Instigator Blog

In the last couple weeks I’ve read a few great blog posts about product/market fit and the confusion that exists around what it really means. I’d say for many early stage startups, product/market fit is thought of as that point in time when you’ve finally built a product that people use and it’s time to […].

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A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

And on wednesday night I spoke to the NYC Lean Startup Meetup with the help of Giff who interviewed me. Eric and his fellow lean advocate Steve Blank have both written at length about the methodologies associated with the lean startup approach. To me, USV is a lean VC firm. My prior experience at Flatiron was instructive.

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Reuniting Product Management and Lean UX

Grasshopper Herder

We product managers have let ourselves be put into smaller product owner boxes.

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Lean Startup and Lean Analytics in the Enterprise

Instigator Blog

It’s clear that Lean Startup is shifting from startups to the enterprise. There’s still a lot to learn amongst early stage entrepreneurs, and a lot of discussion that’s needed around implementing Lean Startup, but attention has definitely shifted to applying the framework in large organizations. Presentation matters.

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Lean in Larger Organizations – Interview with Jay Badenhope

Grasshopper Herder

Jay Badenhope (Senior Product Manager of JustAnswer) leads product teams that experiment and build things to solve meaningful customer problems.  I reached out to him to chat about his approach to implementing lean startup in large- and mid-size companies.

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Living Lean

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Startup is not easy. Now I''m a Lean Startup." Lean Startups Managing Entrepreneurship Minimum Viable Product MVP

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Lean Market Research for Startups

VC Cafe

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Lean & Startup Patterns – Interview with Sam McAfee

Grasshopper Herder

(Sam McAfee is the Chief Technology Officer of POPVOX and author of Startup Patterns.  I reached out to chat about his approach on Lean, startups and teamwork. Lean Startup Teamwork & Leadership lean manufacturing lean product development lean startup

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The Rudder Fallacy – Adopting Lean Startup

Grasshopper Herder

In a lean startup, team velocity proceeds measurable product progress. Lean Enterprise Lean Startups Managing Entrepreneurship adopting lean startup agile velocity metrics Before there is velocity, no measurable progress can be seen on any metrics dashboard.

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Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work

Steve Blank

—– Lean Innovation Management. The result will be: a new, Lean version of the Three Horizons of Innovation. Here’s how.

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The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency Goes Lean

Steve Blank

We tend to associate the government with words like bureaucracy rather than lean innovation. The NGA, an organization within the U.S.

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The Four Parts of a Minimal Viable Product

Grasshopper Herder

Isn''t an MVP just a bare bones product? If people sign up for our MVP, that means we''ve got Product/Market Fit, right?

The Four Parts of a Minimum Viable Product

Grasshopper Herder

Isn''t an MVP just a bare bones product? If people sign up for our MVP, that means we''ve got Product/Market Fit, right?

Lean Analytics

Startup Lessons Learned

Lean Analytics is the latest addition to the Lean Series. So churn for those product categories may be lower. McCallum.

Hacking for Diplomacy – Solving Foreign Policy Challenges with the Lean LaunchPad

Steve Blank

Hacking for Diplomacy  is not a product incubator for a specific technology solution. Hacking for Diplomacy Lean LaunchPad Teaching

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Experimenting with Product, Price and Market

Instigator Blog

Every startup has to experiment with product, price and market to find the right combination that allows them to scale and win. Last week I wrote about product/market fit […]. Lean Startup

Lessons Learned Launching a Lean Startup Accelerator

Instigator Blog

Year One Labs is a Lean Startup accelerator. Our Lean Startup Methodology. 20k is provided to build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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The Lean LaunchPad Educators Class

Steve Blank

The Lean LaunchPad entrepreneurship curriculum has caught fire. It’s called the Lean Startup. Victor Hugo. In 2003 U.C. Thanks!”

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False Positives and Product / Market Fit

Grasshopper Herder

Lean Startup is hard. Which one of these tests will actually tell us if we have the fabled Product / Market Fit?

Why Lean May Save Your Life – The I-Corps @ NIH

Steve Blank

Today the National Institutes of Health announced they are offering my Lean LaunchPad class ( I-Corps @ NIH ) to commercialize Life Science.

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New Lessons Learned from Berkeley & Stanford Lean LaunchPad Classes

Steve Blank

If you can’t see the presentation above, click here Filed under: Lean LaunchPad , Teaching. Lean LaunchPad Teaching The result?

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What’s wrong with the lean startup methodology?

The Next Web

The objective is to eliminate uncertainty in the product development process. Entrepreneur lean startup

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Getting Lean in Education – By Getting Out of the Classroom

Steve Blank

This week the National Science Foundation goes Lean on education by providing $1.2 National Science Foundation adopted my Lean LaunchPad class.

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Lean Government

Startup Lessons Learned

TLDR: Two things: 1) Uncle Sam (and I) want you to be an entrepreneur inside the US Federal Government as a White House Innovation Fellow. 2) All video from the SXSW Lean Startup track is now available for free. Second, it was the day after the first SXSW Lean Startup track, and I was exhausted. You know the ones I mean.)

Lean product management

Google Ventures

What is Lean Product Management?  Dan Olsen , a startup veteran and leading PM voice, discusses how to apply Lean Startup principles as a product person. Dan covers best practices in understanding customer needs, prioritization, UX design, user testing, and analytics that can be used to optimize your product.

Impact! NYU Scales the Lean LaunchPad

Steve Blank

NYU has adopted the Lean LaunchPad ® class as a standard entrepreneurship course across twelve different schools/colleges within the University.

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The Lean LaunchPad Goes to Middle School

Steve Blank

They both attended our latest  Lean LaunchPad Educators Class. Summary for the Lean LaunchPad in K-12 Education. Lean LaunchPad Teachin

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This Will Save Us Years – Lean LaunchPad for Life Science

Steve Blank

Watch this 90 second clip and find out how the Lean LaunchPad class saved them years. (If you can’t see the clip above click here.).

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The Air Force Academy Gets Lean

Steve Blank

Here’s what we’ve noticed so far: In typical Lean Launchpad classes, students apply as teams with their own idea.  ——-. Up the hill!

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The Lean Entrepreneur is here

Startup Lessons Learned

LitMotors approach to using Lean Startup to create a new vehicle category. The result: a new idea I called The Lean Startup.

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How The Cloud Is Reshaping Small Business Productivity And Profits

crowdSPRING Blog

Both of those are cloud-based services, as are Dropbox , Slack , MailChimp , and many other useful products. Lower expenses. This is true.

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Bootstrapping A Startup Product In Your Company

Street Smart Product Manager

Many of my product help calls are from folks frustrated with being able to pursue a new product in an existing company.

Lean Business: Unleashing the (task) Force

crowdSPRING Blog

Related posts: Lean Marketing tips: business card as selling tool. Lean Business: Pivot Point. Keep it small. Set specific goals.

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How To Build a Web Startup – Lean LaunchPad Edition

Steve Blank

As part of our Lean LaunchPad  classes at Stanford, Berkeley, Columbia and for the National Science Foundation, students build a startup in 8 weeks using Business Model Design + Customer Development. How To Build a Web Startup – The Lean LaunchPad Edition. Craft Your Company Hypotheses (use the Lean LaunchLab ). Step 2.

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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Productivity on the Road

crowdSPRING Blog

To make travel productive, however, you must plan ahead. Lean business practices productivity small business travel workflowYikes!

5 Strategies To Increase Productivity In Open Offices

crowdSPRING Blog

Some startup teams are nimble, energetic and productive, and people assume that open offices are, at least in part, responsible for those traits.

Lean Goes Better with Coke – the Future of Corporate Innovation

Steve Blank

We have a portfolio of more than 500 brands and 4000 products and people invite us into their lives more 1.8 Breakthrough Innovation.”

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How to Structure Good Hypotheses for Your Lean Startup

Instigator Blog

That leads to a ton of products getting launched with zero traction.; Customer Development customer development hypotheses lean startup writingTweet. Crafting good hypotheses for your startup is hard. Most people focus on solutions rather than problems. good hypothesis needs to be written down. Just do it. Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

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The Challenging Pace of Lean Startup

Instigator Blog

When it comes to the Lean Startup process, it’s even harder. The first instinct most entrepreneurs have after they’re struck by some crazy inspiration isn’t to write down hypotheses, assumptions and tests for a Minimum Viable Product. And then, Lean Startup says, “Great. Tweet. Slow -> Fast -> Slow.

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Lean Startup and Big Vision Are Not Diametrically Opposed

Instigator Blog

Recently, I presented Lean Canvas and an extended Problem-Solution Canvas (that we created at Year One Labs) to FounderFuel’s second startup cohort. During my session at FounderFuel, John Stokes from Real Ventures asked me where in the Lean Startup process does vision fit in? Lean Startup + Vision. 1. Wrong.

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