Wed.Nov 07, 2012

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5 Key Ingredients of Satisfaction for Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

Building a startup is hard work for low pay, it’s risky, and it requires total responsibility to make it work. Meaningful work. Financial independence.

Forget apps and useless startups: These four African girls have created a pee-powered generator

The Next Web

What have you built lately? All over Africa, young men and women have missioned across the country and arrived in Lagos, Nigeria.

8 Things Wildly Successful People Do

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The most successful people in business work differently. See what they do--and why it works. They also share a number of habits: 1. They do the work.

.Net 49

9 Ways To Make Sure Your Small Business Is Better Off Four Years From Now


Romney cares only about bankers, huge multinational corporations, and the super wealthy!”. What exactly are the basics? They’re less risk-averse.

The Skills Most Leaders Don't Have

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

We've all heard about hard skills and soft skills. Those aren't the ones that trip up leaders. Here’s what I mean. That’s even harder.

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How Tariq Farid Made Fruit Baskets a $400 Million Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Tariq Farid says his family would "still be struggling" if they were in Pakistan. Instead, he's the CEO of the very successful Edible Arrangements.

How To Implement Recurring Billing In Any Business

Mike Michalowicz

Most entrepreneurs have two basic goals: (1) make money and (2) make more money. This is also referred as the subscription model. It’s that simple.

6 Sales Lessons From the Election

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The recent election teaches important lessons about what really works in sales and marketing. This election was particularly rife with them: 1.

New Online Courses From Sympoz On Starting A Company

Feld Thoughts

Along with my partner Jason Mendelson and our friends  Brad Bernthal  (University of Colorado Law School) and  Mike Platt  (partner at Cooley LLP) we have launched a series of courses in conjunction with our portfolio company Sympoz  on starting a company. My class,  How To Light a Spark & Set Your Startup on Fire , is  FREE  for a limited time.

If You Do One Thing on Social Media, Do This

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Aaron Aders, co-founder of Slingshot SEO, explains the first step you need to take on social media before anything else

SEO 28

Take a CopyWriter to Lunch. And an Editor to Dinner.

Up and Running

I’m a good writer. know that. I’m proud of that. write relatively fast, relatively finished non-fiction business writing. Google me. .

5 Steps to Handling a Customer Complaint

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your employees may be turning customers away. Teach them these simple steps to navigate through a customer service issue. Don't believe me? Thank you."

The Product Manager

Seeing Both Sides

My first job after business school was serving as a product manager for an Internet commerce software company (Open Market, IPO'96).

Agile 11

Why 57 Million People Voted for Mitt Romney

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Mitt Romney's campaign turned out to be a tribute to a quality every entrepreneur implicitly understands. Bush did in winning in 2000.

Encouraging empowering innovation

The Equity Kicker

Yesterday I wrote about the distinction between empowering innovation that creates jobs and economic growth and efficiency innovation which improves profits but destroys jobs and does little for growth. the sort that develop empowering innovations). reduce capital gains tax for assets held for a long period. Give open access to government data.

Modern Marketing: Turn Your Company Into a Magnet

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Top 5 Happiness Tips For Business And Sales Professionals


by J.B. They provide fertile ground on which to not only increase one’s happiness, but to maximize the efficacy of one’s sales efforts. 1.

Fix How You Ask For Feedback

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to improve your product, speech, or website? Stop asking people whether they like it. What exactly do you ask them? What do they do wrong?

Sifting Through the Spam: How to Ensure Your Company’s Cyber Legitimacy

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Spam is subjective. Broadly defined, it refers to all business outreach. However, there are certain things you can do to reduce that risk.

Women Are Less Likely to Negotiate Starting Salaries

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new report shows that women are unlikely to discuss the salary for a new job unless asked. cities.

Have You Tested Selling Video Ads On Your Blog? by Yaro Starak

Before I tell you the background story and my own results so far with video ads, if you haven’t yet tried out CrankyAds , I recommend you give it a go. It’s a free WordPress plugin you can use to handle all advertising on your blog, and that includes offering video ads to your sponsors.

Election Behind; Fiscal Cliff Ahead

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Officials in Washington wasted no time in setting themselves heading straight toward the precipice. will send itself into a self-inflicted recession.

Chad 14

Nate Silver’s probability map vs. the actual map of the.

Mark Birch

Nate Silver’s probability map vs. the actual map of the Presidential electoral college results. Pretty close, no?  (via  ilovecharts ).


Why You Should Give Yourself a Raise

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Infographic: Research suggests entrepreneurs often take home smaller paychecks than their employees

Tom Conrad

Google Ventures

Tom Conrad, CTO at Pandora , shares his inspiration for reinventing the radio. Founder Interviews


Don't Have a Schtick? Get One Now

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Richard Branson does crazy stunts. Another founder wears orange every day. Great product, brilliant team, the right meetings--the list goes on.

Innotech to Add New Women IT Conference

Austin Startup

With Innotech only a couple of days away, Matt Scherer, the public relations staff member for the Austin Innotech and our San Antonio correspondent, sat down with Amanda Justice, the chair of the 2012 Women of Information Technology Summit. Enterprise innotech

Face It: Your Employees Cheat (or Used to)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's how you can encourage your staffers to be ethical at work (even if they haven't always been). You're looking at an office full of cheaters.

Innotech Keynote Speaker Excited About Austin Expansion

Austin Startup

Matt Scherer, our San Antonio correspondent, is also serving as the public relations director for the Nov. Innotech trade show. He recently completed this interview with Tim Cox, executive director for General Motors enterprise solutions. Enterprise innotech

4 Things Obama Should Do Before Dinner

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Obama's first priority should be helping entrepreneurs create jobs. Here's how he can get that done, fast. priority.

We Are Austin Tech: Sam Decker

Austin Startup

Sam Decker is Co-Founder and CEO of Mass Relevance, a social engagement platform that discovers, filters, and displays real-time content anywhere. Editorial mass relevance Sam Decker We Are Austin Tech

What Investors Need to Hear from You

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

NYC TechStars managing director David Tisch on the start-up metrics that savvy investors watch most closely

Big Data Won the Election

Mark Birch

You could be forgiven for thinking this is the true narrative.  However you are wrong.  The big story is that big data won.

Sir Richard Branson: Difficulties & Opportunities Launching a Regulated Business

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In some cases--like Branson's space ship company Virgin Galactic--helpful regulators can make new business ideas possible