April, 2006

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America's Competitiveness

Will Price

Innovation creates jobs, wealth, and increased social utility. It is a worthwhile and scary read. Is this overly negative thinking? future prosperity.

Lessons Learned: A Successful VC Reflects on his Experience.

Tim Keane

Here is a summary of his remarks, ?Things Things I've learned

Enter the IOS Matrix

Florida Venture Blog

I've shared some fun web mashups before, but they grow/improve daily. larger Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix. mashups ios programmableweb


Topix.net/VC: The Best Page on the Web

Entrepreneurship Blog

Can anyone deny that Topix.net is the best news aggregator on the web?

Christine: Venture Chicks at the NVCA


environment: the 2006 nvca annual conference in san francisco, sponsored by the national venture capital association.

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VC Champions of the World

Florida Venture Blog

Well, there is, kind of. UNC's Venture Capital Investment Competition includes over 50 student venture capital teams from across the world. unc vcic

Startup School: Fun but Disappointing

Entrepreneurship Blog

A lot of interesting people showed up for Startup School and it was a fun experience. In fact, I even got to shake Tim O'Reilly's hand, which was kind of cool. However, I didn't learn anything and considering I sat through 7 afternoon speakers over 4 hours I was pretty disappointed. really hope nobody in the audience took Ms.

Christine: Open Source Dynamics Discussion


last night, i moderated a panel entitled "open source: ready for prime time?" that was sponsored by techcoire amidst the dark hills of sacramento.

As Wifi Grows, So Do the PR Attacks



PR 0
PR Web 0

Concept to Company Update - Great Event

Will Price

Tonight, VLAB and Hummer Winblad hosted a wonderful panel at Stanford Business School titled Concept to Company: Strategies for Swimming with the Sharks. This year's Concept-to-Company event focused on the business formation of Cittio , a network management software company founded in 2001 and funded by Hummer Winblad last year.

Board Seats for Angels in Startups - Startups and angels: Along the.

Tim Keane

Should Angels be compensated for work as directors of the companies in their portfolios? I am not sure about this, but here is one view that ought to be worth discussing. I'd be interested in comments from angels and

Angels or Icarii?

Florida Venture Blog

The first article of my VCFAQ column ran in TechJournalSouth this week. Although the paper-based column allows me to go deeper on topics I might just touch here, I hope VCFAQ, like FVB, can also be a place to share questions and answers from the venture game. Enjoy and let me know your comments/questions.

NFL Draft vs. Startup School

Entrepreneurship Blog

Tomorrow I have a very tough decision to make. I was invited to Paul Graham's Startup School but I'm torn over whether or not I should watch the NFL Draft. really am an NFL Draft dork. With free agency, parity and the 49ers really sucking I don't even pay much attention to the NFL these days but for some reason I still love the draft.

Christine: The Googlized Future, Through the Eyes of Eric Schmidt


WayTooEarly: Business Plan Hyperbole


Business Plan Hyperbole This will be the greatest blog post ever. Its unique content and message has no equal, and we have not heard of any potential competitors The idea behind this post is so important, I'm somwhat afraid

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Venture Stats

Will Price

VentureSource , a division of Dow Jones, just released their Venture Capital Industry report for 2006. The report is co-authored with Ernst & Young. For those who follow the VC industry, below are some interesting 2005 statistics: Commitments to VC Funds, $22.2 bn. Up 18.7% from 2004 VC Financings, $22.1bn. from 2004 IT Financings, $12 bn.


Ten questions the entrepreneur should ask the (prospective) investor

Tim Keane

Of course, not all money is created equal. Some comes attached to investors who are making their first investment, for instance. If they're making it as part of a group that the entrepreneur likes, fine. If they are ?solo,? solo,? though

Florida Posts 2nd Fastest Tech Job Growth in the US

Florida Venture Blog

The AeA just announced the results of their Cyberstates 2006 report and Florida had an impressive showing. Early stage dollars continue to be a missing piece of that puzzle, but we're moving in the right direction. Let's get to know each other, Join FVB , my venture capital blog community

Phil Angelides's Family

Entrepreneurship Blog

All politics aside, is it just me or is Phil Angelides using his daughters in his latest TV commercial totally inappropriate? The advertisement is currently available Phil's campaign website. Does this mean that his daughters lives are fair game for the press? Using his daughters in this way is manipulative of the public and unfair to his children

Christine: Eco-Friendly Computing Through Greasy Vegetable Juice and Aggressive Recycling


the alameda county computer resource center (accrc) showed how eco-friendly computing is done at this weekend's maker faire.

WayTooEarly: The Year Of


One of my favorite recurring features in Fred Wilson's terrific blog, A_VC, is the VC cliche of the week. For this way too early investor, the cliche that sucks me in time after time is "But this is the year

Concept to Company

Will Price

Next Tuesday April 18th at Stanford, Hummer Winblad and VLAB are hosting a great event titled Concept to Company. For anyone considering starting a company and navigating how to take an idea to fruition, I strongly suggestion you attend. Why would any VC decide to fund a start-up in this space? Click here to read more on the panel.

"What Makes an Attractive Angel Investment" - Startups and angels.

Tim Keane

This is an overview prepared by the Marquette Golden Angels Network for entrepreneurs. Download what_makes_an_attractive_angel_investment.pdf (PDF 1.5MB

Burnham's Beat: Persistent Search: Search's Next Big Battleground

Burnham's Beat

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Equal Opportunity Google Disdain

Entrepreneurship Blog

I've written previously on my blog about how I don't like Google. continue to stand by my reasoning that the company's success has been more about timing than brilliance, execution or even great marketing. Over the weekend I purchased " The Search " by John Battelle. Wow, a journalist writing a business book.

Christine: Urban Camouflage for Parking Scofflaws


this is somewhat afield of a typical christine.net post, but this exhibit from the maker faire was just too funny to not share. camouflagethumb

Continue To Be Persistent - VCball


This week, my venture firm, after a 8 year quest since it's inception, achieved a big milestone. It was no cake walk, and we have a long way to go to fulfill our ambitions. So when I was thumbing through

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WayTooEarly: The 6th P


For many years, i have responded to the question "What factors do you consider in makinga venture investment/" i have responded, "The Four Ps." " These arose from a discussion I had with John Doerr in the late 1980's


Will Price

Start-ups are by definition young, in constant motion, and experiencing massive change. The start-up environment and pressure to attract capital, talent, customers, and partners makes it challenging to take the time to plan carefully and wisely.

Burnham's Beat: Real Estate, Cars, Jobs: Watch Out World, Google.

Burnham's Beat

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Presenting to Band of Angels

Entrepreneurship Blog

Last night I had the pleasure of presenting Cryptine Networks to the Band of Angels. The presentation was done over dinner at the Los Altos Golf & Country Club and included two other startups. I was really impressed by the knowledge and experience of the all the Band members that I met. Two key things really stuck out to me.

Christine: Lighting My Hair on Fire with a Flaming Sunflower


we met one of the flaming lotus girls - makers of cool fiery objects both large and small - at this weekend's maker faire. firethumb

Dream Big

Florida Venture Blog

The Gators did it -- going from unranked preseason to NCAA Men's Basketball National Champions. According to Sophomore star and sound-bite machine Joakim Noah, it feels so good he can smell it and taste it. That's great for us Gator fans, but what's in it for the rest of you.big dreams! He will be just the 5th private tourist to go into space.

WayTooEarly: Why Way Too Early


This weblog is meant to allow me to vent about the travails and joys of working at the earliest stages of companies and technologies. I've been doing it for 30 years, and have formed a lot of opinions, some of