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Support The Open Internet

Feld Thoughts

Just now Fred Wilson posted an Open Internet Letter to the FCC that my partners and I at Foundry Group signed on to.

Protect The Internet

Feld Thoughts

The Internet has been an unbelievable force for innovation, entrepreneurship, job creation, and free speech in the US, and around the world.

The Emerging Architecture Of Internet Applications

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

The bitcoin blockchain is not just going to change the way money works on the Internet (and off). Most things will work like email.

Mary Meeker's 2012 Internet Trends

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

I love these "state of the internet" presentations Mary does. Mary published this presentation this past week.

Video Of The Week: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It was an easy and obvious call this weekend. You should too. mobile VC & Technology Web/Tech

10 Facts About the Internet That Will Blow Your Mind

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

In just a few short years, the Internet has come a long way. Need convincing? Check out these 10 amazing facts that will blow your mind

The End of ?Internet? Companies ? AGILEVC

Agile VC

The End of “Internet” Companies. Al Gore's 2012 Induction to the Internet Hall of Fame. How To Think About The Future.

This Obscure Grammar Rule Is Blowing Up the Internet

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why the internet is going crazy for adjective word order

The Great Internet Stock Correction of 1997, or 1999, or …

Feld Thoughts

In the last two weeks there’s been a flurry of articles about the implications of a 25% decline in the public market value of a bunch of Internet stocks. We probably had about $150m committed and were running around trying to get to $300m for what we had positioned as a dedicated Internet VC fund. The Truth Is Nobody Knows.

Stock 96

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

So I’ll take this opportunity to showcase Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2014 Presentation. KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. I’m feeling a little out of sorts today and not inspired to write anything. Here it is in all its glory. mobile VC & Technology Web/Tech

How the Internet and Social Media Changed How Businesses Succeed

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

The emergence of the internet and social media has changed how companies do business forever. Today, the playing field has changed completely.

3 Laws Every Internet Investor Should Know

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

The internet is no longer the wild wild west. Individual with over $100,000 of income or net worth can invest 10%. Business

An internet of people

Chris Dixon

Or put more simply: we finally have an internet of people. Over the past few years, a bunch of web-based marketplaces have gotten popular – Etsy, Kickstarter, AirBnb, to name a few. Many of these business ideas had been tried before but are succeeding only now. startups

The 30% Internet Gorilla Tax

Andrew Payne

I first noted this nearly 5 years ago, but more recently, some of the Internet thought leaders have written about the theme. I’ve written before about powerful advantages Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have in the software industry. … (Emphases added). When we line that up with revenue estimates ( $5.7b

Conversion: The Most Important Internet Metric of All (Revisited)

Over 13 years ago, in March of 2000, I wrote a blog post titled “ The Most Powerful Internet Metric of All. ” Optimizely. Sailthru.

What You Need To Know About Internet Defamation (Infographic)


What you need to know about business defamation. One option is filing a trade libel or business defamation lawsuit against your adversary.

What to Expect in the Internet of Things Industry in 2017 (So You Can Get Ahead)

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

2016 was a huge year for the Internet of Things and 2017 promises to be even bigger. Here are bold predictions for what's to come

How Impressive Is Your Public Resume On The Internet?

Startup Professionals Musings

The real “resume” that you have to live with is everything that you or anyone else has posted about you on any site on the Internet.

Chattanooga Bets on Speedy Internet, Startup Accelerators and. Adult Dorms?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Besides its super-fast internet, Chattanooga, Tennessee, wants to prove it has another big selling point for startup entrepreneurs

Next Wednesday Is The Internet Slowdown

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

So next Wednesday, September 10th, is the Internet’s opportunity to stand up and be heard. If you are with me on this issue, please consider joining the Internet Slowdown campaign next Wednesday. We’ve talked a lot here at AVC about Net Neutrality. There are all sorts of ways you can do this.

As The Internet of Things Grows, Don't Underestimate Its Scale

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Though we think the internet of things is only a few years old, it's been around for decades, and it's only going to get bigger

9 Expert Predictions on How Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

9 Expert Predictions on How Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016Experts Predict 9 Ways Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016

4 Reason Business Owners Should Be Thankful for Internet Marketing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Internet advertising gives in-store and online retailers a lot to happy about this season

How the Internet Saved Christmas for Me

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Internet gets a bad rap sometimes, but for me it's turned the holidays from a chore into a truly joyful occasion

The Internet of Omelettes

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

With everything from meals to chefs on demand, food tech is booming. Here are 4 things startups should never forget

How Entrepreneurs Can Ride 'The Internet of Things' to Success

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

How to get attention from internet celebrities

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

I get a constant stream of requests to look at new startups or to announce something that a startup just did. Most of the email is truly spam. Ever.

New Rules for the New Internet Bubble

Steve Blank

We’re now in the second Internet bubble. Carpe Diem. The rules for making money are different in a bubble than in normal times. The New Exits.

The Internet Defense League

Feld Thoughts

I just joined the Internet Defense League. Think of it as the cat signal for the Internet. I’m proud to be a part of it.

Massive Internet Outage Caused By Amazon Cloud Glitch

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Internet Of Things Will Forever Change These 4 Industries

YFS Magazine

Certainly these are just a few industries that the Internet of Things will have a huge impact on.

What Hasn't Changed: The Internet Keeps Getting Bigger.

500 Hats

Almost every possible internet distribution channel has MORE users than ever before – whether it be search, social, mobile, video, local, SMS, email, chat, etc. Altho internet payment services are still a big pain in the ass, in most of the US and EU it’s taken for granted you can pay online and have goods delivered to your door.

Two eras of the internet: pull and push

Chris Dixon

The evolution of the internet is an extremely complex topic. One simplifying pattern comes from the two types of actions internet users take: pull and push. Push is when you are using the internet in a more passive way and content comes to you. Sometimes it is helpful to find broad patterns that make it easier to understand.

7 Success Principles From Internet Millionaires

Startup Professionals Musings

The best place to learn is by scouting around the Internet today. Use the Internet to outsource staff. Position yourself as an expert.

5 Proven Ways to Keep Your Internet Activity Private

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Here's what you can do to stay private on an Internet that has too many eyes

What's Driving the Internet's 5 Hottest Trends

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Pokemon Go is just one example of how transformative technology is changing the way we connect

The Golden Age of Internet Marketing?

The Golden Age of Internet Marketing? psychological methods to sell should be destroyed." - The Minutemen, S**t From An Old Notebook We have enough data now to realize that display advertising on the Internet doesnt work. We have enough data now to realize that display advertising on the Internet doesn't work.

The Vetting of Internet Marketing “Gurus”

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There are thousands of internet marketing products available on the web, all promising to produce millions for customers. The internet is a fast-paced market, and working only four hours a week is a quick way to get blown away by the guys who are working 80 hours per week and want it more. It’s just not possible. They aren’t flashy.

The Future of Internet & Cars

Agile VC

I’ve been doing some thinking about the future of cars and the impact of the internet. Tesla) even more for repair work.

Internet Entrepreneurs Think Beyond Get Rich Quick

Startup Professionals Musings

The best place to learn is by scouting around the Internet today. Use the Internet to outsource staff. Position yourself as an expert.