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Product Idea: Reverse Engineering VC Investment Strategies

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

It helps that I’ve been […] VC & Technology The other day I found myself on a VC website. I went to the portfolio page, looked at all of their investments and from that inferred what that firm’s investment strategy was by sector, stage & geography. This is not a simple thing to do, but it can be done.

The Academy For Software Engineering

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

In the comments (where the good stuff happens), a Google engineer told me to go down to Stuyvesant High School and meet a teacher named Mike Zamansky who had taught him to write code in high school.  So began my quest to see more computer science and software engineering in the NYC public school system. 

Great Entrepreneurs Sell Solutions, Not Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts his investor pitch to me by touting his new technology.

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Marc Andreessen

I will donate the prize money to charitable programs that help spread the culture and foundational knowledge of engineering — such as scholarships and summer programs for engineering students. Filed under: Andreessen Horowitz , Philanthropy , Programming , Technology , Web/Tech.

The Top 5 Technologies That 'Star Wars' Failed To Predict, According To Engineers

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Some engineers say that the Star Wars series lacks vision. No, really

Encouraging Girls to Become Engineers


Glangchai wants more girls to become engineers. San Antonio Luz Cristal Glangchai TEDxSanAntonio VentureLab

Eureka! A New Era for Scientists and Engineers

Steve Blank

Silicon Valley was born in an era of applied experimentation driven by scientists and engineers. Yet this system isn’t perfect. Until today.

Create a Referral Engine That Works Every Day

Duct Tape Marketing

Create a Referral Engine That Works Every Day written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing. Referrals Referral Engine

Top 25 Technology Blogs In 2016 You Need To Follow

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

It’s the time when technological science is growing. in Instructional Systems Technology. Cosmetics… EyesLipsFace.

A Great Graduation Speech For Engineers And Entrepreneurs

Feld Thoughts

My friend Krista Marks (now at Disney – which acquired her first company – Kerpoof ) sent me a copy of the graduation speech she gave at the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing on May 8th. In 1989, I graduated with degree in Electrical Engineering from the USC. Enjoy and be inspired! *.

How to Go From Google Engineer to First-Time CTO

Product and Engineering. How to Go From Google Engineer to First-Time CTO. Product and Engineering. Choose the right technology.

CTO 59

Startups Must Tout Market Needs Before Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

Even though I love technology, I always cringe when an entrepreneur starts his pitch by touting his new technology. Marty Zwilling.

Engineering a Regional Tech Cluster-part 3 of 3 of Bigger in Bend

Steve Blank

Dino Vendetti a VC at Bay Partners, moved up to Bend, Oregon on a mission to engineer Bend into a regional technology cluster.

The Case for Why Marketing Should Have Its Own Engineers

Redeye VC

It’s one of those technology experiences that takes on something huge and makes it effortless as if by magic. Today, he runs the marketing team like an independent agency within the organization complete with its own engineers — a strategy he highly recommends for small teams that need to get a lot done fast.

Rehabilitating the Arrogant Engineer

Scott Weiss

Amongst all the stories, pictures of his family, doctor interactions and discussion of his dreams and his illness, Randy said very clearly to all computer science engineers: The key to innovation is that teams beat individuals. I’ve had the privilege of spending my entire career in technology surrounded by wicked smart engineers.

7 Worst Entrepreneurial Perceptions From Engineers

Startup Professionals Musings

Clearly, engineers should think twice before assuming they have an advantage over the rest of us toward being an entrepreneur. Marty Zwilling.

Startups: Stop Trying To Hire Ninja-Rockstar Engineers


Attitude - Anyone that gets courted the way a senior engineer does today is at risk of developing a sense of entitlement (to put it lightly).

How To Reduce Startup Risk Using Existing Technology

Startup Professionals Musings

There is always time later for your next startup, using that disruptive technology of your dreams. Martin Zwilling.

WP Engine Opens an Office at Geekdom in San Antonio


By LAURA LOREK Founder of Silicon Hills News WP Engine, founded in 2010 at Capital Factory, has 150 employees in Austin and it’s hiring. And WP Engine has just opened a San Antonio office at Geekdom, a technology incubator and coworking […] The post WP Engine Opens an Office at Geekdom in San Antonio appeared first on SiliconHills.

Human Engineering and Emotional Intelligence for Startups

VC Cafe

human engineering VC Cafe Photo credit: By imaginedhorizons (Flickr). ” Question: What is Human Engineering? Wikipedia ).

Want to Know the Difference Between a CTO and a VP Engineering?

Both Sides of the Table

This time I thought I’d try and address engineering talent. Your deepest thinkers on technology architecture are seldom good team leaders.

CTO 148

The Future of Wearable Technology

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

While geeks accepted wearable technology first, will the general public get on board? Oh, it also makes a nice watch. ABI Research forecasts 1.2

Human Engineering and Emotional Intelligence for Startups

VC Cafe

On "Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed", a research by Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that "85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human. [[ This is a content summary only. Human Engineering Business model canvas Getsatisfaction kampyle SnapBug Tenderapp UserVoice Vijul

The Yin and Yang of Product and Engineering

A VC : Venture Capital and Technology

For a tech company, product and engineering are the heart and soul of the business. When I do a quick mental query of headcount across our entire portfolio of ~30 companies, I think at least 50% and maybe as much as 60% of the entire headcount of our portfolio is in either product or engineering. They will be managers.

The Engineer Exchange Program

Code as Craft

Twitter and Etsy are working together on a new project to help our engineers learn from each others’ practices, with the idea of making both of our engineering teams better as a result. It takes a level of trust to let an unknown engineer into the fold, let them sit in on meetings and make changes to code.

The never-ending technology hype cycle

deal architect

They say they have streamlined the mortgage loan process and it is “engineered to amaze”. A few weeks ago, Industry Commentary

The Big Picture Trumps Technology Every Time

Startup Professionals Musings

This may seem counter-intuitive to technologists, especially in an era when technology seems to be driving the world. Yet the sad truth is that a technology not focused on a real problem is not a business, and will probably fail in the marketplace. entrepreneur technology executive big picture businessMarty Zwilling.

Reverse Engineering a Career

This is going to be BIG.

It was an exercise in reverse engineering. Some product managers might be more technical, working on feature requirements and interfacing with the engineering team, while others might be more like brand managers who are the GM of their brands. Breaking Open Experiential Learning Mentoring Teaching Venture Capital & Technology

Leaders in Indoor Location Positioning technology

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing

What technologies are attracting the most attention? Many big companies have been researching this technology for years.

Yahoo's New Logo Design: Micromanaged, Over-Engineered, Boring

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The controversial CEO’s engineering-based obsession extends far beyond products and Yahoo Mail and logo redesigns. Let me be more direct.

Adapt or Die: The New Technology Landscape

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Innovation and access to seed capital is making it easier than ever to start a technology company. How did we get here so quickly?

Search Engine Optimization Algorithm Changes For 2017


Search engine optimization is a practice used to help your website rank higher in the search results fields of major search engines.


Why Technology is Driving More Urban Renewal

Both Sides of the Table

Back in 2006/07 when I sold my company and then worked at there were very few options in SF for technology folk to build their careers at big, growing companies. Technology innovation doesn’t occur in a vacuum. And sci-fi writers are but one example of the way society impacts technology. And sound engineers.

Case Study: Resolving Airline Engineering Issues Using Videoconferencing


We offer videoconferencing services that can bring airline engineers together online to resolve issues and discuss the industry.

B2B Marketing in 2014: Content + Technology

VC Cafe

The emphasis on technology has changed the perception of the CMO. George at JetBlue and Jane Lansing at Emerson have engineering backgrounds.

B2B 39

Want to Know Difference Between a CTO and a VP of Engineering?

Want to Know Difference Between a CTO and a VP of Engineering? This time I thought I’d try and address engineering talent. Simple.

CTO 59

The Strange Future of Hybrid Thinking, According to Google’s Director of Engineering

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Will human brains and technology merge within the next 30 years? One prominent thinker says so

9 Pieces of Technology Every Entrepreneur Should Invest in This Year

Up and Running

The technology world is moving fast. See Also Study Shows Business Owners Investing in Technology in 2015. An internal chat platform.

Your Start-up Needs an Engineering Blog

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Just about every tech company is looking to hire software engineers and web developers. Here's how you can stand out. But wait.

A Startup CTO’s Take on Early Technology Choices & Tradeoffs

View from Seed

Below, he answers questions about developing products from scratch, as well as the difficult technology choices and tradeoffs CTOs must make.

CTO 38