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5 Obvious Ways to Grow Your Startup Without Social Networks

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There’s absolutely no way, in today’s plugged-in culture, to grow your startup without being active on social media, or is there? Maybe not.

5 Obvious Ways to Grow Your Startup Without Social Networks

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

There’s absolutely no way, in today’s plugged-in culture, to grow your startup without being active on social media, or is there? Maybe not.

How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity Across Social Networks

Duct Tape Marketing

When social media marketing first began it was rather easy to maintain a consistent brand identity. Oh, how things have changed! Final Thoughts.

Twitter Networks are Different than Social Networks

Both Sides of the Table

Traditional social networks are more restricted to people whom I already know and information and updates are less discoverable.

Name the Big Three Social Networks for Business

Startup Professionals Musings

realized quickly that this new world isn’t just for the social life of Gen-Y – it is a sea change for everyone in business, especially startups.

Business Models for Social Networks: Monetizing Social Capital.

500 Hats

er, Underdogs) Facebook Big Pimpin: Using Social Networks & Platforms to Drive Distribution Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR! Part II!

Happy Birthday, I’m Unfriending You

Feld Thoughts

Since then I’ve been systematically modifying my social networking behavior and cleaning up my various social graphs. made two major changes to the way I use various social networks. then unfriend the people whose name I don’t recognize or who I don’t want to consume in my news feed.

Startup Naming

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

Tonight I am giving a presentation on naming and positioning at Founders Institute Atlanta. In prepping for it I uncovered an old draft article on the subject of naming. will also say this, I am not sure if the company name really matters. startup name needs to be memorable. You want your name to make people smile.

A Place To Call Your Own: Building Your Brand’s Vertical Social Network


Social networks have gained genuine power as a marketing tool for businesses looking to increase their reach, traffic and leads.

Why Your Startup's Name Matters

Jobs Events Try Our New Social News App Welcome to Mashable! Why Your Startup’s Name Matters. This article is the first in a three-part series about naming your startup; on Thursday, we’ll discuss creating names, and on Friday, we’ll discuss testing names. The Challenge of Naming. Naming.

Norway's Kuddle does safe social networking for kids under 13


The user''s safety is asserted by disabling geolocations; usernames (only real names are accepted); commenting on pictures.

HeyWe Mobile Social Network For Families Launches


You can also include a status message but only for your private family network. per month, or €10 for an entire year.

16 Tips for Picking the Perfect Startup Name

Jobs Events Try Our New Social News App Welcome to Mashable! 16 Tips for Picking the Perfect Startup Name. Latest Social Media News.

Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

Both Sides of the Table

Social Networks: Past, Present & Future. What are the big trends that will drive the next phase of social networks?

Naming your startup: Settle down, it’s cool!

A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks

Finding and agreeing upon a worthy name is always a struggle, especially if you have co-founders. Then of course there’s the domain name.

Companybook Brings Companies Into Their Own Social Network


This is how we e.g. make it possible for you to find a BMW dealer in Oslo even if that dealer has no mention of “BMW” in its company name or category.

Top 10 Social Media Companies That Will Dominate in 2013

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Social media is vitally important in the success of a business and brand in today’s world. Klout. Go to the Klout website. 2. HootSuite. Tumblr.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

Both Sides of the Table

What are the big trends that will drive the next phase of social networks? And so it goes with social networking. chuckle.

How to Pick the Right Name for Your Business

How to Pick the Right Name for Your Business. There are endless paths to take when brainstorming your new business name. But for many small business owners and entrepreneurs, the naming process is fraught with uncertainty and doubt. Your business name sets the tone for all that follows. Opt for a descriptive name.

A Rake Too Far: Optimal Platform Pricing Strategy

This way, suppliers will feel obliged to stay on the platform, and consumers will not see prices that are overly burdened by the network provider.

Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you

Duct Tape Marketing

Why (and how) you should let your customers do the advertising for you written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

Top 23 Social Media Power Influencers

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Forbes Social Power Influencer. Forbes ranked Monty as one of the top 10 influencers in social media. Social Influencer ? link].

Top 40 Mompreneurs You Should Follow on Twitter

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MojoRisin’ Geektastic writer, mom, feminist, social media hack, web strategist and slave to The Google. link]. 2. link].  . 3. link]. 4.

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9 Tips for Building A Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Up and Running

At 150 million users worldwide and growing, LinkedIn is the largest professional network online and is more than 12 times the size of Pinterest.

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Name A Startup

Name A Startup. Name A Startup. I’m often in the process of naming a startup. Here’s what I found: 1)  Qualities of a good name.  The following is a list of qualities of a good name for your startup.  Something that doesn’t mean something offensive in another language. 2)  Name types. 

How Facebook Structured Our Creativity

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

MySpace will ultimately be written as a ‘great start’ when the history of social media is finally written. This system works on two levels: 1.


Five Things Small Businesses Should Know About Google+

crowdSPRING Blog

Google+ is a social network, but it’s more than just another social network or a competitor to Facebook. Google+.

The Brutally Honest Guide to Naming Circles in Google Plus

Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing Social Media Google PlusThat too will likely evolve.

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Why Your Business Needs a Google+ Page Too

Duct Tape Marketing

Additionally, don’t just stop at your business name, location and physical phone number. photo credit: bloomua / 123RF Stock Photo.

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Which top-level domain names are right for you?

The Next Web

New domain names are launching at a rate of seven per week just this past month alone. As If you’re in finance. If you’re a non-profit. and  .diet

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5 Ways To Use Google+ Social Circles Like A Pro by Yaro Starak

Let me level with you: I am not a big fan of social media. Add your bio under employer’s name, check “ current “, and save.

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Wind Up and Throw a Screaming Fastball of a Linkedin Campaign

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When you’re starting to get your name out there, you’ve got to reach out in several directions at once. Variety is the Spice of Marketing.

Introducing one of Version One’s earlier investments: VarageSale

Version One Ventures

For a long time, I had been looking to find a better Craigslist: one that was social, trustworthy, and mobile first. In VarageSale, users are identified by their real names (you need to log in via your Facebook account), offering a friendlier and safer environment. News Craigslist eBay marketplace mobile Social network VarageSale

How to Get World Class Experts to Support Your Company

David Teten

Professional expert networks allow you to efficiently convert your financial capital into relationship capital. It started in healthcare.

What a Bad Startup Name Really Reveals About Your Company

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

That is true, but the problem of naming a startup goes far deeper. If they did, naming the business would have been much easier.

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REAL Lessons of The Social Network

Growthink Blog

box office of over $84 million “ The Social Network ,” – the movie about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook – is just another example of the public’s fascination with social networking and young billionaires, not necessarily in that order. Aspiring entrepreneurs who seek their name in lights pray to them.

Pick the Perfect Name for Your Startup

Contact Us Submit News Contact Us Write for Us Spark of Genius Series Mashable | The Social Media Guide Business Mashable on Facebook Join Us! Anyone who has sat stymied with their cursor blinking in a “username” field knows that coming up with a name is harder than you’d think. He invented the name Kodak. How Do I Start?

25 Twitter Tips For Your Professional Development


Professional Twitter names can be helpful, too. Ditch your @ohyeah420 screen name, stat, and try using your real name instead.

Nathan Chan: Young Aussie Entrepreneur Turns Foundr Digital Magazine Into A Six Figure Business And Grows Instagram Following To 500,000+ by Yaro Starak

He wanted to take me out to dinner. Normally I’m a bit wary of dinner invites from people. He wanted to take me out to dinner.

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Why Your LinkedIn Profile Can Make The Difference in Your Job Search


Must-have # 2: A professional name. You don’t need to put here that you are TITLE at COMPANY NAME — viewers can see that in your profile.