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The Silent Benefits of PR

Both Sides of the Table

I’ve been having this PR discussion with three separate portfolio companies at once so I thought I’d just publish my thoughts more broadly.

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5 Hacks To Pitching A PR Story That Actually Works!


Today, I’m going to share hacks to pitching a PR story that actually works! What’s your tip for creating a compelling PR story?

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Deconstructing PR: Advice From A Former VentureBeat Writer

Startup Marketing Blog

Most business owners intuitively understand that PR is important. With PR, a story needs to exist before an article is written.

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Here’s How to Do PR on a Budget

Both Sides of the Table

Yesterday I wrote a post about The Silent Benefits of PR in which I pointed out that most young companies I encounter don’t fully grasp the benefits of PR because they are less measurable than product milestones or customer acquisition analyses (like CAC/LTV). The reality is you must be great at HR, PR, finance AND product.

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20 Networking Tips from a PR Expert [+ GIVEAWAY]

Up and Running

Below is an adapted excerpt from “The Little Book of Big PR: 100+ Quick Tips to Get Your Small Business Noticed” by Jennefer Witter.

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You Sell You: How To DIY Your Early PR Presence


It is possible to do PR on your own — and it’s much cheaper and easier than you’d ever imagine it to be. by Elliot Tomaeno, founder of  ASTRSK.

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Startup PR Tip: To Get Press, Don't Pitch Your Product


Entrepreneurs that are looking to get attention from bloggers and journalists will often pitch their businesses themselves or though a PR agency.

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How to use PR Firms at Startups

Both Sides of the Table

PR is a process, not an event - For starters let me say that you shouldn’t do PR around milestones.  It’s a continual process.

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Do Your Own PR

Mike Michalowicz

Let’s get this straight right now: PR stands for Public Relations. This is how you can do your own PR: Know Thy Journalist. It’s not.

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How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

So they develop short-hand ways to qualify things better. So make sure you have a solid PR strategy. How to Work with PR Firms.

What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management

Both Sides of the Table

Develop Trusted Advisors. And any great PR firm will have a media training department. Have a PR Strategy. Yes, it will be bad.

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10 Essential PR Tips for Startups

10 Essential PR Tips for Startups. Sign up for her course on “ PR for Startups ” to learn more about getting media coverage for your fledgling business. Not to mention, early-stage startups usually only employ a few people focused on product and development. TIP: As a startup – use PR for link building.

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7 Phrases Your PR Team Doesn't Want To Hear

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your PR team can do some very good things for you--but it can''t work magic. "So, you can get us in the New York Times, right?" Wrong.

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Do Your Own PR

Force of Good: a blog by Lance Weatherby

Somewhere along the way it came up that they had dropped a low four figure amount on a PR agency to help them with their release and to create a list of potential writers to contact. Do your own PR. So I am spending more and more time these days advising concept stage and seed stage startups. You have to work it like this. Hot space.

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The Secrets of This Year's Brilliant PR Stunts

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

When dreaming up ways to get noticed, consider the lessons behind these top PR stunts. The trick is getting a stunt to cater to both camps.

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How to apply PR strategies to improve your company’s SEO

The Next Web

Brad Miller serves as Director of Business Development for Fathom , leading strategic partnership efforts. He The art of the PR (SEO) pitch.

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The Best PR-Reporter Relationships Are Selfless

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

PR people in many cases are borderline intolerable. This is the long game of PR--one that''s about relationship-building over instant results.

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PR Cheat Sheet: 10 Elements of a Savvy Pitch Email

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

love when PR pitches start out with a comment about one of my articles or a blog entry. often witness amazingly good public relations at work.

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Raising Capital? Follow These PR Rules

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you think that PR is just about the press mention, think again. great media campaign can actually make you money. Here's how.

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6 Tips From the PR Pros

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

But before long we learned that PR is a grind. PR is a grind. PR involves constant rejection--or even worse, silence. We sure did.

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Lessons Learned: What is customer development?

Startup Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned by Eric Ries Saturday, November 8, 2008 What is customer development? What is customer development? Heres the catch.

Why I'm Betting on PR: 3 Reasons

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As a start-up, I have a single line item on my marketing budget: PR. PR gets a bad rap. Here are three simple reasons why I chose PR.

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Marketing Sweat Equity: Getting Your Startup’s First Sales—Without Spending Money on Consultants and PR

Up and Running

Quick action steps: Developing your own marketing resource list. didn’t enjoy the benefits of wealthy parents or a trust fund. You can do this!

Three Ways PR and SEO Can Be Best Friends

Duct Tape Marketing

Three Ways PR and SEO Can Be Best Friends written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. photo credit flickr. modern era. Conclusion.

Meet the Startup That's Making PR Firms Sweat

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

PressFriendly is offering a middle ground between DIY marketing and expensive PR agencies. It costs less than $2,000 to run a PR agency.

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Should You Bother Targeting the Tech Blogs for Your PR Campaigns?

Both Sides of the Table

I’ve started a recent series on PR at startups since I get asked for advice on this topic so often. will put the full list of posts here.

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Gini Dietrich's 6 Biggest Startup PR Mistakes


Not making PR a priority. Many startups think about PR last, as if it takes only two months to launch your business to the world.

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Beyond The Handshake: How Startups Can Make a Great First Impression

YFS Magazine

Lead branding networking personal development PR public relations relationship marketing

Suster: What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management

Ask The VC

Mark Suster (GRP) has today’s VC post of the day titled What Startups Can Learn About PR and Crisis Management. Develop Trusted Advisors. Have a PR Strategy. If You Don’t Shape Your Story, Somebody Else Will. Understand the Gravity of the Situation for Your Customers. Don’t Bury Bad News. Never Blame the Press.

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Developing A PR Strategy For Your Small Business’s Product Launch


One of the worst things you could do in PR is only start talking about your new product once it launches or a week before. by  Cameron Johnson.

Our PR Stinks: Here's What Your Startup Can Learn From It


We were convinced from the very beginning that strong PR would be the answer to our market entry prayers. Our PR still stank. Twice.

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10 Insightful Stats to Boost Your PR Efforts in 2016

Duct Tape Marketing

10 Insightful Stats to Boost Your PR Efforts in 2016 written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing. photo credit Pixabay. Why is this?

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Book Marketing – What Can A PR Pro Do For You


As servants of the all-important book launch, PR professionals tie up every loose end to ensure an author’s writing gets the recognition it deserves.

The Art of the Customer Development Conversation

Market by Numbers

The key to effective conversations is in developing the conversation around your objectives for the discussion.  buyer? How to test messaging.

PR for Startups: Avoiding crickets after the Ta-Da!

This is going to be BIG.

They''re building up their PR plans to make the financing announcements part of a larger story arc. Announcing your funding without a larger PR plan is the equivilant to George Costanza saying "I love you" to his date and not getting it returned--"that''s a pretty big matzo ball" to leave hanging out there. What type?

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This Startup Could Be PR Firms' Worst Nightmare

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

PressFriendly''s software helps startups craft public relations pitches and develop media lists without the expense of hiring an agency.

PR & eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven and How to Leverage It to Help Your Business Grow

Duct Tape Marketing

PR & eCommerce: A Match Made in Heaven and How to Leverage It to Help Your Business Grow written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing.

3 Tips For Finding The Right PR Agency

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Here are three tips for finding the right PR agency for you and your business. Who does Bill Gate’s PR — that’s who you want, right?

Why You’re Not Getting Good PR

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

For example, here’s a pitch I received from a PR professional; I’ve changed it slightly to avoid embarrassing anyone: “I’m working with a wonderful new business… it’s currently a rags to rags story but I feel sure the riches part is right around the corner. Try one of these tactics instead.

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16 Things to Look for in Your Next Web Developer

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Why is finding a good developer so difficult? Most people think they need the best Web developer to get their project done.