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Launching Startup Life: Surviving And Thriving In A Relationship With An Entrepreneur

Feld Thoughts

The second book in the Startup Revolution series,   Startup Life: Surviving And Thriving In A Relationship With An Entrepreneur , is shipping in the next week or so. My wife Amy Batchelor and I wrote this one, with contributions from about 20 other entrepreneurial couples. Amy and I have been friends since we met in college in 1984.

One Of Our Investors Just Closed Shop. What Should We Do?

Ask The VC

Q: What is the best path to take if a VC which has invested in my company closes down, but we have not exited and are still operating profitably ? There are lots of specific points in time to consider. Let’s start with two magic milestones – year 5 and year 10. 1.  The VC is outside their five year investment period.

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7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed

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10 Easy Tips to Get More Done

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Take control of your work experience and notice how much more gets done. However, misuse of email is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Weeks?

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How to detect if you are slightly brainwashed?

Life Beyond Code

Ask yourself a few questions below: 1. Are you open-minded? 2. Are you a team player? 3. Are you a good leader? 4. Are you a quick learner? 5.

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Financial Freedom Is Costing You Your Life

Mike Michalowicz

Financial Freedom? love money.  It is a powerful tool for getting lots of things done. And it provides that all so valuable financial freedom.

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3 Easy SEO Tools to Improve Your Website

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

These companies can help take the mystery out of SEO and get your site on its way to ranking higher in Google. But have no fear, cool tools are here!

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The product design sprint: prototype (day 4)

Google Ventures

At the Google Ventures Design Studio, we have a five-day process for taking a product or feature from design through prototyping and testing. Design

8 Awesome Resolutions You Actually Can--and Definitely Should--Keep

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The vast majority of New Year's resolutions end in failure. Here's an easier, more effective approach to making awesome changes. Not very well?

The product design sprint: prototype (day 4)

Design Staff

At the Google Ventures Design Studio, we have a five-day process for taking a product or feature from design through prototyping and testing.

Great Customer Service Is Like Physical Fitness

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The CEO of Zendesk explains how developing great customer service resembles keeping that New Year's resolution to start a daily running habit.

Cloud 33 – Replacing The Middleman In India’s Retail Scene


billion by 2015. These are the trends that online retail sites such as New Delhi-based are riding on.

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Are Power Seekers Good or Evil?

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Does power motivate successful executives, entrepreneurs, and business leaders and, if so, is that a good thing? Of course, I was ecstatic.

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CES 2013 Preview: What Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas

VC Cafe

This week marks the annual orgy of PR excess known as the Consumer Electronics Show. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

4 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

What special mix of ingredients separates the best business-builders from the rest of the pack? Entrepreneurs from Brightbox share their perspective.

Concentrated Production, Diversified Consumption

Growthink Blog

Watching the disaster of a process that was the D.C. fiscal cliff drama this past week, I found myself with a curious reaction. restaurant. Walmart.

Harvard's Go-To Venture Capital Firm

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

The Experiment Fund, NEA's seed-stage venture capital firm, set up shop on Harvard's campus to catch young, entrepreneurial talent early.

Zero notifications

A couple of months ago, my co-founder Leo gave me an interesting suggestion: he said I should try disabling all notifications on my iPhone. find this suggestion especially interesting because it is one that goes against the normal phone setup. It seems almost odd to even consider doing things any other way. More than anything, I feel a lot calmer.

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Zulily: Fresh, Fast, and Worth $1 Billion

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Zulily co-founder Darrell Cavens on how technology, and speed, have helped his company break new ground in retail. The shirt just was not special.

2013: The Year of Grit

Seeing Both Sides

grit  . grit/. Small, loose particles of stone or sand.  . Clench (the teeth), esp. Europe is still a mess and in a deep recession. One word:  grit.

'I Want to Take a Lot of Credit'

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Zipcar founder Robin Chase dishes about the Avis acquisition, the next big thing in car-sharing, and her latest venture, Deniam. Chase spoke with Inc.

That new era of Venture Capital is here

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

A couple of years ago I posted about what I thought would be the “new era of Venture Capital.” ” Specifically I was predicting that we’d see a strong barbell effect in VC fundraising. note: not sure what the problem is with the graphic from the original post, but I do know that it’s not rendering correctly).

Start-up Launches to Crowdfund Solar Projects

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Want to invest in a clean-energy future? Forget the rhetoric, now you can--literally. Starting at 12 p.m. Investors have high hopes for the start-up.

Resonance Is the Ultimate Objective of Strategy

Duct Tape Marketing

photo credit: Biappi via photopin cc. And how often have you essentially “filtered out” other companies and products present. Self-identifying story.

7 Reasons to Do Business in India

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Start with 500 million young people aspiring to a better life. Add an improving economy and you have a ground floor worth getting in on. Where else?

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PostalPix – Photos From Phone To Doorstep


We take tons of photos with our mobile phone. That’s where PostalPix ( ) comes in.

You Don't Have to Be a Start-up to Be Like One: 5 Ways

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

You can maintain your entrepreneurial culture--long after you raise funding, and start making money. Here's how. The sense of mission, the excitement.

What Is NextView’s Focus? Another Stroll Through Our Portfolio

Rob Go

This year will mark the third year of NextView’s existence. As a founder, it feels like a long time, but it’s really a blip on the radar in the scheme of things. As such, I still get asked pretty often to articulate our focus as a firm. Some VCs have very clear “here’s what we look for” sections on their websites.

Tekes Restructuring Organization Model To Become More Agile


This seems to be good news for the Finnish startup scene. The new organization of Tekes will come into effect on 1.4.2013. Let us know in the comments.

The Next 10 Years Of Infocomm Technology


What will the future of InfoComm Technology (ICT) be like? How will these trends impact the way we work, live and play? Let me cover each in turn.

iPhone That Can Smell? Start-up Tackles Human Senses

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Your iPhone may soon be able to detect the smells around you thanks to Adamant Technologies. Can taste and smell be digitized? Currently Third Place Facebook Developer, Hints At 2013 IPO


In a recent article in SvD Näringsliv , CEO Riccardo Zacconi spoke about their current traction and growth.

Built-in QR/Barcode Scanning?

Andrew Payne

I wish Apple (and Android) would build QR code / barcode  scanning into all phones, either in the camera app or as a dedicated scanning app. It’s not a new idea , but for the first time we’ve all got scanners in our pocket.

Spotify Kills Purchased Download Links (Not That It Mattered Anyway)


Spotify has gotten rid of purchased download links, but it doesn't seem to matter one way or another.