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Customer Development in a Diagram

Steve Blank

Thanks to: Alexis Finch,  Sketchnotes / UX Research Consultant @agentfin. Filed under: Customer Development. Customer Development

APE: How to Publish a Book

How to Change the World

In 2011 the publisher of one of my books, Enchantment, could not fill an order for 500 ebook copies. As Steve Jobs said, “There must be a better way.”

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Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords)

The Startup Toolkit

Slides from “ Lean startup intro (with no buzzwords) ” by robfitz. Lean gets bogged down in tactics & tools. That is not too bad!

Lean 42

How to Craft the Perfect Presentation

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A few simple tips to help your presentations stand out amongst even your biggest competitors. This is all in an attempt to answer the question: "So.

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An Awesome, Growing Team at TechStars

Feld Thoughts

The roster at TechStars continues to grow with awesome people. In the past month, TechStars has announced  Mark Solon as a general partner ,  Luke Beatty as managing director for Boulder  and  Ari Newman as Network Catalyst. I’m proud to claim all three as close colleagues. Voila! You are dynamite. Related articles.

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4 Pillars of Success with Pinterest (Driving More Traffic and Sales to Your Website)

Blogtrepreneur | Entrepreneur Blog

Do you utilize the power of Pinterest as a marketing method? If not, why not? If yes, how much time are you devoting to it? They should start with you.

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4 New Pinterest Tools to Try

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

If you're not yet tracking your performance on Pinterest, you should. These useful tools can help. Want to get more out of Pinterest?

The Best Science Fiction Books of All Time

Feld Thoughts

I love reading science fiction. started when I was ten-ish and have never stopped. While on vacation in Mexico recovering from my kidney stone surgery, I read a bunch of books including one science fiction book – Nexus  by Ramez Naam (he sent me the pre-release.) It was awesome. I was talking about science fiction with a friend.

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Business Consultants Need to Look For a Real Job

Startup Professionals Musings

Let’s face it, consultants have a bad image. The Internet has changed the world. If you need to know how to do something, just look it up online.

Worst Hiring Mistake: Misrepresenting the Job

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A new study reveals that employers withhold crucial job information during an interview, resulting in dissatisfaction among most recruits.

Patent trolls now 61% of US lawsuits

The Equity Kicker

This is a post with some horror stats about patents, courtesy of Broadstuff. This is nuts. Reform won’t be simple. Startup general interest

6 Big Events to Watch in 2013

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A handful of big political and technological milestones are on the horizon next year. Here's what to expect. This article is part of Inc.'s The reason?

Steve Blank’s Customer Development on One Diagram

VC Cafe

This was just too good not to share. In a nutshell, start by talking to customers. Come up with a minimum viable product and test product market fit. Avoid building junk that users aren't asking for. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

Why Good Bosses Keep Their Word

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Bosses will be held to their word. If you say something, you must follow through. quickly said, "I'm so sorry. completely forgot. Let me buy you lunch.

The Science of Persuasion: How To Persuade Others To Do What You Want

crowdSPRING Blog

Most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners are skilled at persuasion and negotiation.

The Myth of a Salesman

Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing podcast with Dan Pink. photo credit: ernestkoe via photopin cc. Marketing Is the New Selling Is small business ownership a career?

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Why Entrepreneurs Fail at Retirement

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Infographic: Entrepreneurs are working longer and relying on smaller nest eggs. And many say they'll never retire. Check out the stats

The Search For Product Market Fit

Seeing Both Sides

I continue to be fascinated with the changing art of product management. This week, I taught a class at on the topic.


Take The Shot: Economic Inefficiencies Open Doors For Entrepreneurs


By Melissa Thompson, Talk Session. Never has it been more important for young entrepreneurs to take risks. Isolate Your Focus. Let Failures Fuel You.

Fix Your Customer Service

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

As ModCloth grew as a company, its customer service suffered. These days there are more ways than ever for a customer to reach you. Why Zendesk?

From Sneaky Sound System Saxofonist, To Australia’s Number One Real Estate Agent, Then Meditation Master, Meet Nick Broadhurst by Yaro Starak

Download the Text Transcript in PDF. Subscribe to this Podcast in iTunes. I was recently interviewed by Nick Broadhurst for his ASPIRE magazine. After the interview I asked Nick about his background…and things got interesting. After the interview I asked Nick about his background.and things got interesting.

7 Signs of the Silicon Valley Apocalypse

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Forget the Mayans. Ignore the Christians. There are signs of an apocalypse. One of Silicon Valley's top investors announces he's getting out. Really?

[Singapore] What You Googled This Year: Top Google Searches Of 2012


South Korea also pretty much dominated our online searches, following the nation’s seemingly abiding love for Korean pop and TV shows.

How To Commandeer a Trade Show: 4 Tips

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Don't have $35,000 for trade-show real estate? No problem! These guerrilla marketing tips will get you noticed anyways. So, what can be done? still d

Google Developers Live Session on Campus London and Campus TLV

VC Cafe

Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Google Developers Live Ido Green Campus London GDL Hangouts

Make Your Employees Love Working for You: 4 Simple Steps

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Amy Buckner Chowdhry explains how she improved employee retention at AnswerLab, the digital experience consultancy she co-founded

DreamIt Austin Starts Soon

Austin Startup

The DreamIt program in Austin is getting ready to start soon. Startup 101 DreamIt

When Company Leaders Go Astray

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Not all press is good press. Just ask McAfee. What should a company do when its leader, founder or endorser goes off the rails? At least not directly.

Infographic: Which CEOs Are More Social? |

Scalable Startup

INC 500 CEOs are paid much less than Fortune 500. Is this gap closing? Infographic: Which CEOs Are More Social? Angel Investor Business Development CEO Succession startup CEO stereo Tom Nora #INC500 advertising angel investor Cash Flow CEOing CoFounder early stage google iOS Leader leadership tom nora

$100M VC Fund Aims To Plug Gaps in Start-up Investing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

A veteran venture capitalist strikes out on his own to launch a $100 million Series A fund.

Welcome Costanoa

Seth Levine's VC Adventure

While the world may not need more venture capitalists, it definitely needs more good ones. Enter Costanoa Venture Capital – launched today by long time investor and entrepreneur (and friend) Greg Sands. As an entrepreneur, Greg is probably most famous for having named Netscape – literally, he was the guy who came up with that name.

Novices Guide to Running a Webinar

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Make the most of your next webinar with these four steps. successful webinar can be a fun way to educate your market and generate qualified leads.

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deal architect

The Furby Rebooted The animated life of Pi Re-imaging the humble umbrella Census report on. Innovative Business Uses of Technology

How Not to Do Target Marketing

Fresh Inc.: The Staff Blog

Will women buy a toolbox just because it's pink? Don't assume you know anything about what your customers really want. Yes, we decided, he did. really?